December 30, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Future Previews

Lawyer: This is Pandora's Box, it will change a lot of things. You decided whether you want to open this or not.

Guang Xi: Seeing Yi Qian and I get marry in this church, how do you feel?


Guang Xi Mu Cheng! Guang Xi Mu Cheng! Guang Xi Mu Cheng!

Xiao Le and his grandmother. Please Please Please let them all meet at the next station of happiness! Don't let him...go...


  1. first of all, episode 13 rocked my socks....and second of all, episdoe 14 is going to rock my socks even more!!!
    cant cant cant wait for guang xi to find out the truth...
    the new preview with mu cheng and guang xi by the pool reminds me so much of "prince turned into frog" beautiful!
    by the way, celsius, do you know how to read chinese? if you do, you can read some episode reviews for autumn's concerto at this person's blog:
    i quite like the way she analyzes the episodes...makes me appreciate AC that much more!

  2. yo~ same here! episode 13 totally gave me enough energy to jump buildings, hahaha! The buildup of emotion surpasses that of Moonlight Resonance AND Heart of Greed.

    OOO~nice catch about pool scene in PTIF! The pool there is really really beautiful. Haha~ my favorite scene in PTIF happened to be that pool scene where MingDao spreads his arms and stands at the end of the pool, preparing to fall backwards. Awesome~

    And omgosh! Thanks for that site~ (I can somewhat read Chinese) that blogger has very very insightful views on AC, I like it too! I was reading that article about GX's subtle jealousy. And wow~ it was a very interesting article, I like how she says smtg along the lines of how GX has YQ so he's not suppose to be jealous of MC but he ends up being jealous anyway. Very Very analytical article.

    I've bookmarked that site~! DAAAA! I've been deeply poisioned by this show~ but I don't mind! HAHAHAHAAA~!

  3. do any of you know the name of guang xi's mother?

  4. Liu Rui Qi is her name.

    In the drama, her name is Fang De Rong.