June 30, 2009

Happiness is Real when Shared

I have some very very happy news to share!

My books finally came today!

This is the first time that I bought something online overseas.

And it worked out pretty darn well. Took only 5 days for the books to arrive! Wheee!

Ah~can't wait to go home and read my books!

In case you're wondering, I got Qiao En's new book and a Fated to Love You storybook!

My Fated to Love You obessession is still not over yet! Hahahahaa!

By the way, the title of this post is a line from the movie, "In the Wild". (A movie a man who wanders alone into nature.)

Press apologizes for Show Lo's false online dating scandal

Source: Yahoo Singapore News

Various publications have expressed their apologies to Show Lo for their untruthful reports on his "online dating scandal".Soon after TVBS Weekly published its apology for its fabricated report and defamatory remarks made with regards to the recent scandal, Hong Kong's Oriental Sunday followed suit.

Three female models and a Hong Kong girl, Fanny, exposed their cyber relationships with the Taiwanese singer, damaging his reputation instantly. Lo's talent management later sued the publications for these reports that they claimed were false.

Lo was quick to brace himself again, and thanked his fans for their support. "I have already let the matter pass and forgiven the girl who has cheated me."
Over this period, Lo's popularity was not affected. According to reports, Lo started re-engaging fan club members earlier this month and the number of registrations surged over ten thousand within a week.

To thank his fans, Lo decided to call every member personally on their birthday to send his wishes. He also intended to call 100 lucky members this month. The entertainer "warned" his fans not to treat him as part of a swindle syndicate when they receive his call.

Thanks, leeyann for the article! Wah~ they finally decide to apologize, although it's late but better late than never. Seems like Show has gotten over this matter. Good to hear.

Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 4 English Subs

English Subbed
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Joe Chen who has acrophobia, was escorted up the ferris wheel by Blue Lan and Roy Chiu in celebration of ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ high ratings.

Source: Wowonews
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ drama obtained high ratings again and on 28 June, the ratings was 4.36 high. On 29 June, TTV arranged for the cast to board the ferris wheel for celebration. However, Joe Chen who has severe acrophobia asked to be excused.

Blue Lan after hearing and together with Roy insist and accompany Joe Chen to go up the ferris wheel and said that it was also his first time on board the ferris wheel. The two guys were very thoughtful and knowing that Joe is afraid, create conversation to divert her attention and Joe Chen was touched by their gesture and said that it is the first time the three of them get together in a room. Blue Lan even revealed that while cycling yesterday, he noticed a big stone in front and he wanted to put the stone away in case others slip and fall but unexpectedly while picking up the stone, there was a turtle and the turtle even urinated on him and Joe Chen jokingly said he will prosper then.

In the next episode of ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, Joe Chen will go through a transformation from a village girl and this make-over made Joe very happy that she can be dressed beautifully. However, in this drama, Joe Chen said it was the most tiring as they have to travel long distances to capture a scene. Just filming Blue Lan's house alone, there are a few places; the dwelling place scenery is in Nantou, the living room scenery is in Tainan and the filming of the bedroom is in Taipei.

Joe Chen who hates long travelling, begged the director as much as possible to film in Taipei and she would rather act more bed scenes.

Quite a number of internet fans complained that Blue Lan and Jocelyn Wang have too much intimate scenes and neglect Joe Chen. Blue Lan smilingly replied that the director revealed that besides fighting scenes, Blue will be transform into a strip star! And he ask the audience to wait a moment for the really interesting part to be shown.

Hahaha! Look at her expression in the photo! Comedy Queen is comedy queen! By the way, episode 4 rating of EFHL is 4.36! Yay! The storyline is also starting to pick up!!! Episode 5, come faster!!!

June 29, 2009

Black & White Comes to an End; Director Cai Sheds Tears

Source: UDN News
Translation: xbunnylicious @ http://asianfanatics.net

The finale for PTS drama "Black and White" was broadcasted on Saturday. Director Cai Yue Xun brought the main leads to an outdoor event at Kaohsiung for a celebration event. When Director Cai went on stage to express his gratitude, he mentioned how filming this drama made him have no time to accompany his family, causing him to shed tears.

Zhao Shu Hai's son Mark Zhao shot to stardom through this drama. Paul Chun jokingly introduced his children to Director Cai and even handed his phone to him and said, "If you have a chance, please look after them." Jimmy Hung also said, "I also have a father (Sammo Hung) and we can cooperate in the future."

During the event, they also played a guessing game on who's acting was the best. The answer was actually Mark Zhou and the reason is because he is an "insightful hero" (Mark's character in the drama is named Hero.") To get the fans excited, Director Cai also announced that the "Black and White" movie will contain the original actors and actresses. Filming will start at the end of the year and Zai Zai, Mark Zhao, Janine Chang, and Ivy Chen are all on the list. The ending to "Black and White" was left with a lot of foreshadowing for the movie. PTS also decided to re-broadcast the drama starting July 1 from Mondays to Fridays.

Aww, I hate it when good shows end! This show was amazingly twisted in every possible way. I love how the director just keeps throwing surprises into every single episode. This is definitely not an idol drama. It's a real drama with real actions and a real storyline. Be real and watch it! Ahhh~ this is another drama I'm going to miss a lot! We are all going to have to wait a whole year to watch the movie that's supposedly the sequel to this drama! Ahh~ can't wait to watch it! I think this is the first time that I'm so excited to watch a movie~usually I just hate watching movies. Hahahaa~

June 23, 2009

Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung in new TVB Series

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Choccho @ http://asianfanatics/net/

Following the concert, Raymond Lam will be filming a new series with Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma which is scheduled to commence filming in July. This series was written and drawn under the inspiration of Japan’s famous TV series ‘Detective Galileo’.

The tentative title of the series is [談情說案], taking the role as Galileo, Raymond, is a university associate professor in physics. As a rational scientist, he believes that in everything, there exists a connection with the philosophy of science.

