May 31, 2009

Whose Your Favorite Actress?

I want to make something clear before I continue. This poll is not about who has the best acting skills so please respect other people's opinions.

Thanks everyone for voting! Congrats to Gui Gui for winning Most Favourite Actress. She won by a landslide of votes. On the other hand, Qiao En and Ella had a very fierce battle! Their votes were nearly the same! However, a very dedicated Ella fan managed to click in the final vote just before the poll ended. And Ella leds over Qiao En by a single vote. What a battle~ Hahahaa!

I only have two favourite actresses. No, I lied. I have a lot of favourite actresses but only two of them make it into my TOP TOP Favourite List.

Yepp! Linda Chung! She's currently my second most favourite actress. I came across her first in Virtues of Harmony II. And I loved her storyline with Steven. I didn't watch all of VOH2, just watched all the parts pertaining to their storyline. She and Steven have great onscreen chemistry. I was really happy to see them in their other drama, A Journey Called Life. The themesong they sung together was nice! And I think they're filming another series together too! wooo! The only character that Linda played that I didn't like is Ah Chau in Moonlight Resonance for obvious reasons. They totally OD on those crying scenes. She was practically crying in every single episode that she appeared in! Ah Chau is one very emotional doctor~

Finally! Drum Roll please!! Tada! My most favourite actress! Chen Qiao En! It took her only three dramas to get the top position on my list. Fated to Love You landed her in my favourite list and Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 got her into my top favourite list and Prince Turned into Frog made her top my list. Her acting is very good. She particularly excels at comedy and crying scenes. She has a drama coming up soon on June 7, 2009! Be sure to watch it! And if you haven't watched Fated To Love You,well, what are you waiting for? Hurry and watch it! And also be sure to visit Kiwi's blog for some FTLY moments! Oh~ I forgot to mention that Qiao En is not only an actress, but she is also a singer, a host, and a model! All all rounder!

May 29, 2009

I Don't Like This

Someone, please tell me what this is. Click Here. I have no idea why my 7 Flower post is in here. Actually, it's not even my original 7 FLower post. Someone took it, edited it, and put it there. And I don't like it.

May 28, 2009

Joe Chen, Blue Lan undergoes "Love Test"; Two months of filming has made them good friends

Source: Baidu
Translation by minivicki @

TTV and SETTV idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" held a "Easy Fortune Happy Life" love research press conference yesterday (May 27). The survey result showed that Blue Lan is actually more like the optimistic "Xie Fu An" than Joe Chen! Blue started exclaiming that "It's quite accurate". Joe also said that "In the drama, I'm the herb girl while he's the carnivore male. It's the opposite outside the drama though." Blue also praised her saying "Your acting is good. Your actual character is very different from the drama character."

Accepted "Love Research"

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" had a 20, 000 netizen love research in Taiwan and mainland. Yesterday, during the specially held press conference, they had Blue and Joe taking the survey too. For example, a question of "If you wake up to find yourself suddenly having 80 billion worth of property, what will you do?" had Joe Chen choosing "Will not tell anyone. Silently, secretly be a rich person." She laughed and said "The best would be to find a reason to withdraw from the entertainment industry and hide overseas to live." And for question "When you find that your partner is one who does things only for his personal gain, what will you do?" Blue chose "Feel that myself is extremely unlucky, let nature take its course but will have a love that cannot be broken." He said that "Because I've fallen in love already. Most importantly is that I'm being myself." Joe however chose "Immediately break up." which is the same as many mainland netizens. However, Taiwan netizens had 50% choosing "Will try hard to help him, believe in him and let him start over again." Additionally for "What will you do for the sake of marrying into the rich?" Joe chose "Let fate take its course and not force things. The important thing is not in whether you're rich." She explained that "I can earn money by myself. I don't want to rely on others to live." Blue on the other hand chose "Will use some techniques but will not change his own character." As to what techniques? Blue laughingly said "Let the other party have some surprises in her life. Giving her gifts every so often!"
The end result of this test showed that Blue is more similar to the character "Xie Fu An" then Joe. Blue told her that "Your acting is good. Your actual character is very different from the drama character."

Filming for two months has made them good friends

Filming has taken place for nearly two months already and the two of them are having "close interactions". Blue said that "Before filming, I will often silently think and move into the drama character. So when Joe arrives, I will try to move to a corner and not let my eyes catch hers because chatting will take up some time." Joe laughed that "I feel that there should be no stress when filming so when I arrive at the scene, I'll start searching for Blue to chat to him and make him laugh."

So "blissfulness" to them is what? Blue answered "Traveling probably. I want to go Tibet to daydream." Joe at the side started to criticise "You're often daydreaming here too! Why go Tibet?" Blue then seriously replied "Its different. The feeling is very different." Joe then cheekily concluded "I'll give you my blessing in being able to go Tibet to daydream soon!"

Hahahaha~~what a funny article! I like to go traveling too but my reason is completely different from Blue's! He's wants to travel to daydream! I want to travel to see the ever changing nature (as well as a chance to bump into Arron~). Hahahahaha~

I would choose the same answer as Joe. If I suddenly had 80 billion worth of property, I will not tell anyone and secretly be a rich person. Hahaha~ I'll just be treating everyone to parfait. Or better yet, open up a parfait shop!

May 27, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life in Mud

Credit: qefan@youtube

Hahahahaaa~ the infamous mud scene~ and what a funny line blue says: this is called karma. From these previews, Fu An seems a little different from Chen Xin Yi. There seems to be a little bit of Ye Tian Yu and the Shanghai Chen Xin Yi. But it's too early to tell. Have to wait till the drama comes outtttt~ JUNE 7TH!!!

No Sense 就 No Good

Credit: gar6301@youtube

HAHAHAHAAAAA~ Qiao En + English! She has to memorize an English conversation but after reading through the script, she's like, "The only thing I know how to say is 'Please don't worry' and 'bye bye' ". Hahahahaaaa~ She's sooo crazy and hilarioussss!

Jiro Wang Sells Bodybuilding Dark Glowing Body Attracts

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by Cmiley @
Please link or credit properly if this is posted elsewhere.

[Da Dong] Jiro Wang showed his chest and 6 abs for the health magazine “Men’s Body”, but behind this sunshine image, there is a sad past; production of a record was cut, filming stopped, luckily Ariel Lin was there at the right time to encourage him, adding his will power, he has the success of today.

