March 29, 2009

Wounded Soldiers Fahrenheit Go Into Battle; Sing and Dance For Three Hours

Reporter: Zheng Si Yin
Photographer: Wen Hua Da

Source: Kwongwah News
Translator: englishrose85 @ Asian Fanatics

Event: Fahrenheit "Xiang Ru Fei Fei" World Tour Malaysia Concert
Date: March 28th 2009
Time: 8:31pm

(Reported on the 29th March) Fahrenheit's World Tour Malaysia Concert was psotponed from November 15th 2008 to March 28th 2009 because of Jiro's injury. Before the Malaysia concert, Wu Zun injured his ankle during the Hong Kong concert. This caused fans to worry that the concert would be postponed again.

Despite this, Fahrenheit didn't want to disappoint their fans. Despite Wu Zun's foot fracture, Jiro's foot and Arron suffering from gastroenteritis, the concert still proceeded on time.

Fahrenheit's Arron suffered from gastroenteritis after arriving in Malaysia. Unfortunately, during the concert his performance was marred by his suffering and was walking around on the stage to decrease it. However, he still performs his best like doing 100 hours of homework!

Arron's Performance

The concert was performed for almost a full three hours, towards the end the 4 of them sang "Shuang Jie Gun" and Arron made a mistake in his performance. Whilst he was walking around on the stage, it was obvious that he was feeling uncomfortable walking and turning on the stage. He needed more assistance from Calvin and Jiro before he could stand.

Despite this, Arron gave his best performance and didn't let the fans be disappointed. Despite the risk during the performance he still sang and danced again, not allowing his performance standard to be affected.

Fahrenheit let the fans wait so long, therefore from start to finish, regardless of what the four of them were doing on the stage, they waited before saying anything and the fans never stopped waving and swaying their bodies. Outside many fans from all over sent Fahrenheit flower baskets to wish them a successful concert. In addition, whenever the four of them were on the extended platform, fans rushed to them to put flowers in their hands.

During the Looking For Cinderella portion when the four girls were singing Ai Dao, Wu Zun had the most female fans holding his hand. The other three also had close contact with the other three winners.

Jiro Bows and Apologises

Due to his foot injury and the postponement of the concert, Jiro bowed 90 degrees and apologised to the fans. Wu Zun said that the Malaysia concert was a lot of fun and very warming, therefore his will not cry. When Jiro asked if his father and relatives were there or not, Wu Zun replied: "They are all very low key." Calvin said: "I am very happy, because my three brothers (Arron, Wu Zun and Jiro) live up to their expectations. Despite a broken foot (Arron corrects him saying: "It's not broken la!"), they continue to perform professionally. Thank you everyone for your support."

Many local artists were warmly invited to be guests at the concert. In addition, Energy also arrived to join in the fun.

In order to join in with the "Save the Earth - 1 Hour Lights Out", for one minute before starting the concert, Fahrenheit turned the lights off. Despite this, the fans still could not wait and at the end of the one minute the air erupted very quickly with screams and cheers to greet their idols.

Pro! Performing despite injury! I hope the three of them get better soon. Calvin seems to be immune to injuries. Hahaha~that's a good thing!

March 26, 2009

Falling Down

AHHHHHH! I'm so frustrated and agitated! There's been so much bad things going on in my life lately! First, I still haven't decided my major in college and that's going to haunt me until I decide on something. Second, a pigeon nearly flew into my face yesterday. Luckily, I dodged it. Third, I nearly stuck in the elevator last night. Horses have bad luck this year...


"hey, guys, I am a fan of guigui
but I am here have some bad news about THAWD
bada channal is going to change the male actor for this drama
they have already talked to many actor
Nick is one of them
but bada channal said they are not sure which role nick will go to play
but they talked to him and glad to have him in this drama
and bada have talked to many actors
like Dylan Guo
(this is the main meaning about this article)
I think they want to change actor.
gosh, unbelievable.
But I don't know whether it is true or not.
information from tw."