Raymond will pair up with the criminal investigator, Tavia in solving many criminal cases. In the new series, they will be romantically linked up as well.
Raymond said that he grew up with detective novels, however, this would be his first detective series and that this would be a new experience for him. Asked if he has watched the TV series, Raymond said : [I don’t even have the time to watch the series that I have acted in, hence, time just does not permit me to watch other series]. Asked if he is worried that he will be compared with Masaharu Fukuyama, he said : [In everything that you do, you will still be the subject of comparison, nevertheless, there are many differences, from the the scripts and plots to the actors and actresses with different portrayal of each roles and characters, I believe they are different altogether].

Focuses on Romantic relationship
This would also be Tavia’s first time taking on a role as a criminal investigator. Tavia said : This is a fresh new experience for me. The plot is also different, I certainly look forward to it].

Asked if she is worried that this series will be compared with Japan’s ‘Detective Galileo’. [Not worried, it’s totally different storyline, and according to the Producer, Lau Ka Hou, this series will also focus on the romantic relationships, hence, I believe the audience will not compare this series with ‘Detective Galileo’].

Wahh~ A detective series! Ooo, my interest in watching TVB has suddenly risen. I'm so darn tired of watching so many family dramas. My Heart Of Greed fever wasn't even over when they started to air Moonlight Resonance. By the time, Moonlight Resonance ended, I started to dislike watching family dramas, just a little disliking. Then along came Gem of Life...and -sigh- interest in family dramas dropped below 0. Interest in TVB also started dropping rapidly. I'm so tired of watching people argue in every single episode. That's why I kinda like and don't like Rosy Business. The storyline is interesting but I'm so sick of those arguing scenes and fights over inheritance. Life is tough enough, I don't need to be reminded of that.

June 21, 2009

Black and White: The Last Battle (SPOILERS ALERT)

...begins next week. This week's battle was pretty darn intense! Two people dead this week. One being old Lee and the other is Ying Xiong's old flame, Lei Mu Sha. But before I talk about this week's battle, I'm going to make a few comments about last week's battle.

Last week's episodes were cleverly twisted. It turns out that Pi Zi is not Chen Lin's brother. It was all a mistake. The real brother is Ying Xiong! WHOA! What a twist. From the beginning, Pi Zi's identity was a mystery and just when he was told that he had actually had a family, it is all taken away from him. Poor guy~ That's the first twist. The second twist involves Pi Zi turning to the dark side! It turns out that the supervisor of the South Department is a baddie! I always thought for sure that he was on the good side...I got fooled...

So this week, there's another twist. It turns out that Ying Xiong is not Chen Lin's brother. In fact, there was never a 'brother' to begin with. Ying Xiong is the illegitimate son of the current President! AH~ things are starting to make some sense now. Apparently, the current President and the leader of San Lan Hui fell for the same woman but the woman chose the President and they had a child. This was kept a secret because there are enemies who want to pull the President down, and they will go after that child by any means. San Lan Hui Leader, because of his love towards that woman, decides to help the President protect his son. Wow, what a big mess they created.

Old Lee is dead. He was killed by the South Department supervisor because he knew too much. Old Lee is one of the good guys and is working for another group of people who want to bring down the evil group. Old Lee gathered some evidence against the evil group but he could not pass them to his colleagues in time. Earlier, he had hinted to Pi Zi that he really likes to listen to Teresa Teng's songs. Yepp, you guessed it, the evidence was on the CD with a Teresa Teng cover. Pi Zi found it but it's kinda bad timing because at this time the supervisor walks out and points a gun at Pi Zi. What bad luck...

Lei Mu Sha is also dead. She shot herself because she didn't want to kill Ying Xiong. Her choices were kill Ying Xiong, be killed, or suicide. She couldn't bring herself to kill Ying Xiong and if Ying Xiong doesn't die, the only road left for her is death by her boss or suicide. She chose the latter. Mark, surprisingly, was excellent in this scene. I felt that his acting has improved a lot from the beginning of this show. It was so emotional seeing him cry all over his old flame.

Next week is the finale of this show! OMG! Coming to end so soon! In the final two episodes, Pi Zi and the team will finally go up against the big evil group. And they are a group that you don't want to mess with because they got these assassins with 100% accuracy. With essentially all the evidence wiped out, will Pi Zi and the team be able to bring down this evil group? How will they fare against BOSS? Will evil triumph over good in this series? Find out next week!

Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 3

June 17, 2009

Jiro and Jinglun brave lives filming Momo Love

Source: ChinaTimes
Translated by Starylosophy @ AsianFanatics

GTV's idol drama Momo Love was filmed at the side of Shihlin's Fu Lin Bridge. Scenes filmed were riding a motorbike and jumping into the river. Male lead actors were treated not as well as the female lead! Jiro and Jinglun reached the filming scene at 8am for their hair and make-up thereafter filming the motorbike and swimming scenes while female lead actress Cyndi only arrived at 3pm and was sitting by the side of the river watching them film.

During filming, the crew is afraid that scenes will be leaked which is why they deliberately started filming at 8am. But while riding the bike one of Jiro's lines was "Xiao Mei! Xiao Mei! Where are you?" which startled a few joggers who were near the river, and soon there were a whole bunch of people started watching them film.

Jiro and Jinglun filmed searching for Taohua scenes in the morning and in the afternoon they had to jump into the waters. Both bravely jumped into the river and had to also search and carry a mannequin, though it's not an easy task searching in the murky waters, both had to find the mannequin before they could go back on shores. While Cyndi came much later and was drinking her beverage watching them film.

June 16, 2009

2009 HITO Pop Music Awards List

Source: TOM
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

7 heavyweight radio stations from across Asia: Shanghai Oriental Radio Station, Beijing Music Station, Guangdong Music Station, Hong Kong Radio Television, Singapore FM 93.3 YES Channel and Malaysia 988 Channel have together chosen the 2009 HITO Pop Music Awards winners. The singers or groups winning these awards represent Asia media’s best of the year.