Ariel Lin Encouragement - Remain committed to the road of entertainment industry

Jiro giving people an happy image, in the past he liked to be autistic, silent in his own sorrowful world, as an only child and son, during high school days he should be enjoying the young life, but Da Dong had to switch shift with his mother at the hospital after school, taking care of his father that’s in the hospital because of diabetes, during the night of the earthquake 921, after returning home from the hospital, he was afraid to be alone so he slept over at a friends place, but seeing the happy scene of his friend’s family, he just wanted to leave and hide away, returning to the blacked out building, because he told himself: “This is my real home, must face the reality, can’t hide away!”
After his father passed away, Da Dong carried the work responsibilities, originally he was looking everywhere for work, but because of fate he entered the entertainment industry, during filming of “It Started with a Kiss”, Da Dong went through stopping of filming, he said at that time Ariel said “If your bones have not gone through cold, how can you smell the scent of the cherry blossoms” to encourage him, adding his persistence, he has the success of today.

Fahrenheit member – Has learnt different benefits

Of course Da Dong has also learnt a lot from the other Fahrenheit members, he said Wu Chun is a businessman character letting him remember he must always think carefully, seeing Calvin’s optimistic way, he reminds himself to accept the situation and move on, as for the youngest Aaron, makes him experience to be a bit more impulsive, then maybe the different outcome would be surprising.

With singing and acting with pretty good achievements, Da Dong is working hard towards the silver screen, “Even though singing is still my love, but after starting to act, it does become addictive!” But Da Dong hopes in the future to try evil characters to let the audience to accept his acting skills.

WHOOAAAAAAA~ JIRO! Looks like he's been going under some secret training! Niceee!

Easy Fortune Happy Life burns thousands by playing with fire; Blue Lan saves the lady while Joe screams for help

Source: LibertyTimes
Translation by minivicki @

When Jam Hsiao burned a piano at a public location while filming an MV, he attracted the attention of environmentalist and a fine was dealt to him. With this previous example, when SETTV and TTV's idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" wanted to film a scene of a burning house, they didn't dare to destroy any of the artifects in San Di Men. Instead, the crew spent thousands of dollars to rent a land in Yi Lan and rebuilt a wooden house there. After which, they burnt it down.
At the end of filming, though female lead Joe Chen was not burnt at all, she had bruises all over her body.

Blue Lan joked of being too engrossed in acting, used too much strength

Joe Chen's drama family house had a fire and she wanted to risk her own life to save her Grandma that was inside the fire. However, due to the big fire, Blue Lan tried to restrain her by hugging her tightly. Joe said that "Blue's strength is really big. I couldn't even take a single step, let alone pretending to dash into the fire." Being the type of "easily injured women", when Joe finished filming, her elbow and hands all had bruises and she purposely showed them to Blue Lan. Blue however replied in his Blue humor way "If it wasn't for me, you would have dashed into the fire already. I couldn't stand aside and not save you right!"

When Blue was filming "Blazing Courage" in the past, there was an actor in the team that really met a fire and died. This time, faced with a fire scene again, that incident came up in his mind again. He said that "I was too into the character and really wanted to stop Joe from rushing into the fire so I used too much strength. I feel really apologetic to her." The two of them even fell onto the floor during the drama due to them being too engross inside the scene.

Cameos worked too hard; Many NGs when filming

Originally, director Liu Jun Jie planned for Joe to dash into the fire twice and then gets stopped by Blue Lan but during the actual filming, there were many NGs. Blue explained that "The fire was big and those cameos acting as villagers were all working very hard in putting out the fire. In the end, the fire was really extinguished by them." To successfully film this scene took numerous try-outs and 3 actual filming.

The two built up friendship due to mishaps

As Joe's character is someone that lives in the mountain and is an expert with herbs, since the start of filming, they have been going on the route of a "National Park". Both Joe and Blue were originally seen as difficult and possibly unable to get along due to their personalities. However, although filming was tough, it caused them to build up a friendship slowly already. Blue even praised Joe to his friends privately, saying that she is a "good person!"

Wa se! I am getting even more excited to watch this drama! These two are getting along just fine. No worries about ice breakers or not getting along. Qiao En's sunshine smile is enough to melt the ice! Hahahaaa~

May 26, 2009

ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan have bold women backing them up

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Behind every successful man lies a woman. But in the idol drama world, most of the girls in the past have been jade girls; fragile, courteous & refined. Today, they have become independent, takes the initiative, full of personality and stands equal to the male lead. Like ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan’s new dramas; behind all 3 male idols, lies a ‘bold woman’.

As the ratings continue to climb, the 4-way love triangle in PTV’s ‘Black & White’ seems to become more and more complicated. In the end, will ZaiZai be with Ivy Chen or Janine Chang? This question has triggered fierce debate among netizens. Ivy Chen tells ZaiZai that she is a strong tree, and will forever be by ZaiZai’s side; this bold confession has received a high degree of support.

Ivy plays the daughter of a gangster. Although she appears to be fragile, she is actually stubborn and takes the initiative when it comes to love. This difference in inside and outside further adds colour to her character, becoming the typical ‘bold woman’. However, bold women can also tire themselves out; yesterday the ‘Black & White’ cast held a signing event at Taichung, and after saying a quick hello onstage, Ivy was helped downstage to rest, disappointing many fans.

After Jerry Yan returned from Japan, he immediately began filming GTV’s new drama ‘Just Want To Depend On You’. In the drama, Ella talks loudly and even carries refrigerators; full of ‘bold woman’ flavour. Jerry mistakes her for a lesbian, and gets her to become his nanny. The 2 yesterday filmed with Xiao Xiao Bin, and because she looked so cute, it even made Jerry go blind and NG.

Blue Lan & Joe Chen’s SETTV drama ‘Good Fortune, Happy Life’ is about to air. In the drama, Joe plays a righteous ‘bold sister’, not only does she resist Blue’s evil ways, she even bars the police. Earlier, Joe & SETTV had a big disagreement about Blue touching her chest, in the end, they only filmed above the shoulders; Joe’s bold defense of her chest succeeds!

The 3 bold women steals the spotlight, and has become a hot topic.

Woo! I'm watching Black and White, highly anticipating Easy Fortune Happy Life, and keeping a lookout for Just Want To Depend On You.