March 21, 2009

Show Luo is going to New York to learn some dancing, only scared of his bad english

source: chinatimes
trans: JPOO @
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Show Luo ( Xiao Zhu) had a celebration for his new album "Trendy Man" on the 20th, his recording company gave him a big present, which is to let him go to New York at the end of April to learn some dancing with Rihanna and Fergie's(from black eyed peas) dancing teacher,
but his manager would not follow him throughout the entire journey, he will only go with his dance teacher Da Mu, he's also worried that his "Bad english" would not be able to cope for half a month, he laughed and said :"I think after a week, I'll secretly get a plane to Tokyo!"

100 points turned into 100 dollars.

Xiao Zhu admits that his "bad english" has improved, before when he brought his parents on a holiday to Hawaii, he used movements from his hands to tell the waiters what they wanted to eat, but now he already knows a few words, he says he could go to New York's SOHO, Times Square to play. He also said that he has a good accent.

But before when he went to Malaysia to perform, the media asked him how many points would he give himself, he wanted to say 100 points but 100 dollars slipped out of his mouth, making everyone burst out in laughter!

The 102 charts were revealed and yesterday during the celebration, show's recording company announced that Xiao Zhu got 1st in the 102 charts in the whole of Asia, he has sold around 13 5365 albums, but before releasing his album, Wang Leehom and him got into a dispute because he was being accused of buying charts,
Xiao Zhu confessed that he is still worried that people still question him, so he is still unable to bravely face his own success, but he believes that this is a problem between the two companies, there wouldn't be any awkwardness between him and Wang Leehom, he explained that if they bump into each other they would wave.

OMG~he's coming NYC! I know what I'll be doing at the end of April~hahaa! Time to take a walk in Soho and Times Square! Hahahaaa!

March 19, 2009

Michael Tse's character Laughing Gor very popular on the internet

Source: The Sun
Translated by travelbug @

Michael Tse's character Laughing Gor very popular on the internet

Michael Tse's character in E.U., Laughing Gor has become very popular, many netizens have been discussing his performance on the major forums, this made him a popular person (紅人) on the internet. In addition, someone created a Laughing Gor Facebook group, until yesterday has attracted over 66,000 members to join, because of what will happen to his character, many people left comments saying they do not want him to die. Some people even said if Laughing Gor dies, the whole drama will lose its soul, this topic had over 1000 posts. Many netizens left comments praising Michael's acting skill and some wrote his epigrams (golden words) from E.U. on Facebook.


He sacrificed himself in episode 22. Michael Miu knows that Michael Tse is an undercover and tells Ron to kill him. Michael Miu's left hand man, the driver, drives Ron and Michael Tse somewhere and the two of them go to an empty house. Ron pulls out a gun and points it at Michael Tse and they start to fight because they know that the driver is watching them. In the midst of it all, Sammul comes along and hears gunshot. He sees Michael Tse pointing a gun at Ron and he fires at Michael Tse. Ron tries to save him and drive him to the hospital but Michael stops him. He tells Ron to bring his dead body to Michael Miu and expose his(Michael Tse) undercover identity so that Ron can get Michael Miu's trust and hopefully get a police raid to the drug making place. Poor guy...I'm going to join Laughing Gor's facebook group now. Hahahaa~

Edit: Holy Moly, I just found a bunch of other EU related groups. There's a Kong Sai Hau Group(Michael Miu), Dou Yik Tian Group(Lam Lei), and some other ones too!

March 17, 2009

Fahrenheit reactions to a woman who feels cold

Credit to mylittlekiarinha@youtube

Hahahaha~lucky fan! The task was to have Fahrenheit come up with different ways to warm up their fan! And Jiro's the first one to go and he puts his jacket around her. Hahaa! Arron was going to give her his jacket too but he has to do something different and so then he kinda puts his arms around her. Hahahaa! Calvin is hilarious~ he uses his finger to test the wind direction and uses his jacket to sheild her from the wind! HAHAA~fangirl screaming in the background! And of course, the last one is Wu Chun and the pressure is on because all the ideas he thought of were taken by his three bandmates. Haha!