2008 Best Western Song:
1. Leona Lewis – ‘Bleeding Love’
2. Boyzone – ‘Love You Anyway’
3. Coldplay – ‘Viva La Vida’

2008 Best Japanese/Korean Song:
1. Thelma Aoyama – ‘Stay By My Side’
2. Rain – ‘Rainism’
3. Utada Hikaru – ‘Heart Station’

2008 Best Overseas Singer:
Singapore – JJ Lin
Malaysia – Gary Cao
Hong Kong – Eason Chan

HITO Awards:

Longest Chart-topping Album: Mayday (6 weeks) – ‘Poetry Of The Day’
Longest Chart-remaining Album: Joanna Wang (19 weeks) - 'Start From Here'
Best OST: ‘Bull Fighting’
Best Singer/Songwriter: Jay Chou – ‘Capricorn’
Best Newcomer: Jam Hsiao – ‘Self-titled Album’
Best Band: Mayday – ‘Poetry Of The Day’
Best Male Group: Fahrenheit – ‘Two-Sided Fahrenheit’
Best Female Group: S.H.E – ‘My FM S.H.E”

Best Female Singer: Joanna Wang – ‘Start From Here’
Best Male Singer: Jay Chou – ‘Capricorn’

Top 10 Chinese Songs Of The Year:

1. Mayday – Suddenly Miss You So
2. Joanna Wang – ‘Let’s Start From here’
3. Khalil Fong – ‘Love Song’
4. Jam Hsiao – ‘Collection’
5. Aska Yang – ‘Dove’
6. Eason Chan – ‘Don’t Speak’
7. Angela Zhang – ‘Don’t Want To Understand’
8. Yoga Lin – ‘Mystery’
9. S.H.E – ‘It’s Quiet’
10. Jay Chou – ‘Fragrant Rice’

2008 Professional Awards:

Best Lyricist: Ashin – ‘Poetry Of The Day’
Best Composer: Khailil Fong – ‘Orange Moon’
Best Arranger: Gary Tong – ‘Mr Magic’
Best Producer: Tong Cheng Hu – ‘Change Life’

2008 Recommendation Awards:

Public’s Favourite Song: Aska Yang – ‘Dove’
DJ’s Favourite Album: Khalil Fong – ‘Future’
Asia Media Award: Mayday

Cutting class to post up this news. Hahaha~ just kidding. I'm on my break right now. Wah~ congrats to everyone who got an award! Fahrenheit and S.H.E received best group award! Whheeee! The one thing that surprises me up there is Best OST! Bull Fighting! That was kinda unexpected. Bye~ gotta sprint to psychology class now!

"Easy Fortune Happy Life’’ viewership ratings shot new height, Blue Lan and Joe Chen use ‘old ginger’ to celebrate

Source: Now news
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

TTV, Sanlih idol drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ viewership ratings shot up, and emerged champion amongst all cable and non-cabled television programs.

On 14 June both Blue Lan and Joe Chen presented ginger to Ding Qiang for celebration. Ding Qiang humbly said that the younger generation will supercede the older generation. Blue smilingly replied that though they are the esteem, they are not advancing to the beach.

‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ telecast its second episode on TTV on 14 June 2009 and Sanlih broadcast the first episode on 13 June 2009. Both stations emerged champion in ratings in competition with cable and non-cable stations. Especially the part where Ding Qiang was relating to Gino the past of 60 years ago, regarding Cui Xiang, the ratings rose to 4.09 high. Both male and female leads, Blue Lan and Joe Chen presented ‘old ginger’ to Ding Qiang representing ‘old ginger is hot’.

In the drama, Ding QIang is very fierce to Blue and this sometimes causes ‘NG’ and he laughingly said whether this will spoil his image. After filming, he dared not acknowledged Blue and just leave the scene. Blue laughingly said that he does not know that Ding Qiang has the burden of being an idol, and is afraid of tarnishing image.

Ding Qiang praised the two artistes, Blue Lan and Joe Chen and mentioned that sad scenes need three days for practicing and to practice happy scenes three days will not be sufficient and thought that young people will just bluff the way through and he never expect both of them to act just perfectly . Blue learnt a lesson from Ding Qiang and Blue thought that Ding Qiang forgot his script but he was actually using his tone to act and to change his moods.

Ding Qiang is preparing to publish a book and he does not know how to use the computer to type. He started practicing by sms in the handphone but the publisher wants him to write fifty thousand words. And he said that it is very difficult for him. Blue told him that Joe Chen is producing her second book, Joe looked down and is a bit shy about it. Ding Qiang asked her about the names of her book and she replied that the first book is called 「喬見沒」 and the second which will be out soon is called「喬見巴黎」and jokingly said if she publishes the third book, it will be called: [喬見巴黎沒」。

Wooo! 4.09 rating for second episode! First episode got 3.99! Hope the ratings will continue to soar!!! And...Roy, unfortunately, did not appear in episode 2 instead his first appearance will be in episode 3!!!!

Hehehe~ I'm so happy because I just ordered her second book! And shipping is pretty darn expensive. To bring the shipping cost down, I was planning to buy both of her books but sadly, her first book is out of stock. They also ran out of EFHL storybook too! :( In the end, I settled for a FTLY storybook! WOO! That's just as good. Somehow I must get my hand on her first book...hmm...ARGGG.. just send me to Taiwan and everything will be good. Hahahhaaa~

Fahrenheit cares for the impoverished kids; are spokesmen for TVBS Charity

Source: TVBS News
Translated by: Celeste^^ @ http://asianfanatics.net

Credit to tvbs.com.tw and uploader)

*TVBS (Care for Taiwan Culture and Education) Foundation has for the past 8 years help support surpass 140,000 impoverished schoolchildren. This year, the foundation has engaged Fahrenheit to be endorsers/spokemen hoping that the Fahrenheit’s popularity can encourage more kind heart people to join and help more needy children.