I am split on whether Zai Zai should end up with Ivy Chen or Janine Chang. Zai Zai's character is compatible with either lady. As for Mark Zhao, his character is wayyy too rash and wayy to stubborn at times. Hope he can change and listen to others for once. I really don't see a possibility between him and Ivy Chen. He refuses to see gray; he only acknowledges black and white. Ivy is daughter of dark side. He's on the white side. If he's going to be with Ivy, he needs to acknowledge the gray part.

Hahaha! Ella carries refrigerators! I want to see that! How is it possible for her to carry such a huge thing on her back! I remember, in Prince turned Into Frog, Qiao En carried gas tanks. and now Ella is carry fridges. These female in idol dramas get stronger and stronger! Hahahaa~ Soon they'll be carrying trucks!

Congrats to Qiao En for winning the battle! There's no need to touch places that aren't meant to be touched. On the brighter side, for 100th time, I'll say it again, I'm highly highly looking forward towards this drama after watching all those previews and pictures! I want to see how village girl resist the evil guy's evil doings.

An Awkward Photo

Picture from AF News

This is awkward! Jiro and Calvin are standing off to the side while the other people take a family picture. Calvin's not one of the brothers, instead he's going to be one of Jiro's love rival and fight for Cyandi's love. Talking about Cyandi, looks like the whole cast towers over her. She's so short compared to the guyss~~ The guy on her right is like a head and a half taller than her!~~

Read the original news here.

May 25, 2009

Show Luo - Ai Zhuan Jiao

Credit: anjjing@youtube


A ‘Prey’ to Mosquites and Falling into the Marsh - Blue Lan is afraid to act with Joe Chen Qiao En

Source: cdns
Translation By: Ocean @

The upcoming drama ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life held its first special book promotion event cum autograph session where Blue Lan, Joe Chen and Roy Chiu were present.

In the drama, Blue Lan and Joe Chen have to do a lot of leg-walk throughout the province and have to fall into the marsh to act. Blue laughing said: ‘I regret accepting this drama and this is also Joe Chen’s opinion.’ Joe Chen however replied that this is not her view as she loves this drama.

The new drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ starring Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Chiu and Jocelyn Wang, held its first special book promotion event at ‘Xin Kuang San Yue ’新光三越 where Joe Chen, Blue Lan and Roy Chiu brew ‘zhou tao hua mei yan yao shuo cai’「招桃花美颜腰瘦茶」peach slimming and beauty tea for fans to drink. They invited Taipei Medical University Hospital Director Zhang Jiabei to demonstrate acupuncture to increase body resistance and physical strength.

When Joe Chen saw the Hospital Director demonstrating on Blue Lan, she asked him whether he felt any pain. Blue replied that even if there is pain, he also cannot have any response. Joe Chen remarked that Blue is obsessed by his drama character ‘Yan Da Feng’.

After one month of filming, Blue jokingly said that he hope not to act more scenes with Joe Chen. Joe explained that it is because most of the time, they are in the wilderness and they fall prey to mosquitoes and they need to fall onto the swarm.

The filming crew has to use an excavator to dig a hole in the ground and make a ‘marsh’ for both Joe Chen and Blue Lan to fall in. Blue related that they had to film this scene for 2 days as the first day, they took a long time and the mud has hardened. And they have to continue filming another day. Although the filming crew have prepared warm clothings for them to prevent from the chill, it was still very cold. Joe Chen related that she trembles with fear as there were bubbles coming out of the marsh and it was as though any time, a snake may pop out.

OMG! Someone send me to Taiwannn! I wanna get my copy of this autograph book and posterrr!!! Hahahaa~ so far, I think this has become my most anticipated drama of the year. Blue and Joe suffered a lot while filming this drama. Falling in scenes...mosquito attacks...being an actor/actress is tough. I'll be looking forward towards this drama as well as the BTS! The FTLY BTS were sooo funnnny! This one should be pretty funny too. hahahaha~

7 Flowers - Too Young Performance

Credit: FTLY1@youtube

OMG! I found the stage version of 7 Flower's song, Too Young. Too bad it's not live cuz they sound pretty good live.

May 24, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life Preview

Credit: qefan@youtube

OMG! FTLY Granny died in the fire in EFHL! Highly highly anticipating this drama! May needs to go by a tad faster.

My Dear Friends

Credit: lilnina212@youtube

Thank you, my dear friends. I hope we can all go biking again soon.

F2 – Vaness and Ken – to act in 'Tao Hua Girl

Source: UDN
Pls credits .Lolly-Pop* @ when taking the news out!

Both Vic and Jerry of F4 are currently filming new idol dramas but the same would goes for the other 2 F4’s member – Vaness and Ken – also. Both Wu and Chu are invited to be the cast of Comic’s new drama – Tao Hua Girl (Tao Hua Xiao Mei). With regards to the rumours about him and Kelly Lin are getting married, Ken mentioned that he is still a single bachelor and shotgun marriage is a NO for him.

“Momo Love” or “Tao Hua Ai Wu Di” which was previously a joint-collaboration by GTV and Comic Ritz has stopped its filming since last June. Rumour has it that because of the main casts – Gui Gui and Aaron Yan – were unable to work well together, the drama ended its filming which led to a lost of $200 0000. Comic Ritz has thus decided to film another new drama after one year whereby the drama will be a rendition of a Japanese famous manga, Tao Hua Girl. Jiro and Cyndi are casted to be the main protagonist with F2 being the supporting actors.

Been venturing into the China’s entertainment market lately, Ken will act as Cyndi’s older brother in this idol drama whereby it is a challenging role because he doesn’t allow his sister from falling in love with Jiro. Ken was also surprised that his debut drama “Meteor Garden” received much love from the audience till today, “All I could say that it was a miracle for the drama to become a big hit because the production fees was minimal compared to the current Korea’s dramas”.

Chu also expressed that his self – directing documentary which features the scenery of Taiwan would be released in July. Rumours has it that he has married Kelly Lin but Chu denied the claim by saying that he is currently single with no plans of having a shotgun marriage in the future. Jiro on the other hand has had a cameo appearance in “K.O. 3an Guo” to get himself better ready for his role in Tao Hua Girl.

I also heard that Calvin will also be in this acting as one of the brothers and there will be a press conference on this drama soon. So I guess everything will be clear once that press conference is out.