Show: There are a lot of other ways.
Wu Chun: Like what?
Show: Ehh~the thing you did with me last time.(Hahaha! who knows what they were doing!)
The fan tells him in canto: I'm cold.
And he responds in canto: What do you want me to do? [Everyone laughs]
Show: Wah~you're so unromantic!
Wu Chun: Yes! I have idea! [He reaches into pocket and pulls out a heat pad!]
I have heat pad. I can help her keep warm.

March 16, 2009

Fahrenheit Sweet Talking

Video: lixss@youtube

HAHAHAA~ Wu Chun ran away from the lady! Hahaha~and his response at the end is so typical of him! Hahahaa!

March 15, 2009

Starlit, story with fatal illness, tears-jerking

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Sina News
Mar 11, 2009
extracted part on Starlit

Starlit, story with fatal illness, tears-jerking

Although Ruan Jing Tian's charm is exploding, Yan Cheng Xu's performance is not bad at all. Starlit's story has turned from touching to bitter. Dong Xiao Lu kept avoiding Cheng Yue because of her fatal illness, and Cheng Yue has tasted being in love's sourness and hardship for the first time in life. In order to fully express Cheng Yue's emotions and feelings, acting skills are required on every facial expressions and lines. Luckily, as expected, Yan Cheng Xu's performance has not failed the audiences, and we can even say that it is the soul of the whole drama. In the drama, other than pouring tears emotionally, he was also punched. It appears that the route of his turning from idol to great actor is tough. Besides, don't know whether it's for the promotion of the drama or not, Yan Cheng Xu, who rarely has news on his romance, was rumored to have something with Guan Ying. True or untrue, make people dazzled.

Totally agree with this short article! Big tear jerker! Especially the scenes where Xiao Lu's illness starts to cripple her...make sure you have a box of tissue next to you when you watch this show.

Jiro Wang's mother and son dream comes true; finds time to go around Disneyland

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by catalie @

"Every year I wish that I can take my mother travelling overseas, this year I've finally achieved it!" At the end of last month, Fahrenheit performed at Hong Kong Coliseum and "Da Dong" Jiro Wang invited his mother to enjoy the performance with him. Once the concert ended, the mother and son also went around Hong Kong Disneyland, enjoying this rare happiness of family life together!

Last year, he finally paid off his family's $5 million debt so filial Da Dong planned to take his mother overseas for a holiday but he has been too busy with work and could never find any time. So taking advantage of their Hong Kong concerts ending, he stayed an extra two days over there to reward himself and also relax with his mum, "To me, this trip really was very pleasant!"

Wang Mama who was travelling overseas for the first time felt very cheerful. Both mother and son admired the parade and fireworks show at the theme park. Even though there were fans who kept following them, asking for autographs and photos, nothing could reduce their high spirits. Da Dong said, next time he wants to take his mum to Thailand for a holiday, "There's beaches and sunshine, Mama will probably be very happy!"

Wow! 5 million debt...that's a lot of $$$. I'm glad he's got that load off his shoulder now. Have fun, Jiro and Jiro Mom!

March 10, 2009

Yiruma - Kiss The Rain

A masterpiece...definitely one of the best piano songs my ears have ever listened to. Extremely calm, soothing, and wonderful music.

Happy Birthday Kiwi

It's my green tea buddy's birthday today! Happy Birthday Kiwi!

March 08, 2009

The Weirdest Week in My Life

In one week, I experienced four seasons starting with a winter. Big snowstorm in the beginning of the week creating time for children to build snowmans who unfortunately melted away by the end of the week where the temperature reached 65 and people were walking around in t-shirts and shorts! Not only was the climate going crazy, so were my professors! They (except for English prof) all decide to give out tests in the same week. So I had math test, followed by a geology test, and finally, an urban studies midterm. How very nice of them! Hahaha! What a weird week!

Taiwan Drama: Starlit

Pics Credit to: AF Gallery, Terri-Mermaid Blog
Starlit Summary Credit: x-WISHFULthinking @ AF

Upcoming drama ‘Starlit’ uses piano and interwoven stars to tell a touching love story, starring Jerry Yan, Terri Kwan, Alice Tseng and Chen Zhi Kai. Aborbing international film experience and resources, combining international investment and filming and international marketing strategy, this drama has opened a new international window in terms of idol dramas.