Advertisement direction as given by the commercial director to Fahrenheit was to give the sense of achievement, encouraging and commend one another.”

TVBS 關懷台灣文教基金會 charity foundation spokeman and lifelong volunteer Li Tao specially brought steamed rice dumplings when he visited Fahrenheit on the set to thank them personally. He presented to them “ sweet steamed rice dumpling.”

Li Tao also told a sad story that moved Fahrenheit to tears.

“One day, an elder brother took his younger brother with him to bring their Daddy a packed lunch (to his workplace) in Taipei. The elder brother's pant was caught by factory machine and he was pulled into it ...(人被捲/roll了inside進去). Several days later, the younger brother looked for his teacher and said that he wants to study. He had never and could not read English originally but now resolutely learnt by memorizing (現在一直背一直背).

According to the statistics, TVBS foundation for 8 years has received compassionate donations from 76,000 people and has helped 140,000 impoverished schoolchildren in remote districts. With popular Fahrenheit (人氣偶像飛輪海當代言人) as spokesmen, it is hoped for that they can appeal for more people join together to help the children.

Hidden Text:
My comments: Aaron was visibly shaken and teared at the poor children’s story. The expressions on his bros were more controlled and showed grimfaced concern. The kid in the story probably resolved to study because education is a way out of poverty. Can overseas people donate to this TVBS foundation? Anyways, Aaron and his bros looked very handsome in their preppy casuals.

*Unsure the actual English name of foundation but the http link is TVBS Foundation.

hazel: I edited the title and some of the text (grammatical errors) plus removed personal comments, but other than that I left everything unchanged. Thanks for the translation! (:


June 12, 2009

Chen Qiao En smilingly said that they celebrate by wearing winter clothings in the new drama and praised Roy Qiu for being good-looking

Source: http://ent.163.com
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

Netizens (pictures /article by Taiwan press group and Cai Shi Wei) reported that on 11 June 2009, Blue Lan Zheng Long, Joe Chen Qiao En, Roy Qiu attend the first screening event of the drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’. The screening of the first episode was promising with good results, hence the media asked how did they celebrate. Chen Qiao En replied that at 12 noon they wore winter clothings inside the car without switching on the air-conditioner.

The idol drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, held its first screening event yesterday, 11 June 2009 at Xin Yi Wei Siu where Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Qiu etc were present. The first episode obtained good ratings of 3.99 and the marsh scene even broke the record of 5.5 in ratings. The press asked when the drama broke all previous records how would they celebrate. Joe Chen Qiao En replied that due to the fact that previously Ethan Ruan has already strip, so now they will wear winter clothings at 12 noon inside the car without switching on the air-conditioner to celebrate.

Roy Qiu outlook and preparation is quite eye-catching and Qiao En said that in the beginning of the drama he chased the horses and had fighting scenes and even falling on the ground scenes where he looks graceful. Blue added that Roy is the exceptional kind of actors which will look stylish at any angle.

Blue Lan’s face always glow and he smiles very often and is very different from his previous image of being ‘cold’. This gives the implication that he has found a new love? Blue laughingly replied no but it could be under the influence of Niu Zheng Zhe and his thinking has changed. He has grown up and look at things differently.

Sky Wu flew back from Beijing yesterday to specially attend the premiere event. He bestowed the symbolic pair of black eagle wings and a pair of white angel wings to both Blue Lan and Joe Chen respectively in hoping that their attainment in the drama will fly as high as possible.

June 11, 2009

I Ace That Test

Or at least I hope I aced it. It was a psychology test that I've been worry about this whole week. This is actually the first time since entering college that I studied full force with minimum distraction. I was studying everything; notes I took from the book, powerpoint slides, class notes, study book. My study notes were 1/2 inch thick! And this test only covers four chapters!!! Crazyyyy!

Ha~heck~I shouldn't complain anymore~ hehehe~because everything paid off in the end! I was totally prepared for that test! Four sections: Multiple Choice, Fill in, True or False, and Short Answers! One fun rule with this test was that we had to omit one question from each section! That was totally sweet of the teacher! (but that doesn't change my mind about her class, it's quite boring). Hehehe~ I like summer school.

Wheeee! Enjoy your summer!

June 10, 2009

Chen Qiao En washes the feet of Na Dou, audience is bewildered

Source: UDN
Translated by meosles @ http://asianfanatics.net/

Sunday idol drama "Chinese-Korea competition". Even though the ratings of SET/TTV "Easy Fortune Happy Life" is half that of the final episode of "My Queen", it still remains the ratings champion. In the first episode, Chen Qiao En has a scene where she washes the feet of Na Dou, causing netizens to say with pain: "How can the female lead do such a scene?". They are bewildered by the arrangement of the production unit.

The highest rating segment for "Easy Fortune Happy Life" first episode is the scene where Blue Lan fell into the marsh. When celebrating yesterday, Blue Lan joked: "If the audience likes to see me suffer, then let me become bankrupt a few episodes later!"

Even though they like to see Blue Lan suffer; in the scene where Chen Qiao En is treating Na Dou's feet for athlete's foot, Chen Qiao En not only uses her hands to massage his feet with medicine, she even washes his feet. Many audience finds this inconceivable. Chen Qiao En joked yesterday: "Na Dou's feet are quite clean. Before filming, my hands are covered with emulsion so all I smelled are the fragrance of the emulsion. I didn't smelled any strange odour. In that scene I pressed very hard, and Na Dou keep crying out in pain!" Yesterday the leads went to Baoan temple to pray for blessings and to celebrate. But Blue Lan prayed instead to the goddess of birthing, cause others to suspect his intentions. He explained: "Because both my two sisters are pregnant, so I am praying for their well-being!"