May 22, 2009

Jiro and Cyandi in THAWD

Some fans saw on Director Winnie's website

[公告] 维尼新戏 桃花爱无敌
[Notice]Winnie's new drama, Tao Hua Ai Wu Di

Winnie's new drama is already confirmed

是八大的新戏 桃花爱无敌
it is GTV's new drama, Tao Hua Ai Wu Di

不过好像更名为 桃花桃花我爱你
But now it is already called Tao Hua Tao Hua Wo Ai Ni
(Tao Hua Tao Hua i love you)

Actors changed to Cyndi Wang and Da Dong.

Credit: piggyval
@ AF

Wow...what a drama! The filming process for this drama is a drama itself. I'm not angry or mad at Arron anymore. Life is like a racetrack full of twists and turns. Insteading of dwelling in the past, look forward towards the future because that's what we can change. So enough philosophy and getting on with this drama. I don't know if I want to watch this drama anymore. First, Jiro...I tried to watch some of his dramas but I mostly end up dreading it. I liked his character in Hana Kimi, and he did pretty well in that drama. His character was so likable and he had a lot of funny expressions. Hahaha! But as for his other dramas, Rolling Love and Together... not too good, I'm afraid. The storyline for both drama wasn't that awesome. I like Jiro more in KO One and The X-Family. Those were good.

And Cyandi Wang. I know she's a singer and an actress. Never saw any of her dramas before. Dun know if I will, probably not though.

Whatever~I'll give this drama a chance and hopefully, it will be good.

FTLY NG clips

Hahahaa~ Anson and the yellow duck! Anson and the cold tea! Hahahaa! He's so funny too! I love this cast~so many funny people! And at the end, Xiao Tian forgot his lines and went blahblahlalalalalaa~ hahahahaaa!

May 21, 2009

Life Is Like...

Speech Bubbles = real
Thought Bubbles = fake

7 Flower - Cotton Candy 棉花糖

Credit: Sandy5354@youtube

WOOO~ I'm going to celebrate my first day of freedom with Cotton Candy!!! Enjoy!

FTLY BTS Waltz in Bed

Credit to a1061@youtube

Hahahaa~I've been laughing at my screen for the past 7 minutessss! Hahahaa~ Qiao En is too funnyyy!

Joe Chen brings her cats to see the vet; Has plans for movies

Source: LibertyTimes
Translation by minivicki @

Both career and love has been sweet for Joe Chen recently and the devoted cat lover allocated time to bring her 2 darling cats to see the vet a few days ago. Joe glowed with motherly love as she placed her cats in a trolley. It is said that this idol drama big sister is currently making plans to leap onto the big screen and the role of a female warrior interests her the most. She could be transforming into the Taiwan version of Yu Jiao Rong and showing off her kicks!

Brings her cats to see the vet; As caring and sweet as a mother

Joe Chen and Australian boyfriend Michael has a stable 3 years relationship and she is busy filming SETTV new drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" recently. Her schedule is thus fully packed. On the 18 though, reporters spotted Joe Chen taking time out to bring her 2 male cats to see the vet. She was pushing a trolley specially for cats. For a while, she was mistaken to have had a baby already.

Treating her cats like her own children, when she handed them to the vet, she also seriously penned down the important points raised by the vet and often exchanged opinions with the vet. While waiting for their turn, she was even more like a mother, smiling at the cats in the trolley and talking to them.

Planning to enter the big screen; Challenging the warrior role

Through "Fated to Love You", Joe Chen secured her idol drama big sister position and recently, there have been rumors of her planning to move onto the big screen. There are numerous movie role invitations from Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan and that includes both student roles and female warriors. As to when she will really act in a movie? Joe's manager Li Shi Xiang expressed that it has not been finalised yet so she will not talk about it. However, she did reveal that Joe has always been incline to jumping out of the nice, obedient girl role and is very interested in a warrior role.

Hahahahaaa~ from Sticky Note to Warrior Girl! Wooo! Wish her the best of luck! Easy Fortune Happy Life comes out on June 7th!!!!

Arron Yan, Calvin Chen and Qiaoqiao taste the together

Source: UDN
Translated by: HAZEL @

The new idol drama , adapted from Nagamu Nanaji’s manga , held its opening ceremony today with much fanfare. Fahrenheit’s Arron Yan and Calvin Chen will play both male leads, Da Ye and A-yi, while Joanne Tseng (Qiaoqiao), who has not had any new projects recently, will take on the role of the female lead, Xiaofeng.

Also in this drama is Singaporean singer Derrick Hoh, who will be in his first acting role, while sweetheart Tracy Chou will play the role of Qiuying, the senior, and Li-er, a newbie actress, will be acting as Xiaosen.

First love is often akin to parfait: sweet, sour, bitter and spicy all at the same time. An ice crusher was specially prepared for the opening ceremony, so that the cast could experience this unique flavour. Qiaoqiao’s character, Xiaofeng, is sandwiched between the two outstanding cousins in the show.

When asked on how she would portray this love triangle, and who she would choose in reality, Qiaoqiao’s answer was straightforward: “It’s impossible for 2 such guys to move in upstairs in real life.” If she really had to choose, it would be very hard indeed.

Calvin, who is playing Da Ye, said, “His cheerfulness, young age and exuberance are traits that I share… it’s the playboy part that’s harder for me to portray.” This drew loud shrieks from the fans present. He also commented that this is his first acting project in a long time, so he is exceptionally excited, and he will do his best to play this character well.

On the other hand, Arron Yan who plays A-yi, hopes for a great start to this new drama. He even remarked that his character is one that brings oxygen to Qiaoqiao’s role, Xiaofeng.

A refreshing new cast, along with the adaptation of a well-known shoujo manga, this drama is one to anticipate.

Parfait !!!

May 20, 2009

Love Buffet/Parfait Tic Tac Confirmed

Pic from AF Parfait Tic Thread

So it's pretty much confirmed that Arron and Calvin are going to be the male leads for this show. Calvin will be playing Daiya Shinpo. And this is what wikipedia says about his character, "A happy-go-lucky playboy. Not very academic, but wins everyone's heart with his open character. Used to date many girls at the same time, but stopped doing that after he had to reject Fuuko. Sometimes gives surprise performances as a singer in a two-man band, "The F brothers" with Issochi."

Interestingly, Calvin's hair matches with the cartoon guy's hair. This character matches well with Calvin's image, sunshine boy. This is also Calvin's first time in a lead role! Wooo! Wish him the best of luck! Looking forward to his performance!