Cheng Yue (played by Jerry Yan) and Rui Shan (played by Alice Tseng) are initially a high-profile golden couple in the music industry. However, due to an accident, it leads to a very different life! Leaving hometown to roam around the world.

2 years later, Cheng Yue arrives in Shanghai, and due to fate, he meets an important person that left 2 years ago – Dong Xiao Lu (played by Terri Kwan). The 2 become colleagues, and due to work interactions, they gradually establish a friendship. However, at this time, Rui Shan finally tracks down Cheng Yue. She tries her hardest to get Cheng Yue to return to the music world. However, Xiao Lu encourages him to face life with a postive attitude, and Cheng Yue realises that he is impacted by Xiao Lu’s kidness and enthusiasm. From being a person who has hit rock-bottom, wallowing in self-pity, he has re-ignited the passion in life.

Cheng Yue falls in love with Xiao Lu, but he is rejected by her, why?
Is their love fated to be a tragedy? Although they are not blessed, although they do not have a future, Cheng Yue still bravely loves Xiao Lu...

Thank goodness I stumbled upon this series! Otherwise, I'll be very bored with not enough dramas to watch. So far, I've watched up to episode 14 and I can't wait for the next two episodes! I never knew that Jerry Yan can be so charming. (I'm not part of the Meteor Garden drama fanclub; I didn't that show) Oh~and there's a cute little boy in there too who plays piano really well! If you get a chance, give this drama a chance and it will give you another angle to look at life.

March 05, 2009

S.H.E. Become Sexy Secret Agents To Sell Hamburgers; Fiercely Deny Rumors of Disbandment

S.H.E. Become Sexy Secret Agents To Sell Hamburgers; Fiercely Deny Rumors of Disbandment
Date: March 5, 2009
News Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews,
Translation Credit: tammiest @
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Continuing their red-hot popular "hot and sexy" look from 2008, S.H.E. once again transformed themselves into "sexy secret agents" to film a commercial for the fast-food restaurant chain for which they spokesmodel. This time, they donned black leather and each represented different things: "Spicy," "Hot," and "Enjoy." In the scene where they are each striving to obtain the hamburger, their agility and nimbleness are comparable to those of the stars in the Hollywood film Charlie's Angels!

When S.H.E., who had just finished enjoying a two-week vacation (for Chinese New Year), heard that they would be wearing skin-tight leather in the commercial, they immediately launched a "campaign" to lose weight. They gave up midnight snacking, ate only mild and lightly seasoned foods, and began jogging and swimming in their spare time-- all to appear beautiful before the camera! Selina's curves were revealed completely, and Ella showed off her sexy collarbone, while Hebe emphasized the lines of her shoulder and waist. The three girls daringly challenged their dressing "limits;" the results will make you gasp!

In order to fully cooperate with and express the plot of the commercial, S.H.E. very professionally ate nearly 20 hamburgers. They joked that they'd eaten enough for the whole day: "It's a good thing we worked hard to lose weight the past few days... so that we can eat lots of delicious hamburgers today. It's so satisfying!" Ever since S.H.E. visited India, they have learned to appreciate and cherish food even more. The commercial called for them to bite heartily into the hamburgers; Ella, who is very careful to cherish and value things, turned the hamburger around a bit after every bite. They could then use the same hamburger for many shots... instead of replacing it with a new one between every take.

A few days ago, the media reported that Hebe would be releasing a solo album; this triggered "panic" among S.H.E. fans. They began to worry that S.H.E. would disband. H.I.M. International indicated that, although it is true that they have been gathering and collecting songs for Hebe, S.H.E. would not disband. "We have always had our own different projects and plans, but it doesn't mean that S.H.E. will dissolve or disappear. We will always go on singing together. Even if, in the future, we get married or have children, S.H.E. will always be S.H.E.!"

S.H.E is by far the most tight knitted group I've seen so far. Like many people say, they're closer than blood sisters! Eight years since their debut and they're still going strong!