Hahahaha~ I like how she always inject humor into her answers. "In that scene I pressed very hard, and Na Dou keep crying out in pain!" Hahaha~ so far my favorite scene has got to the marsh scene! It's sooo funny especially when Blue freaks out cuz there's a catepillar on his hair~ Hahahahaa~ can't wait for next week's episode to come out~ and I'm also highly anticipating Roy's apperance in the show~ i hope he comes out soon~

June 09, 2009

Blue Lan pray to the Empress earnestly while Joe Chen Qiao En look in disbelieve

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

The TTV, Sanlih (SETTV) drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ starring Blue Lan, Joe Chen Qiao En and Roy Qiu emerged champion in ratings of 3.99 last Sunday when the first episode was telecast.

Yesterday, the three of them went to ‘Bao An Kong’ to pray and to celebrate.the success. Blue was mediating in front of the Empress for a long while Joe Chen Qiao En (having her ‘period’), who could not use joss-sticks smilingly teased him for being so pious. Blue explained that he is praying for his sister who is pregnant.

When the drama was airing that night, Blue dare not view and went to play Billiards. Joe Chen Qiao En on the other hand, watched the picture montage where they ran all over Taiwan to film exhaustively. She also examined the kissing scene between Blue Lan and Jocelyn Wang where they stick out their tongues. Quite a number of the audience were surprised that Joe Chen would give Na Dou a foot massage for the treatment of athlete’s foot. She said that Na Dou foot was cleaned and with fragrance. She even jokingly said that the next round might consider giving Blue Lan a foot massage.

To act as an ordinary girl, for Joe Chen is easily accomplished and she admired herself for being able to act out different kinds of ‘sparrows’ and she also realized that in the drama, the sentence ‘I want to be your family member’ she ever said this phrase to Ming Dao three years ago in ‘Prince turns to Frog’.

June 08, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 01 (English Subbed)

Episode 1 Part 1
Episode 1 Part 2
Episode 1 Part 3
Episode 1 Part 4
Episode 1 Part 5
Episode 1 Part 6
Episode 1 Part 7

Special thanks to the people who helped English sub this drama. Even though the quality of the video isn't that great, your time and effort to sub this is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

EFHL Opening Video

Credit: gar6301@youtube

WWWOOOOWWWWW~ ME LIKE THIS ONE TOO! Qiao En is soo pretty here compared to Village Fu An. AHH~ And Blue ~ hahaha~ I love his fierce look~ ROAARRR! His look was soo scary that at 1:12 Qiao En dropped the black feather~ Hahahaa! Rocker Blue and singer Qiao Ennn! She is so hyper when holding that mic! WOOOooo!

EFHL Ending Video

Credit: gar6301@youtube

WAHHH!!! I like this video and the song too! The watch seems to be a very important symbol. Let's see, a watch usually points to time. And it was the grandpa who gave the watch to grandma, supposedly as a token of his love to her and tells her to wait for him. Hmmm, maybe this means that their love is put to test of time. But sadly, time runs out and their fate ended as represented by the watch which has stopped ticking. Gosh, I really like the grandpa-grandma story even though it's too late for them but at least their next generation would have chance. Wheeee! Fu An + Da Feng~

EFHL Mud Scene Behind the Scene

Credit: Gar6301@youtube

So this is the making of the infamous mud scene shown in the first episode of Easy Fortune Happy Life. The scene itself was very amusing to watch but the making of it seems pretty difficult and um...icky. hahaha~ As I was watching this, I was getting a bit worried because Qiao En and Blue were both in that mud hole for so long and I was afraid that the mud would solidify and the two of them would become frozen mud figures. Hahahahaa~ At the end, she had to be dragged out of the mud hole because she couldn't move at all!!!!

Haha~ at 1:52, Qiao En starts to complain about SET for not giving her those pretty scenes. She wants to have one of those really pretty and grand entrances but so far that has yet to happen. Hahaha~ she complains about always given those disaster scenes like getting hit by car resulting in miscarriage, being in the pouring rain without an umbrella, hanging on wires crying, falling into mud hole, etc. Hahaha~ she has a good sense of humour.

June 06, 2009


All Video Credit to Gar6301@youtube.com

Hahaha~ Blue and Roy~ O boyyy! They are soo cool~ There are so many previews in these clips!

“Kissing Blue Lan gives me the feeling of experiencing my ‘First Love’" remarked Joe Chen

Source: YahooNews

Translation: ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

“Kissing Blue Lan gives me the feeling of experiencing my ‘First Love’ “remarked Joe Chen

In TTV, Taiwan and Sanlih (SETTV) new drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ Joe Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan had a romantic kissing scene under the Tung Oil Floral Tree and the scene was a recollection of 60 years ago, and the feeling was like experiencing their ‘First Love’. Blue Lan mentioned that they were like a pair of young sweetheart and were very happy together.

The leading cast of the drama ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ comprises Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Chiu and Jocelyn Wang and this drama will start airing over TTV, Taiwan on this Sunday at 10 pm.

In the drama, Joe Chen stars as Xie Fu An, a village girl growing up in the mountain and who is familiar with Chinese herbs and medicine. And she was involved in the inheritance contend of 80 billion dollars by coincidence. And she and Yan Da Feng acted by Blue Lan who is the likely successor of the inheritance and debt collector, Han Dong Jie acted by Roy Chiu have a complicated love entanglement.

Joe Chen mentioned that because they stay in the mountain, they went to Bingdong three thresholds with the Miaoli tung oil tree colored forest to film. The travelling time took more than 10 hours as they hope to capture the best scenes for the audience to view.

The kissing scenes of Joe Chen and Blue Lan was filmed in Bingdong and Miaoli and they filmed it twice. Because it was a 60 years ago recollection, hence they did it indoor and outdoor.