Pic from AF Parfait Tic Thread

Arron's going to be Ichi Shinpo, Daiya's cousin. Let's see what wikipedia says about him. "The cold and quiet love interest. Class President and ranks first on school tests, but rather shy and comes across as a haughty guy. Actually very caring once you get to know him. Works part-time in a restaurant. Not good at household chores. Really bad at drawing. Scared of dogs and haunted houses. He is very quiet but seems to be different when near or around Fuuko."

Hey look! Arron's hair matches with the cartoon guy's hair too! To be honest, I'm at little mad at Arron. Am I still a fan? Yes, of course but I'm also mad at him right now. Earlier he assurred us that he would still be the male lead in THAWD and this lead many to assume that he's going to continue to film THAWD. But now...all has change. The fate of THAWD remains unknown. Is Jiro taking over this or will Arron film this at a later time or is this going into the garbage? But whatever, I'll still look forward to see Arron's performance in this drama. His character reminds me a bit of 007 from Pi Li MIT though.

Pic from AF Parfait Tic Thread and Anime Manga Telefilm Forum

This is Qiao Qiao or Joanne Zeng. She's the female lead and will be playing Fuuko Kameyama. Here's what wikipedia said about her character, "[Fuuko Kameyama]Is the upbeat main character. She likes playing with little children and hairstyling. Wears her own hair in unusual and complicated styles. She does feel insecure about her looks, especially when being compared to Daiya and Ichi. Had to take swimming lessons from Ichi in order to pass P.E."


OMG! Finals are finally over! School is finally over! Freedom is finally here! Wooo! I had three finals to take today! In the afternoon, I had my math final, which would have been incredibly easy IF I had studied hard enough which unfortunately I didn't. Then in the late afternoon, I had my english final where I had to write two essays and five short answers. Surprisingly, I finished way ahead of time. I don't know how I did it, but I finished in an hour when the allocated time was 2 hours! I'm a little scared now because I feel like I must have rushed through it to finish it so fast. Hahaaa~ Anyway, the last final was a breeze, it was geology final. Most people finished that final in like 20 minutes. It was 40 questions multiple choice plus the professor was really cool about it too. She told us exactly what topics we had to study for the test and even gave us some of the questions from the test. I'm going to miss her geology class even though it's like late at night.


FTLY BTS Magic Show

Credit: a1061 @ youtube

Hahahaaa~ I love FTLY BTSSS! Qiao En and Xian Tian are soo funny and soo playful too. Hahahahaa! Xiao Tian talks about how Qiao En is able to come up with at least 10 different ways to show a particular scene. Their off screen chemistry is hilarious! And in the middle of this video, Qiao En performs a card trick that amazes everyone at the scene. Xiao Tian is like: "If Chen Qiao En ever invite me to play cards, I definitely won't play with her, the magician is here." Hahahahaaa!

BTW, KIWI has some documented some funny FTLY scenes in her blog!

Easy Fortune Happy Life Preview 10s

Credit: gar6301

AHHHHH ~ 10 seconds isss tooo shooortttt! Me want moreeeeeee!

May 19, 2009

Blue Lan and Joe Chen goes around the whole Taiwan; Help boost tourist attractions

Source: CDNS
Translation by minivicki @

TTV and SETTV's idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life"'s leads Blue Lan and Joe Chen made use of their free time from drama filming to practice at a chinese medicine clinic! Due to the H1N1 virus and their filming business, chinese practitioner Wu Ming Zhu specially mixed some herbs that could help increase their immunity and boost their energy level. The two of them also revealed their ways of keeping healthy. Blue said that "I'll often exercise and drink Puerh Tea to keep healthy." Joe on the other hand consumes Vitamins and Oriyen to help replenish the lost nutrient. She also added that "I'm thinking of playing badminton to help build up my strength."

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" will premiere on June 7 and since the 10 second preview was aired last week, a lot of netizens have already responded positively. Blue's role as a host in the preview intrigued most people and got them anticipating the full preview. Blue commented that "I was actually quite nervous that day when filming. And there's quite a lot of dialogue so I spent alot of time preparing myself; The full preview will air after 'My Queen' so please do look forward to it."

In this drama, Joe acts as a girl that's very knowledgble when it comes to herb while Blue has the highest chance of being the successor to a medicinal enterprise. Thus it was arranged for the two to specially go to a chinese medicine clinic to practice. Due to filming, Joe could already easily name near 10 different type of chinese herbs. However, she has difficulty matching the actual herbs to their names. Recently, the two have been traveling across the whole of Taiwan too. Blue said that "Our filming locations can be as North as JiouFen and as South as PingTung. Other places such as HsinChu, TaiChung, KaoHsiung and YiLan has our traces too. We hope that through the drama promotion, we will be able to help boost Taiwan's tourist industry.

In the drama, Blue Lan will go to extreme means to achieve his aims and often bullies Joe Chen. Thus she said that "His expressions really look very much like a baddie." Blue laughed and said that "I feel that I'm starting to turn evil too. Recently when showering, I felt that I'm becoming evil and my eyes are getting smaller. The stuff I say are getting more sarcastic too, just like Yan Da Feng in the drama."

Good choice! Playing badminton to build strength! Talking about badminton, I'haven't played for a while nowwww. I miss it sooo much! Time to search for those birdies, I remember putting them somewhere in the closet~ Hahahahaha

Woo! EFHL's coming out on June 7! That's around 3 more weeks! hahaha~ Blue is funny at the end. "
Recently when showering, I felt that I'm becoming evil" hahaha! the wonders of showers.

Just Want to Depend On You BTS

Credit: SY of AF, prella30190 of youtube

Hahahaaa! Xiao Xu Xu! What an odd nickname for Jerry! Hahahaa!

Easy Fortune Happy Life Poster

Credit: EFHL AF Gallery


This poster reminds me of the taichi circle. Dark with some light; light with some dark. The background of this poster is divided strictly into black and white. Notice how Blue is standing mostly on the black side but his left wings have spread into the white area. And Qiao En is sitting mostly on the white side but part of her white dress lays on the black side.

This poster is so eye-catching!!!

