December 31, 2009

My Last Post

My Last Post for 2009. It's the end of 2009 already. 364.8 days have passed but it sure doesn't feel like it at all. Time flies when you don't keep your eye on it.

The last sunset of 2009 was not visible due to cloudy skies.
The last drama I watch in 2009 is episode 1 of A Watchdog's Tale.
The last thing I ate in 2009 was white rice. Yummy~
The last thing photo I took in 2009 was of my background.
And this is my last post of 2009.

HAPPY NEW YEARRR!!! WOOO!!! *explode firecrackers*

Dancing King 哥

Credit: fannyloveshow3

Ohhhh~ handsomeee! He's bursting with energy and confidence and the outcome is mesmerizing~ By the way, this is one of the fast songs in Hi My Sweetheart~ It's called Qing Chun Dou, but you might know it by another name, Tick Tock by Rainie Yang~

Flower Boy's Confession Maplestory Version

Credit: babyxblue621

HAHAHA! This is brilliant! Combining Maple Story and Autumn's Concerto!

Who can forget spending hours in front of the computer killing mushrooms and snails. And slimes.

And who is not touched by Tuo Ye's confession~ wooo~

After watching the nth time, I'm still amazed at how close the hair style of the Maplestory characters resemble the real Mu Cheng and Tuo Ye~

Joe Chen Qiao En fainted when filming raining scene in cold weather

Source: China Times
Translation by minivicki @

Joe Chen went to China to film drama "Lan Se Jia Qi (藍色佳期)" and had to film a scene in the rain when the weather was 3 degree Celsius cold. She fainted after filming that scene. Joe exaggeratedly expressed that "The fever was so high that my eyelids could be used to fry an egg."

As for her rumored boyfriend Roy Chiu Ze, his flu dragged too long and developed into pneumonia. He was even suspected to have caught H1N1 for a while and was sent into quarantine room. The two thus were both sick.

Before taking on this drama, Joe had read the novel at least twice. The character was different from her ugly duckling turn swan characters in the past. Thus, even though she had to act with Roy Chiu again and there were possibilities of the focus being diverted from the drama, Joe still insisted on acting. All her crying scenes were real as she will get very engrossed in her acting and even the coworkers, no matter male or female, would end up crying with her. When it came to the romance scenes between Roy and her, the acting was so natural and real that even those who didn't know of their rumors together couldn't help whispering and asking "Are the two a couple?"

Joe and Jungiery Star's contract will end this month. Earlier on, the management company requested for her to support their new boyband at their event but she didn't go. She was thus accused of being ungrateful. There has been rumors of her taking away coworkers from J-Star too and this has greatly affected her mood. She declines answering to related questions though and wrote on her blog "No matter how cold the weather is, it can't beat the coldness in the heart."

Oh no~~~ She faintedddd!!! And they're both sick!!! Hope they both get better soon!!! Gosh~ everyone's getting sick these days. Keep warm, people!!!

December 30, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Future Previews

Lawyer: This is Pandora's Box, it will change a lot of things. You decided whether you want to open this or not.

Guang Xi: Seeing Yi Qian and I get marry in this church, how do you feel?


Guang Xi Mu Cheng! Guang Xi Mu Cheng! Guang Xi Mu Cheng!

Xiao Le and his grandmother. Please Please Please let them all meet at the next station of happiness! Don't let him...go...

December 29, 2009

A Very Warm Voice

Credit: walterboy2004

WOW! His voice sounds like a girl and he sings soo welll and he's ONLY 11~ I wish they would have sung longer cuz this is too shoorttt. Hahahaha~ awww, he didn't take flowers from Yun Jing~

Credit: SuperMiu12


Autumn's Concerto Meets Fated To Love You

Xiao Le was an accident that happened after I left Guang Xi and came to this village.

Every baby is brought hand in hand by the heavens to this world. And not a SINGLE one is an accident!