Joe Chen smilingly said that this scene is different from the intense kissing scene with Ethan Ruan in the drama, ‘Fated to Love You’ as they drank red wine then. This time the feeling is like experiencing ‘first love’ .

Before filming this scene, both Joe Chen and Blue Lan brushed their teeth and took chewing gum. And this scene reminds Blue of his sudden urge to eat betel nut and asked the crew for one before a kissing scene and now when he recollected that incident, he felt so embarrassed.

AHHHH~just a few more hours before I get my hands on episode oneee! AHHH~ Qiao En! Nai Nai! Mr. Blueee! Easy Fortune Happy Lifeee!

Jimmy Lin moonlights as wedding photographer; Looks forward to season opening of the China Rally Championship

translation by l_coco @ http://asianfanatics.net
source : online.sh.com

Jimmy Lin moonlights as wedding photographer

Jimmy Lin and Wallace Chung attended the grand opening party of the Chuech Photo Studio in Shanghai Hongkuo 1933 Plaza today (6/6/2009). Wallace Chung was an invited guest in the event and walked down the catwalk with a model. Jimmy Lin has another special mission. He minored in Photography in high school and will be a wedding photographer for the studio.

Jimmy revealed that he has already been booked and his bookings have been scheduled for the next 6 months. He didn’t say what his pay will be and said that it has to be negotiated with the studio.

He evaded the question about whether he has a bride-to-be to take wedding photos with. He said he has no idea when it’ll be. But one thing for sure, he will definitely go thru it sooner or later. His ideal wedding photo op site is the oceanfront. He likes that fresh and natural feel.

Jimmy Lin Looked forward to the season opening of the China Rally Championship

The season opening of the 2009 China Rally Championship will be held next weekend in Nanjing Jiangning. Besides top racers like Liu Bin, Han Han, Wang Rui, racing fanatic Jimmy Lin will also be in the race. He will represent Guangxi Speedone Racing Team in the International division races.

Jimmy attended Chuech Photo Studio grand opening party today and talked about his outlook on the 2009 CRC. He said he raced in the 2007 CRC race in Beijing and is familiar with rally racing. He is looking forward to the upcoming race.

He didn’t comment on his outlook on the race but said that he’ll do his best and earn points for the team. When asked about which racers he has his eyes on he didn’t say anything about the other top racers but instead praised his teammate Tam Zhuo Yong and wished him good luck.

Earlier this year, Han Han talked about Jimmy in a talkshow – “Jimmy Lin is the best racer among the stars. I don’t think there are any differences between us because #1 and #8 are only off by 7. I could slow down a bit or he could slow down a bit.” At the time, netizens criticized him for patronizing Jimmy’s racing skills. When asked about this Jimmy said that Han Han is an excellent racer but they are in different divisions so it’s hard to compare. If there is a chance he’d like to compete with Han Han in the same race.

WA~SE!!! Is there anything that Jimmy can't do?!?! Holy moly, he's like an all in one tool. An actor, an entrepreneur, a singer, a racer, a photographer, plus plenty more all rolled into one person called Jimmy Lin. He's so cool and so handsome and looks so darn young!

Fated To Love You Wallpaper

All from FTLY Tieba at Baidu


June 05, 2009

Fated to Love You Artwork

OMG! Look what I found at FTLY's Baidu Tieba! These artwork are soo darn cute, I want to print them all out and taped them to my wall (next to Arron).

omg~ cunxi!!! where is your mouth?!?!?!

Hahahahaha~ a cute version of the real scene!

AHHH~ Nai Nai!!!

Hahahahahaa~ this artist is very creative! Wish this was really shown in the show though!

Aww, a would be happy happy of four if not for THAT incident! Wondering which incident? Watch FTLY to find out!


Every baby is bought to this world by God.


Jia You, Ji Cun Xi!

Yayayayayayayaaaa! Baby Gi!

Hahahahaa~this scene was so kuso! And this drawing captures that kuso spirit very well!

Chen Xin Yi Version 1.0 - called by one my friends who recently watched FTLY in a matter of days.

-GASP- It looks just like the poster!

OMG! Who could ever forget this scene! Love the drawinggg!

AHH~ Fated To Love You!!!

Kiwi: Fated To Love You heals the soul

I Like Summer School

Taking school in the summer is so relaxing!!! One of the classes I'm taking in summer school is Statistics because it's a required class and it doesn't fit into my fall schedule so I have to take it in the summer. Omg~ this class is so fun, mainly the teacher is so darn happy all the time and the happiness just spreads in the classroom. Hahaha~ Life is good when times are good~

I'm only taking two classes in the summer. One was statistics and the other one is pyschology. Ahhh~ I thought this class was going to be fun and interesting but it turned out to be the exact opposite. Boring and boring. The teacher is a happy person too but she often goes off topic. And she just repeats everything on the slides that she makes us read the night before. It's soo repetitive and so boring~~

One week down, five more to go!

EFHL coming out in a few hourssss!!!!

Ming Pao Weekly Coverage on Ella, Jerry and "Just" Filming - Ella’s Hilarious Antics Won Over “Difficult” Jerry

Ming Pao - Issue 049

Credits & Sources:

Selina15 of www.nbbbs.com for the Scanned Article - http://www.nbbbs.com/forum/viewthread.php?...;extra=page%3D1

Transferred Source in Baidu Ella Forum: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=588233855

JE_lla_rry of Baidu Xu-Hua Forum for typing out the Chinese Text

Transferred Source in Baidu Xu-Hua Forum: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=588350896

Note: Please credit ALL sources if you should transfer this translation to other forums. Thank you.

translated by : syyang @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum (Ella's AF thread)

Ella’s Hilarious Antics Won Over “Difficult” Jerry

Jerry’s cool has been conquered by Ella’s funny and approachable personality! In their latest collaboration for new idol serial [Just Want to Depend on You], both artistes are like part of a family on-and-off screen. In the past when filming idol serials, Jerry would be labeled as “difficult” and “showing black face” etc; but this time, he is actually full of smiles. Even the producer is full of praise for the ambience and indeed, Ella’s charms are irresistible.