May 18, 2009

Arron Yan and Calvin Chen breakthrough, idol drama with both as male lead

source : Liberty Times
translation by elvenstar87 @

Wu Chun has switched to the big screen to develop, Jiro Wang's ratings are out of control, Fahrenheit's eldest brother and second brother have temporaily stopped filming idol dramas. Arron Yan, Calvin Chen breakthrough in the big upcoming drama [parfait tic] both as male leads. While the female lead in the drama has been changed from Selina to [Qiao Qiao] Joanne Tseng as a replacement

Adapted from a Japanese Manga [parfait tic], originally Selina, Mike He and Jiro Wang were selected, but once the male and female lead list came out, the Mike, Jiro and Selina grouping changed to Joanne , Calvin and Arron. Forming the new combination of the 2 males fighting for the girl. The producer ah Ken said :[ because the previous people selected had busy schedules, there was no way to cooperate, so we had to find other suitable people.], He is also unwilling to start the official shoot on the 20th until they have discussed it further

Although the production team are unwilling to clarify, the present 3 leads have already been confirmed. As the Manga is based on senior high school students, and dramas about the innocent love of high school students are not well recieved, and in addition the 3 lead, apart from the 20 yr old Joanne Tseng who is the closest in age of a senior high school student. Calvin Chen and Arron Yan playing university students would be more fitting, therefore the age of the main characters in the story has been raised therefore the criteria increased, especially within the drama, the role of the playboy who cannot love [DiaYa]. In his 1st role as a male lead, Calvin Chen has revealed on the official website his anticipation, hoping this time he can give a different performance.

What a better sweet news! First, congratulations to Calvin for landing a lead role! Will be looking forward to his performance. That's the sweet part. The bitter part...-sigh- hope for THAWD and guilun drama reunion has gone up in smokes...

May 17, 2009

Changing Role Ella Jokes and Pretends to be MAN, While Jerry Hides from the Sun

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Changing Role Ella Jokes and Pretends to be MAN
While Jerry Hides from the Sun

The first time Ella came in contact with Jerry Yan on the set, she immediately employed all the tricks in her arsenal, making jokes and playing cute and cajoled Jerry into laughing happily! According to witnesses, the two of them kept teasing and hitting each other on the set. However, in between takes, they would exchange roles in that Jerry Yan would hide from the sun under an umbrella to touch-up his make-up just like a female artiste. Ella would be busy chatting with the crew, so manly!

Although Jerry Yan’s personality was very reserved, but as soon as he came in contact with the bubbly Ella, it was difficult for him to maintain his reservation. That helped to ease the worries of the filming crew of this drama with regards to how they would get along. It was heard that Ella was even so bold as to issue a challenge to Jerry: [I will even be more bubbly, so you had better be careful!] That certainly was a new experience for Jerry who was acting with Ella for the first time.

Cool Bao-long Laughing and Chasing after Ella

Just past one o’clock in the afternoon of May 8th, this magazine was there at the Rainbow Riverside Park in Taipei where Jerry and Ella were sitting on the grass and rehearsing their scenes. They were surrounded by a large group of crews and workers. The process was on a frighteningly grand scale. A little later, they changed scenery and chatted under a tree. From Jerry’s attire of white shirt and trousers versus Ella’s white T-shirt and torn jeans, the contrast in their ranks in the drama was quite obvious.

After a while, Jerry got up and ran chasing after Ella. He even grabbed Ella’s collar just like a hawk catching a chick and hooked his arm around Ella’s neck. The two of them played around while filming and seemed very happy.

In between takes, Jerry who had a bigger entourage than Ella had crew members helping him holding up an umbrella for shade and touching up his make-up. The sight was quite similar to that of Beauty Queen] Barbie Xu when she was filming a drama. In contrast, Ella who was standing off to one side, seemed more like a suave guy, chatting and joking with the crew members without anyone to hold her umbrella nor was she concerned about touching up her make-up. As soon as the director called, she would immediately be in place to continue the scene. Off camera, the two seemed to switch roles.

After Jerry and Ella quickly finished a few test scenes, Ella changed out of her costume and left at around two in the afternoon. Around four in the afternoon, the cast and crew of [Just Want to Depend on You] changed scenery to a basketball court. Jerry had already changed into sports attire and was practicing with Michael Zhang. Although the way he played looked very good, few of his shots actually made it into the basketball.

Good Friends Exchanging Favors to Take Care of Girlfriend

As mentioned in other sources, both Jerry and Ella had lost sleep the night before their first scene. However, because of some mutual friends between them, it was likely that they had privately agreed to look after each other. This led one to think of Jay Chou and Baron Chan who were in the deserts of Ningxia filming the movie [Ci Ling], taking care of Jerry’s [good friend] Chiling Lin. And Jerry would take the opportunity of being in the drama [Just Want to Depend on You] to look after Ella, Baron Chan’s rumored girlfriend in reciprocation. Crew members even pointed out that Ella, who was once also Wu Chun’s rumored girlfriend, felt that Jerry was not hard to handle. Furthermore, his appearance was as handsome as Wu Chun. However when she collaborated with Wu Chun in [Hana-Kimi], it was only Wu Chun’s second drama. Therefore she gave a lot of advices to Wu Chun. On the other hand, Jerry was already an old hand at acting. Her nonsensical and humorous way of speaking and behavior had the often cool and reticent Jerry who was almost unable to defend against her asked in curiosity: [Were you this bubbly since childhood?]

Portraying a Lawyer but Kept Falling out of Character

Actually, in this drama, Jerry was portraying an arrogant lawyer whose speech and behavior were both somewhat hard to take or handle in the beginning. It was not until he encountered Ella that he would soften up. For portraying this role, he also took lessons in order to increase the sense of being imposing when talking. So during filming, he would feel the pressure and became extremely focused, but because Ella was too comical and would clown around on the set, she caused him to constantly fell out of character.

As for the theory of [Exchanging favors] to look after good friends, Jerry’s manager Fenny laughed: [That is simply too imaginative. It is impossible to find out.] However she did admit that the personalities of Jerry and Ella complemented each other, therefore, Jerry was looking forward to his performance with Ella would generate sparks. Ella’s manager Zhang Su-yun expressed: [Take care on his behalf? You will have to ask Baron Chan! How would I know? But Ella had always been very bubbly, enthusiastic, kind and approachable to everyone, it is the same regardless whether it was Wu Chun or Jerry Yan!]

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and Appledaily
original source :

Everyone falls victim to Ella's bubbly attitude! Hahahaa! Woo! Can't wait to watch this drama too!

