December 19, 2009

Princess for a night: Fahrenheit serenades lucky fan

WHILE other fans madly waved their Fahrenheit memorabilia, umbrellas and Chanel bags for a shot at getting up close to their idols, these girls had a better idea.

Students Rhonda Tan and Charissa Cho decided to whip out their hospitality course textbook and workbook, hoping the compere onstage would pick them out from the 1,500-strong crowd.

Lo and behold, it worked.

The title of the books?

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, a popular self-help book.

But Rhonda, 20, and Charissa, 21, gave up their chance to rub shoulders with the hotties from the Taiwanese boyband - comprising Wu Chun, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang - and pushed their classmate Sabrin Yong, 25, forward instead.

They said that they knew Sabrin had the most knowledge about the boys and would stand the best chance in the games that were to be played on stage.

Fahrenheit - Taiwan's hottest boyband since their debut three years ago and famous for bubblegum pop ballads like Love's Arrived and Ten Thousand Joys - was in town on Wednesday for the Sony Ericsson showcase at St James Power Station's Powerhouse.

As her friends had hoped, out of the 32 people who were picked to go onstage, Aaron fan Sabrin ended up being the last girl standing from the three rounds of elimination-style games played.

In the last round, the contestants were asked questions about the band.

Sabrin was the only one who could answer the question - What was Aaron's first drama series? - that baffled the rest.

The answer? I Love My Wife.

Sabrin won a Sony Ericsson handphone, the title of Princess, and was serenaded and hugged by the quartet.

The icing on the cake was when Aaron pretended to steal her prize and walk off stage with it.

Sabrin gestured that she didn't mind and wanted him to have the handphone, to laughter from the crowd.

Back on stage, Aaron bumped into her accidentally then told her 'I'm sorry, Princess', causing the rest of the green-eyed fans to scream in envy.

In shock

Sabrin told The New Paper: 'This is the first time I'm meeting them in person so it's really surreal.

'I was in shock most of the time. And to think that the first thing I said to Aaron was 'Please take good care of yourself'.'

Aaron, 24 was unwell. Still, meeting him was a dream come true for Sabrin, who queued only an hour before the performance .

Other fans, however, had started queuing since noon the day before the showcase. Some also braved the rain to be the first to get to the front of the stage.

Jiro, 28, told The New Paper: 'We are very touched and appreciate all the support, but we really do not encourage fans to queue overnight and stay in the rain just to see us.

'It will affect their health and make their parents worry.'

However, the boys admit to having gone to great lengths for their own idols - safely, of course.

Wu Chun had flown to the US to watch basketball legend Michael Jordon in action and had taken a picture with him.

Jiro, a fan of Japanese rock bands, had also flown to Japan for their concerts.

Valuable memories

Said Wu Chun, 30: 'Looking back, I do not regret doing it because I think we were all young once. It's these memories that are very valuable to me now.'

The boys also added that they would rather their fans donate to charities in their name than buy them gifts as supporting their albums and concerts is 'more than enough'.

Their surprising wish?

Said Calvin, 29: 'That our fans would not view us as just idols with good looks, but as talented artistes who have what it takes to survive in the industry.'

But aren't pretty boy looks part of any successful boyband formula?

Wu Chun revealed that if he had his way, he would want to try a square top or shave his head bald to look more manly.

But the boys said there are restrictions when they have to have a 'certain look' for a television series or movie.

Some netizens have said that Jiro is more beautiful than some women.

In response, he said: ' I take it as a compliment. But we do take care of ourselves, and go through the normal regime like cleansing, moisturising and using facial masks.'

Career-wise, they confessed that they see themselves in showbiz till they're 50 and older.

Wu Chun said the only regret he has is that his late mother isn't around to share his 'achievements and joy'.

Oh. My. Oh. My. What. A. Lucky. Princess!!! She has two awesome friends!!! And congrats to her dream come true moment on stage!!! Take care, Arron~

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  1. Wow those girls are smart haha. And hey, I have that book xD

    "Back on stage, Aaron bumped into her accidentally then told her 'I'm sorry, Princess', causing the rest of the green-eyed fans to scream in envy."