The new idol serial [Just] is a collaboration between GTV and Domani. Ever since the male and female leads - Jerry and Ella are announced, this pairing has been the centre of everybody’s attention. Producer Ke Yi Qin expressed, even if we do not mention about the interesting clashes weaved in the plot and subplots of the drama, with just Ella and Jerry’s contrasting “warm vs cool”, “funny vs introvert” personalities, the artistes’ unique attributes are already a big draw for viewers.

Waves of Jokes Coupled with Funny Expressions

Indeed, it has been proven that the producer’s thoughts were right. Based on what we have learnt, since [Just] started filming, despite being the first project Ella, Jerry and the production crew are working together; everyone was very quickly drawn into the lively and friendly ambience. This is especially so for Jerry, whom many used to think of as “introvert and emotional”. Under the waves of “attack” from Ella’s smiles + jokes + funny expressions, even the most reserved and strict “mask” of Jerry crumbled, and his smiles are seen more frequently, and just like what Ella has promised to do - to “melt” Jerry, during the press conference of [Just].

When asked to share on his experience working with Ella to date, Jerry has expressed via his artiste manager, Fenny that Ella is very lively, adorable and interesting. She also likes to joke, thus, acting with her is very comfortable, relaxing and with no pressure. As he feels at ease acting with her, even his smiles have increased and he feels very happy at the collaboration.

According to what some crew members shared on their experiences initially. The first to report for filming was Jerry and his role in [Just] is as a lawyer - Xiang Yu Ping (XYP). As it was the first collaboration between them and with the new environment, initially, everyone’s impression of Jerry was polite and modest. He is very professional, but as he does not really chat nor joke around with the rest, it felt a little boring.

Subsequently, Ella started filming with the team. Her role in [Just], Yang Guo, is the 17th nanny employed by XYP to take care of his 2 mischievous nephew and niece. Initially, as Ella was also unfamiliar with the production team, there was a little distance between everyone. Hence, other than during filming, she was not as “playful and funny” as what others often say, and less chatty. She seldom talked beyond her lines, which surprised many people.

Letting Guards Down, Stifle Laughs Resulting in NG

Nonetheless, Ella is still Ella after all. After a few days of filming, and having gotten to know members of the crew a little better, she could no longer carry on the “dainty lady charisma”. Her bubbly, extrovert and approachable personality was not only “set free”, but also went on “full blast”. As long as it is not during filming, one could catch her chatting and joking with crew members, and rallying everyone to bring them into the mood and becoming everyone’s source of happiness.

After letting down her guard through initial observation, Ella also started chatting and joking with the director, Ke Han Chen. She is able to crack jokes timely coupled with many expressions, putting Jerry at ease. Crew members shared that as Jerry is acting as a composed, intelligent and cold lawyer; whenever they filmed parts on the lawyer firm, he would become very stern. However whenever Ella is around, she would throw in jokes on the sideline with her many funny expressions, as a result, Jerry will become more relaxed and even smile. His expression would also soften a little and sometimes he could not refrain from laughing and getting NG which crew members would also be tickled by him.

Even the reserved Jerry was tickled; needless to say, so was the director. He had long “surrendered” to Ella’s friendliness and will also join everyone in the “rest and relax fun” when not filming! For instance, one day Ella arrived on the set in the afternoon. As usual, Ella would first report to and greet the director, “Good afternoon”. In response, he decided to act cool and replied playfully, “You are ‘Good afternoon’, but I am ‘Good morning’.” Meanwhile, Jerry who was standing by the side, surprised everyone when he suddenly chirped in with a “I am also ‘Good morning’ ah”. In response, Ella could only throw her arms open and said, “Who ask you all to schedule me for filming only in the afternoon!” The crew members laughed. To a total stranger who do not understand them, he / she would probably thought the director and Jerry were being sarcastic to Ella for being late. But in fact, the director and Jerry are cracking jokes together at Ella, expressing their envy that she could sleep a little longer till the afternoon before her turn to film.

Nearly Lose Chance of Acting Due to Being Late

Actually, despite already being handpicked and confirmed by the production team and TV station for the female lead role in [Just], Ella was close to losing the chance to act in the drama. Ke Yi Qin revealed, “During the first meeting with Ella, myself, the scriptwriter, director and almost all the important members of the production team were present; never did we expect Ella to be late for over an hour. Initially we were a little upset, but Ella was able to handle the situation well. She requested for her artiste manager to buy beverage for everyone and hurried over to the meeting venue first, to help explain the reason for her being held up, and to reassure and pacify everyone. When Ella subsequently rushed down, she immediately bowed and apologized sincerely to each and every one personally when she stepped in. She is someone who is very worldly-wise and respectful, and with her warm smile, she makes everyone feels comfortable and could not bear to blame her further. Hence, everyone forgive her quickly and we proceed with the meeting happily.”

Since collaborating with Ella for over a month, Ke Yi Qin was moved by her unique personality. She shared, “Not every artiste can act well. Ella is very intelligent and her reflexes are quick. Not only does she possess the unique traits required of an artiste, she also has the talents in acting. Her acting is natural and not pretentious. You can say she is born to be in the entertainment industry. But despite her earlier serials receiving good viewership ratings, and left viewers with positive impression, she does not have a role which could stand out totally. The storyline of [Just] can be said to be customized for her, as the role is well-suited to her personality. I personally feel that this will be her most representative role, in relation to her past idol serials.

