December 31, 2009

Joe Chen Qiao En fainted when filming raining scene in cold weather

Source: China Times
Translation by minivicki @

Joe Chen went to China to film drama "Lan Se Jia Qi (藍色佳期)" and had to film a scene in the rain when the weather was 3 degree Celsius cold. She fainted after filming that scene. Joe exaggeratedly expressed that "The fever was so high that my eyelids could be used to fry an egg."

As for her rumored boyfriend Roy Chiu Ze, his flu dragged too long and developed into pneumonia. He was even suspected to have caught H1N1 for a while and was sent into quarantine room. The two thus were both sick.

Before taking on this drama, Joe had read the novel at least twice. The character was different from her ugly duckling turn swan characters in the past. Thus, even though she had to act with Roy Chiu again and there were possibilities of the focus being diverted from the drama, Joe still insisted on acting. All her crying scenes were real as she will get very engrossed in her acting and even the coworkers, no matter male or female, would end up crying with her. When it came to the romance scenes between Roy and her, the acting was so natural and real that even those who didn't know of their rumors together couldn't help whispering and asking "Are the two a couple?"

Joe and Jungiery Star's contract will end this month. Earlier on, the management company requested for her to support their new boyband at their event but she didn't go. She was thus accused of being ungrateful. There has been rumors of her taking away coworkers from J-Star too and this has greatly affected her mood. She declines answering to related questions though and wrote on her blog "No matter how cold the weather is, it can't beat the coldness in the heart."

Oh no~~~ She faintedddd!!! And they're both sick!!! Hope they both get better soon!!! Gosh~ everyone's getting sick these days. Keep warm, people!!!

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  1. omgosh =(
    hope they will be better soon.
    God will give them health.