December 06, 2009

Arron Yan did not take away the presents given by fans, causing a protest

Source China Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ Asianfanatics

The bold fans of Fahrenheit's Arron Yan, have been camping out all night below his flat, causing disturbance amongst his neighbors making him apologize constantly. Previously when it was his birthday it just so happened he was working in China, when he checked out, fans broke into the his room and found that he did not take away all the presents. On the internet fans protested, regarding this Arron believed this was violating his privacy and was even a little angry.

The extreme fans of Fahrenheit have always been following them crazily, constantly following them back home. When Arron moved houses in July, fans also followed him to his new house, especially more than 10 female fans from overseas, who did not book hotels and just gathered under his flat. Disturbing all the neighbors resulting in complaints. He had repeatedly asked them not to, but with no effect, he even got to the stage where he got angry but the fans still continued on, causing him and his family to apologize to neighbors when they met.

The China fans, after he had checked out, entered into his room, he believes this is violation of his privacy, "I hope fans can give me a little more respect" and he also explained on his blog, during the 10 day schedule, he had 3 big suitcases with one empty suitcase to especially put all the presents in, but it wouldn't fit. He did emphasize that he took away all the letters and cards and he will definitely read them all.

Maybe next time they could be a bit smarter and help poor Arron out by sending the packages and gifts to his house or company. Barging into people's room and searching their garbage makes you no different from those paparazzis. If you are a true fan, you would respect him, you would do your best to not give him trouble, and lastly you will give him your greatest support. By greatest support, that does not mean camping outside his house and bothering him. He needs rest time too, he needs privacy, he needs space. He's human, afterall.

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