Director Full of Praise for Right Casting

Director Ke Han Chen is collaborating with Ella for the first time and he expressed great satisfaction with her performance to date. Based on the director’s observation, Ella last acted in GTV’s idol serial [Hana Kimi] in 2006, and she has not acted for more than a year. Therefore when she first joined the production team, she appeared a little unfamiliar with the whole setting. However, Ella views filming as “play” and was able to very quickly identify her interest. Coupled with her innate artiste nature; using her intelligence, professionalism and positive team-spirit attitude, she is able to promptly pick up the “feel” for acting and adjust herself to shorten the “running-in” time with crew members and become part of the team.

With regard to Ella’s performance, Ke Yi Qin feels that they have really casted the right person for the role. She shared that one of the reasons for choosing Ella to act as YG in [Just] is because of the vast contrast of personalities between Jerry and her. The second reason is because Ella and YG’s personalities are a perfect match. The moment Ella steps before the camera, she hardly requires any twigging in her acting skills to convincingly portray this role.

“The female role, YG, is a kind-hearted, innocent, optimistic and contented girl. Despite being hit by drastic situations and bad luck, she would always be able to find ways to encourage herself, and to believe in “real love conquers all things”. Ella’s girl-next-door bubbly, natural personality, an ordinary disposition without any coquettish feel, gives one the impression that she can embrace and overcome any situations cheerfully, which fits well with the storyline and the role.” Ke Yi Qin shared.

Able to Portray Role Convincingly

The production team handpicked Ella not only because she could “melt” Jerry, and possesses the unique characteristics akin to the role; the third reason is also because only Ella is suitable to act in certain parts of the subplots. Ke Yi Qin quoted an example. The male lead, XYP, first ran into the blur waitress, YG, in a restaurant where she made a blunder. Under some misleading confusions, he mistook YG as a lesbian, with no interest like other women who would bother and scheme about marrying him. Therefore he let down his guard to hire her as a nanny, and let her into his house.

Ke Yi Qin expressed, “With just this important plot alone, if you look within the entertainment industry, regardless Drama Heavenly Queens Ariel Lin or Rainie Yang, they would not be suitable. We need someone who has a more androgynous feel, hence, Ella who acted as a girl with a boy’s disguise in [Hana Kimi] is the best person for the role. Therefore, this role is specially customized for her and only she can convincingly bring out the plot.”

Although everyone is anxious to watch Ella and Jerry’s performance in [Just], it seemed that viewers have to wait till after the winter holidays. The reason is because both Jerry and Ella are very busy artistes. Jerry is going to release his new album and it is inevitable for him to be doing local and overseas promotions for 2 months or so. Meanwhile, Ella, together with SH will be holding their concert in Macau at the end of June and prior to this, there would be many rehearsals. The production team must make full use of their available timeslots to quickly finish filming. Producer Ke Yi Qin said, “We are fully aware of such situations prior to filming and will exercise flexibility in arranging their schedules, so as not to affect the progress of filming. Of course, another factor which would affect the telecast of the serial would be the programmes-line-up by the TV station. Therefore we urge viewers to wait patiently.”

Thumbs up, Ella! He finally gave in to her sunshine attitude! Hahahaha~

Mike He's new drama, airing in July, having changes

Source: appledaily
Translated by applejuice @ http://asianfanatics.net

Mike He and Ah Sa's idol drama "Calling big star" was supposed to air on CTS in July. However, "Calling Big Star" is a collaborate drama between China and Taiwan. It needs to get the approval of Mainland Administration before it begin to broadcast.

The producer "Comic-ritz" does not manage to send the full editing to Mainland. It is confirmed that it will not be broadcasted during July. The main problem is in Mainland. Mike is having difficulty to gain back his Taiwan idol drama big brother position.

Mike focus his career in Mainland. Recently, Ethan Ruan has gained his popularity with his dramas "Fated To Love You" and "My Queen", becoming the new big brother in Taiwan idol drama.

June 04, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life More Preview


"I'm willing to do charity my whole life" - Stars talk about doing charity

Source: XinHua
Translation by minivicki @ http://asianfanatics.net

Amguulan from Mongolia said "We shouldn't forget how we started off. In the past, a lot of people helped me before. They helped my family. Now that I have the ability, I definitely must know how to repay the help and appreciate the help. Yesterday, I walked around Fu Zhou's streets and ZuoHai Park in order to attract more kind people, using actions to call out to others to join us in doing charity."

A reporter found that Amguulan has been silently doing alot of charity things and Amguulan embarrassedly laughed "I feel that doing charity isn't something we need to let everyone know. Just do it yourself. In my hometown in Mongolia, I'm sponsoring 12 poor children, helping them to successfully complete their education. Actually, a lot of friends around me are doing charity."

Amoa (艾梦萌) who has been to Fu Zhou three times put in just as much effort as Amguulan too, walking around Fu Zhou street in the hot sun. Amoa still looks like a child but when talking about doing charity, her statements are mature. "Although I'm helping others but I often feel that my individual ability is really very small. I hope that using my advantages, I can encourage others. There's afterall, power in numbers."

Taiwan "Popularity king" Aska Yang was in Fu Zhou for the first time and its his first time taking part in JeansWest charity too. He said that in his whole entertainment industry life, he has been receiving the care and concern of many around him and now, he wants to use his own strength to give other people more love. He mentioned that "I plan to center my next album around my life, to spread love and to show being loved."

Idol drama actress Joe Chen who became popular in Taiwan through idol drama "Prince Turned to Frog" and "Fated to Love You" even got injured by a car in the process of trying to recruit more charitable people to the event. When talking about the accident, Joe sounded very unconcern. "It was just an accident. Doing charity of course requires some sacrifices. Its a very meaningful thing to do charity using the status of a celebrity. If possible, I'm willing to do charity throughout my whole life." Fu Zhou also left a deep impression on Joe. She said that "Fu Zhou has a great weather. There's lots of good food and pretty girls too. Additionally, the Fu Zhou people are very kind and outgoing."

Yay! Charity! Yay! Fu Zhou! Yay! Qiao En!