My Queen Ending Cheryl Yang Not to Marry Ethan Ruan

Source: YAM News-Liberty
Translated by Cmiley @
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[My Queen] big reveal of ending! Early there were rumours that Ethan Ruan (role as Lucas), Cheryl Yang Jing Hua (role as Veronica Shan Wu Shuang) will enter the wedding aisle, but it was actually all a big mix-up, the two are actually the Best Man and Brides Maid of Zhao Zhi Qiang and Lin Mei Xiu wedding, also at the ending Yang Jing Hua will not accept Ethan Ruan’s wedding proposal, causing the viewers to all drop their glasses!

Earlier because Song Xin Ni posted Ethan and Cheryl Yang’s wedding pictures online, it caused a big stir, causing the fans to all assume that was the ending, but that scene was actually the group attending Zhao and Lin’s wedding, also best man brides maid is Ethan and Yang, that’s why there were pictures of them in wedding outfits, also that scene was the final filming for most actors and actresses.

To Marry is No Longer the Goal for My Queen
According to those that have scene the script, in the film Cheryl Yang Jing Hua’s love is for Ethan, even though they’ve gone through happy times, but facing the difference of 8 years; the reality and eyes of the rest, causes the two to have serious conflicts. At final decision Yang temporarily leaves, suddenly again a gas explosion occurs, suffering from serious injuries she is taken by a kind bystander bringing her back to Ethan’s side, having gone through life and death, finally realizes their love for each other is way more than the reality, so they decide to throw everything to be together.

But for the full ending, it goes back to the original drama name [My Queen]’s purpose, at the end even though Ethan constantly proposes, but Yang realizes that marriage is no longer her only goal in life, so at the end she declines to marry him. And chooses to continue the worthy of the name of [My Queen].

Ending Exposed Drama Director Surprised
Reporters called SANLI’s drama director Chen Yu Shan; at first she was surprised to say, “How did you know all the details!” Then says the drama’s purpose is actually to let females know that marriage is not the only conclusion to be recognized, either to be [My Queen] or not, happiness is the most important, if the whole drama at the end goes back to marriage then that’s too old fashion, hope everyone watches the final ending, will be able to realize that women should abandon the eye of the world and to live for herself, she also said [My Queen] will be broadcasting its final episode on May 31.

Whoa! What a surprising ending with a powerful meaning! Times have changed; marriage aint what it used to be. Divorce which used to be forbidden has increased in the present time. People are getting married then divorced then married then divorced. It makes us question the true value of marriage. Does marriage really equate to "happily ever after"? Apparently, "My Queen" doesn't think so, neither do I.

7 Flowers - Too Young

Credit: torozha@youtube

According to the youtube poster, this is the only song where all 7 members participated. Love this song! The melody is really teenager-ish. I really don't know how to describe music. Hahaha~ but I know I like this music. I saw a performance version of this song, but I can't find it noww...bummmerrrr...

May 16, 2009

Cover Story – Being criticized as arrogant Chen Qiao En chooses to forget

Chen Qiao En with co-star Blue Lan. In the drama she dressed very plainly, a big contrast to her sense of fashion in real life.

Source: Chinatimes
Translated by meosles @

Being popular attracts unwanted attention. Chen Qiao En rose to fame with last year’s “Fated To Love You” and also became visible in the fashion circle. When filming her new drama “Easy Fortune Happy Life”, the media reports that she changes the script, is uncooperative, protects her D-cup and refuses to let Blue Lan touch it and called arrogant. She said helplessly: “That is the saddest news I have ever read ever since I started out eight years ago.”

Can’t change the environment, can only change mindset

She is seriously about work and will take responsibility for her performance. Being misunderstood as uncooperative makes her feel bad “I worked so hard but was still used as a tool to stir up news. In the beginning I was really upset but half an hour later I have put it behind me. After a night’s sleep I forgot about it.” Her philosophy is “Being forgetful is a skill. I can’t change my environment but what I can change is my thinking and mentality.”

Difficulty in recognizing people, being misunderstood as arrogant

Chen Qiao En plays a simple girl in “Fated”. In “Easy Fortune” she is a happy-go-lucky, principled and easily contented village girl. But in real life, she is the type that is slow to warm up to others, and when she is not smiling most of the time her thoughts are in the clouds. She has difficulty in remembering names and faces. In matters that she is not interested in, she will not make conversations about it and will not take the initiative to chat to people. Even if she had chatted, she will forget about it. If you don’t understand her, it’s easy to misunderstand her as being arrogant.

“I had difficulties when I first started out, when I meet people I have to call them big brother or big sister. Now I am thirty years old and no longer a twenty something young girl. It’s no longer suitable for me to call people big brother or big sister.” She did not speak more than ten words to the make-up artist who had worked with her for ten years and it was only recently when they went to Hong Kong for promotion together that they became more familiar. Many times when people greet her, she can’t remember them and can only ask the staff after that “Who are he?” She is afraid of meeting people who likes to talk, “My job is already an actor, after acting I do not wish to continue talking.”

Screw you, Media! Qiao En is definitely NOT an arrogant person. What the hell is wrong with the media! Protecting oneself is called arrogrant....that's BULLSH*T! SERIOUS BULLSH*T! Whoever called her arrogrant for not letting Blue to touch her chest is a PERVERT! And calling her uncooperative too...BULL!

And people take time to warm up to others. Some people click in just a few minutes and some take a while. If you watched the FTLY BTS videos, you'll see the Qiao En has really a good relationship with the cast and everyone. She's not a cold or arrogrant person as described by the media... AND one last thing: STOP USING HER AS A TOOL TO STIR UP NEWS! SHE'S A HUMAN TOO!

FTLY BTS Water Scenes

Credit: a897950@youtube

Poor male lead. Getting drenched in water over and over again but it's totally worth it because the outcome is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.

Miscellaneous Scene: This scene is about Chen Xin Yi arriving at Ginger Island only to see her mom and two sisters, along with other people, making silly poses. How often are you greeted like this when you arrive home? Hahahaa! Kudos to the director for such silliness! FTLY Director = Comedy Drama King!

Water Scene 1: This is one of those scenes used to show how handsome and manly the guy is. Jumping so many times into the pool, and swimming continously (butterfly stroke is a very tiring swimming style), for a 3 minute scene. It probably took them an hour or so to get all those shots and then the actual scene is only a few minutes. Acting is hard.

