December 06, 2009

Tavia Yeung's double award stirs up Fan's war of words online

Saturday December 5, 2009
Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

"Yiu Gum Ling" Tavia Yeung and "Lau Sam Ho" Charmaine Sheh were both enemies in , after the series finished airing, the battle still did not end. Tavia won two awards at the TVB Anniversary Awards and became the big winner out of the Fadans. Charmaine only left empty-handed and because of this Charmaine's fans started a war of words with Tavia's fans!

After winning the awards, Tavia's fans brought flowers, champagne and posters written "unlimited light, extraordinary strength" to support her. Tavia had 20+ more fans than the "TV Queen" Sheren Tang at the scene. Yesterday many Netizens were online at the TVB forums leaving messages that they felt sorry for the Charmaine who "ate white fruit" (no reward), saying that because TVB wanted to boost Tavia, they "sacrificed" Charmaine and "Sam Ho" - being good person has no good payoff. Tavia although depended on her evil role "Yiu Gum Ling" to get both awards, but it was said that her acting was too exaggerated that makes people annoyed. When mentioning that "evil" stole the "good results", fans felt that was very wrong.

At her celebration, Tavia responded to Netizen's criticisms about her role being annoying: "I believe that Netizens don't hate Tavia Yeung, they're only disappointed that didn't get as many awards. It is a good thing to have competition, if I could win with Sam Ho (Charmaine) I would be even more happy! (It was rumored that the Best Performance Award was a consolation award?) This award is the most encouraging thing since the 11 years I've been in the industry. It provides my success and efforts. (Charmaine "ate white fruit"?) I already consider that she won the award with me. There is only one award, this year I get it, next year it's hers!"

Charmaine accepted a telephone interview and responded: "I haven't noticed the incident (fans war or words), but I thank their support. My only complaint was that Tavia and I clearly said that we'll kiss on the lips beforehand, but at the time she was too emotional that her face was off to the side!"

Also, the cast of including Tavia, Charmaine and Moses felt disappointed and pity that the series didn't get Best Series Award. The producer Miu Siu Ching is thankful of the artistes support and felt that losing to senior Lee Tim Sing is nothing uncomfortable. As had the highest ratings of 50 points, she felt that it was already a good enough result.

Congratssss Tavia!!! Double Win!!! On the other hand, looks like some people have fallen deep in love with Beyond! Good people, no good payoff...that's so not cool to say. There are plenty of "good people" in TVB shows, I don't see them crying over all those "good people". Charmaine does a great portrayal of Lau Sam Ho but this role is limited to the 2D world. Tavia's performance as Yiu Kam Ling falls short towards the end but it's her first time trying such a role and she did a pretty good job with it! I especially like her ancient style of laughing~ hahahahahaa!

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