March 02, 2009

Celebrity Quirks & Phobias

Credit: francesca@AF News, AsiaOne

Who doesn't like to wear underwear, what is Jackie Chan's greatest fear and who doesn't like to bathe?

Pop commando: The Taiwanese Prince of Pop is well-known for 'going commando', i.e. not wearing underwear. The story goes that when he first started out, he liked to sleep at his company, and it was just inconvenient to wash them.

Haha~I remember S.H.E. talking about this when they were interviewing him!

Rodent revulsion: Andy Lau may play macho heroes on screen, but he runs at the sight of rats. When filming in a rat-infested alley, he set off fireworks to scare the rodents everyday.

AHHHH~me too! They are scary looking!

Bugs bug him: Stephen Chow once called the cockroach "Xiao Qiang" affectionately in a movie, but he is terrified of the creepy-crawly and would ask others to remove them whenever he saw one.

AHH~I'm scared of roaches and bugs too! Except for fireflies! I like fireflies but the other flies are annoying. They keep flying around making buzz buzz noise!

No to needles: Despite suffering all kinds of injuries while filming, Jackie Chan has a phobia of injections. He once ran out of a Switzerland hospital upon learning that he had to take a flu shot.


Shy guy: Heavenly king Jacky Cheung has a horror of filming intimate scenes in the bedroom. He once requested a pillow be placed between him and the actress before they started filming.


Knuckle cruncher: Singapore singer Stephanie Sun reputedly has to crack her knuckles both for her hands and feet 30 times before bed

Cracking knuckles are bad for you, aren't they? But holy moly, cracking them 30 times before bed...yikes!

Nail fixation: Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai 'feels ugly' if her nails are not painted, and once tucked her toes under as she walked so that no one could see her unpainted toe nails.

............ i sense some insecurity here......

Hygiene freak: Taiwanese idol Show Luo, also known as Alan Luo or "Piggy" pees sitting down as he doesn't want to dirty the toilet seat with reckless aiming.

Hahahahahaa! Reckless aiming...fair enough.

Scaredy S.H.E: Selina of Taiwanese pop group S.H.E is afraid of the dark, and refuses to sleep alone in hotels.

I use to be scared of the dark too but not anymore cuz I stopped watching scary movies...hahahahahaa!

Sleepy S.H.E: Hebe also of S.H.E is so often late that production assistants would wait for her at her house to make sure she is on time for shoots.

HAHAHAHAHAA~ sleepy head~hebe~hahahaa!

Thorny diva: Chinese actress Carina Lau can't stand durians. She once threw away all the food in her fridge because she could not stand the smell after her father left a box of durians in it.

There was a time when I didn't know of the existence of durians. I always thought they were pineapples. Hahahaaa~

Dirty Nicky: Hong Kong bad boy Nicholas Tse was (in)famous for not washing his hair or bathing regularly and once suffered an eye infection because his unwashed hair got into his eyes. Luckily his personal hygiene has improved after marriage.

Whoa! You could eye infection from poor hygiene!

Raymond Lam-值得流泪

Thanks avobath for this video!

I am drowning myself in this song! You must listen to this song! Like all of Raymond's other songs, this song is full of passion. I love it! This guy's voice is really relaxing. After I heard this song, I felt that I was sitting at a pavilion, drinking tea.

March 01, 2009

Treasuring Pi Li MIT

I love this show! GuiLun, I love you guys too! Hahahaa! As usual, I feel sad because this mysterious drama ended. But I'm happy too because GuiLun is getting a new series, Tao Hua Ai Wu Di! YES, ITS CONFIRMED!