Water Scene 2: Hahaha! Qiao En kept teasing Ethan in the beginning and he wanted to run away~ because in this scene, Ethan needs to "accidently" fall backwards into the cold water! BUT that's not the end of it. After he falls in, the boat speeds up and he has to swim after the boat. And meanwhile, onboard the boat, Anson and Qiao En are just laughing at him and Qiao En even took out her camera to record this funny scene! Guess what she says next! She's like Ethan is so funny, maybe next time we can have him jump off a building, it'll be really funny. [She doesn't literally mean jumping off a building is funny. She's just being sarcastic here.] And all this time, Ethan is still swimming after the boat which is now far far awayyy. hahaha~

Fail Booby Trap Scene: One would typically find this scene in those hero vs. bad guy movies. The bad guy has something that the hero wants and arranges the hero to meet in an undisclosed location where booby traps are set up to destroy the hero. FTLY director takes this "dangerous" scene and turns it into a laughing stock! Bad things come to those with bad hearts. And indeed, the guy who set up those traps got a taste of his own medicine which includes getting hit in the face with a bag filled with flour(?), getting his fingers snapped in a mouse trap (don't try this at home, cuz it really hurts. A LOT), and finally falling off the second floor. Hahaha~ this scene is so kusooo!

May 15, 2009

Super Girl Sings Her Way to Oprah Show

francesca @ AF News

Jane Zhang ended up as second runner-up in Super Girls '05 but the star singer has gone one up on the winner by appearing on Oprah Winfrey's show.

The talk-show host introduced Zhang as the "Dolphin Princess" for her May 11 show called The World's Got Talent.

Oprah picked a select group of singers who made it big in television contests ranging from the UK to Afghanistan. Jane Zhang represented China and appeared in person, unlike Briton Susan Boyle who was beamed via satellite from her Scotland home.

The Chinese singer was unaware of the power and stature of Oprah, thinking it was just another television appearance. "So, I did not feel much pressure," Zhang told China Daily. The taping was in Chicago on May 8, and Oprah's producers selected two Chinese songs, merging them into a three-minute medley.

"I loved singing Chinese songs to the American audience," said Zhang, "and for English songs, I covered those they're familiar with."

Zhang sang "Loving You", which was not included in the American broadcast, and snippets from "Hero", the Mariah Carey signature hit. Simon Cowell, the British judge on both American Idol and Britain's Got Talent, looked on with studied nonchalance, winking at one time.

During the brief verbal exchange with Oprah, Zhang showed off her accentless English. "I did not major in the language, but rather picked it up by imitating English songs," she told China Daily.

Now that she has been hugged and blessed by Oprah, Zhang is receiving an overwhelming amount of attention, including offers from U.S.-based agents. Her contract with entertainment giant Huayi expires soon, but she said she would not give up her career in China to sail for the U.S.

"Maybe just a gig or two," she said.

She understands the difficulty of launching a career in that competitive market, citing the case of Coco Lee, the Chinese-American who performed the theme song for the Oscar-winning film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", but still did not have much going stateside.

Oprah may be highlighting the success of breakout talents worldwide, but what she called "Super Voice Girl" may be dying out.

The new Super Girls season, as approved by regulators, comes with so many strings attached it is doomed to low ratings. The show has been pushed out of primetime, and emotional outbursts are banned.

You might as well sing in shower, or karaoke, for that matter. Nowadays there are so many karaoke shows on Chinese TV you may sooner catch one chirping off-key rather than the next Jane Zhang.

By Chen Nan and Raymond Zhou

Woo! Congrats to Jane! I gotta search for that Oprah Show now....

FTLY BTS Cute Doggie

Credit: wiyanzi@youtube

BABY GIIII! 'Cute' is not enough to describe this dog! He is one heck of an dog-actor! His reactions are so natural! It's funny how Baby Gi went off to the corner and cried. Baby Gi actually acted that himself without the director giving him instructions. Awesome dog! -sigh- this reminds me of Jack from TSD. Sorry, Jack! You've been pushed down to number 2 dog-actor! Baby Gi is #1 now in my hierarchy! Hahaha! I like how everyone is jealous of this dog.

Introducing 7 Flower

Left to Right: Xiao Jie, Wei Ru, Xiao Qiao, Qiao En

7 Flower is a Taiwan girl band under the company, Jungiery. Originally, they had 7 members, thus the name 7 Flower, however, due to some incidents, only 4 members are left. The oldest is Qiao En followed by Xiao Qiao then Wei Ru and the youngest, Xiao Jie. This group only released one album but has participated in a number of drama OSTs including Prince Turned Into Frog, The Magicians of Love, and Top on the Forbidden City. Currently, this group is inactive. Xiao Jie, the youngest, went back to school. Qiao En is filming dramas left and right. I have no idea what Wei Ru is up to. Xiao Qiao is hosting variety shows and she also is filming a drama.

Leader - Xiao Qiao

趙虹喬 / Zhao Hong Qiao
English name: Joyce Zhao
Nickname: 小喬 / Xiao Qiao
Profession: Actress, singer and hostess
Birthdate: 1981-Nov-15
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 170cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Chinese zodiac: Rooster
Blood type: B
Music group: 7Flowers (七朵花)
Xiao Qiao AF Thread

Co Leader - Qiao En

陳喬恩 / Chen Qiao En
English name: Joe Chen
Profession: Singer, actress, hostess
Birthdate: 1979-Apr-04
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 164cm
Weight: 47kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: O
Music group: 7Flowers (七朵花)
Languages: Chinese, Taiwanese, English, and Japanese
Qiao En AF Thread

Wei Ru

Lai Wei Ru [賴薇如]
English name: Doris Lai
Profession: Actress and Singer
Birthdate: 1984-Dec-30
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 152cm
Weight: 40kg
Horoscope: Capricorn
Zodiac: Rat
Blood type: O
Language(s): Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese
Wei Ru AF Thread

Xiao Jie

屈旻潔 / 屈旻洁 / Qu Min Jie
English name: Jade Qu
Nickname: 小潔 / Xiao Jie
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1989-Feb-14
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 160cm
Weight: 44kg
Star sign: Aquarius
Chinese zodiac: Snake
Blood type: O
Music group: 7 Flowers (七朵花)
Xiao Jie AF Thread

Pictures credit to 7 Flower AF Gallery