December 13, 2009

Ding Dang and Xiu Jie Kai in an ambiguous relationship

original source: UDN
translated by minchong92 @

Ding Dang & Xiu Jie Kai’s onscreen romance becomes reality? After filming as a couple for Ding Dang’s MV “I Love Him” that was also the opening song for Autumn’s Concerto, the MV has gone to the top of KTV charts. Yesterday, Ding Ding released the 2nd version of her album. Xiu Jie Kai, who cheated on Ding Dang in the MV, went to her event to specially “seek forgiveness” for his wrongdoing. On stage, he presented her with red roses. Under the encouragement of the press, he kissed her on the cheek. Ding Dang was so shy that she could not face him directly.

Ding Ding and Xiu Jie Kai have started an ambiguous relationship with each other. Privately, they meet together to eat. Work colleagues joked that Ding Dang has an Aries personality of being very direct; it is only when she is with Xiu Jie Kai that she will become a warm woman. Ding Dang did not deny that she admires males like Xiu Jie Kai who have talent. She is attracted by their mysterious, but mature aura. And Xiu Jie Kai praised Ding Dang’s vocal skills. The two cannot cover up their likings for each other. Recently, Xiu Jie Kai joined the cast of K.O 3an Guo. Ding Ding was not afraid of rumors arising from her statement; she happily said that she wished to visit Xiu Jie Kai during filming.

Christmas is almost here so Ding Dang made a wish, hoping that she would be able to have a romantic dinner with the lover in her dreams. Unfortunately, her entire work schedule is full. On the night of the 25th, she has to fly to Shanghai to perform. Ding Ding, who is currently single, sighed that she had no time to find a boyfriend. She could only express hope that a man could come and pursue her, hinting to Xiu Jie Kai that he has a chance.

Xie Jie Kai!!! He was soo cool in Black n White and sooo charming in Easy Fortune Happy Life!!! And Ding Dang, really like her music in Autumn's Concertooo!!! Hahaha, Autumn's Concerto became a matchmaker~

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