What Pi Li Mit will do to you:
  • Gui Gui's acting will make your eyes pop.
  • GuiLun moments will knock you off your chair.
  • Arron will enter your dream after you watch an episode.
  • Your favorite day will be Friday cuz that's when Pi Li MIT airs
  • You will rewatch the scene where Arron plays piano at least 5 times
  • You will go to youtube and search up GuiLun videos
  • You patiently wait for Arron to reunite with Gui Gui on HSHMM
  • Because you don't have enough money to buy Pi Li Mit novel, you will feel that money is an evil thing.
Hahahaa! Enough joking! GuiLun is definitely the main attraction in this show but because they're the main attraction, the real meaning of the show is hidden. This drama does not revolve around GuiLun but rather the school. GuiLun is just a sweetener to make this show more enjoyable. This drama is shown from the student's point of view and the intended audience are parents and school administrators.

I don't know how the school system in Taiwan works but this show seems to be criticizing that. The school in Pi Li Mit ranks its students and divide them into two lists: the white list and black list. The white list contains the obedient, the talented, and the intelligent kids. This list defines the "ideal student". On polar opposite, is the black list where all the other kids that don't fit on the white list go. They are the "invisible" bunch, the ignored army left to defend for itself. Luckily, Teacher Cherry established Pi Li Mit and one of her purpose of reestablishing this legendary team is to give a voice to students on the black list. Because when there's a crime, students on the black list are accused of it.

If I'm not mistaken, most of the students receiving the game CD and executing the "perfect crime" are on the white list. Even the so called mastermind behind the games, Lu Ke Ying, is from the white list. This is weird. Why are these students who are doing so well in school running around committing crime?

Remember the first game executer? She harmed two students because she didn't think they deserve to have a higher grade than her. GRADES! Students are hurting each other over numbers! What has school turn into?!?! School is a place where knowledge is exchanged and friends are made. Sadly, this is not true anymore. School has become a place where numbers(grade) are everything. Nobody cares if you get the material or not! As long as you high scores on exams, you can do anything. And why are students so worried about their grades? Because of their parents.

It turns out that parents are the main target of this drama. Parents pressue their kids to have high grades on tests. While they may have good intentions, they tend to forget about whether the kid actually learned anything. Life isn't about taking tests and having high grades. Nobody is going to look at your report card from elementary school or high school after you start working.

In Lu Ke Ying's case, his parents' irresponsibility led to his deep hatred of them. Lu Ke Ying and Tian Mo Xing are twins. Their mother is Teacher Angel and their father is the Principle but the Principle doesn't know of their existence until the end of the drama. Lu Ke Ying and Tian Mo Xing were separated a few weeks after they were born. They met each other for the first time since their birth a year before 007 entered their school. One year ago, after they uncovered the truth, Lu Ke Ying began to plan revenge on their parents.

Lu Ke Ying: I always thought that I only wanted to test you guys, see if you guys really loved us. But once i discovered that i can't stop, when I didn't want to stop these games, I realized the problem is within me. I can't forgive you. Because I can't bring myself to love you guys anymore. Ma, when I was young, I really loved you, I studied hard to learn to make a beautiful shoe tie. Worked hard to get 100s on tests. I held in my pain of not having a father because I wanted you to compliment me. I would feel very happy. Very happy. But I don't know when it happened, my heart was filled with hatred. I really want to love you but I can't...This is the best birthday. The first time we celebrated as a family. I will forever be in this dream and never wake up.

Do you feel the pain, the anguish, the hopelessness in his voice? All he ever wanted was a family full of love. In reality though, he realized that he was in a world of lies. His so called mother whom he loved, lied to him about his father and his twin sister. If you also noticed that throughout the drama, Teacher Angel would only show concern for her son when his life was threatened. She's the exact opposite of her daughter, Tian Mo Xing. While Tian Mo Xing is not afraid to declare her love, Teacher Angel hides her love for her son deep inside. She doesn't show her true emotions 95% of the time. The 5% is at the very end at the dinner table with Ke Ying revealing everything.

Lessons from this drama
  • Get rid of the ranking system because it creates unnecessary jealousy among the students.
  • Schools need to place more emphasis on learning and not tests and grades
  • Parents need to stop yelling at their kids for getting Bs instead of As!
  • Parents should compliment their kids because this is a sign of encouragement but don't overcompliment otherwise their kids will think everything they do is right.
  • A child without love is like a night sky with no moon.
  • Trust your fortune cookies! This one's for TMX and 007!