Ping Guan - 我以为 Wo Yi Wei

Credit: latacious88@youtube

Autumn's Concerto Insert Song. Most recent play was in episode 13 when Tuo Ye confessed to Mu Cheng. This is Tuo Ye's song~ so sadddd~

December 28, 2009

Rainie Yang - 匿名的好友 Anonymous Friend

Credit: pshen335584@youtube

Another hit song from the drama, Hi My Sweetheart~ sung by Rainie (I SAW HER AT SHOW'S CONCERT, WISH SHE HAD SANG THIS SONG~)

December 26, 2009

Guang Xi's Lucky Bracelet

At first, it doesn't look very attractive. But as you watch Autumn's Concerto, you will discover its inner beauty.



December 25, 2009

Being an actor/actress is not that easyyy

Credit: lixjie@youtube

It hurts to see them suffer so much.

Their determination to continue acting despite injuries is very admirable.

Hard work pays off in the end.

Autumn's Concerto. In your Heart. Remember to watch this Sunday.

Episode 13.

Guang Xi or Tuo Ye

Credit: SETTV@youtube

Hua Tuo Ye: Six years ago, I already decided that you're the girl I want to be with. I don't want to let go of your hand again. I don't want to see you suffer. Please let me be the one by your side, to protect you, to take care of you and Xiao Le. *hug*

whips out a flower and starts counting petals*

Guang Xi? Flower Boy?
Guang Xi? Flower Boy?
Guang Xi? Flower Boy?

Answer: Guang Xi.

In this show, Autumn's Concerto, Guang Xi is Mu Cheng's hero, and you, Tuo Ye, are the audience's hero. You are always there at the right time, right place. You saved our Mu Cheng and Guang Xi from the hockey fiends, you saved Mu Cheng's innocence, you gave shelter to Mu Cheng and Xiao Le, you saved Bing Jai, you saved Hua Tian Village, you are a hero.

But dui bu qi, Tuo Ye. I can't support you and Mu Cheng and Xiao Le.

The bond between Guang Xi, Mu Cheng, and Xiao Le is irreplaceable,irreplicable, and unbreakable.

Sorry, Flower Boy.



Credit: XIN612@youtube

Zhang Yun Jing during her Super Idol competition days~ Woo~

HAHAHA~ The two teachers towards the end sang a very funny yet romantic version of the same song! The girl teacher was cracking up~ She's like the gaze between the two teachers is a little complicated! Hahahahahaa~

The Story of Three Little Pigs Gone Wrong...Very Wrong

credit: Santaaaaaa~

Thought it'll be nice to bring this back since it's Xmas~ hehe~

December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Have a good one, everyone! Enjoy your vacation and the freezing cold weather! Brrrr!

December 22, 2009

Fahrenheit’s Aaron Yan attends fan-meeting despite ear illness

Unwilling to disappoint fans, Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit decided to go ahead and attend the fan-meeting session despite his ear infection

Source: Mediacorp TV

When one of your fans apparently blew S$700 on a mobile phone handset just to get her own hands on tickets to your exclusive event, you just gotta show up no matter at what cost, even if a ear infection is troubling you.

That’s what Aaron Yan, one quarter of Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit, did at their music showcase last week at St James Power Station, jointly organized by Sony Ericsson and M1. Tickets to the exclusive event were only available by purchasing a handset by the phonemaker. Obviously that didn’t deterred fangirls who willingly splurged for an opportunity to cozy up with their idols.

The four lads made their appearance at 8.30pm and crooned their popular radio hits such as ‘New Home’ and ‘Ai Dao’ because they knew that local fans adored them.

It was revealed that while the band was busy with their concert preparations in Hangzhou, Aaron’s ear became infected (Meniere’s Disease) due to the change in climate and sudden temperature drop.

The 24-year-old was still on intravenous therapy when they landed in Singapore last Tuesday. He did not attend a radio interview, but being the professional that he was, decided to attend the fan-meeting session afterwards to not disappoint them.

During the fan session, the boys looked back on their activities of 2009, and poignantly said, “Holding a concert world tour this year makes it feel particularly meaningful. We are thankful to the local fans for being really concerned about our activities although we have not been visiting Singapore.”

The quartet then pinky-promised fans that they’ll return and visit Singapore again next year.

WATTT!!! Why are they always getting ill?!?!?! Now Arron's got Meniere's too?!?! That's not cool! Get some rest, dude!!! And Calvin too!!!

December 20, 2009

Rainie Yang - 雨愛 Rainie Love

Credit: urasiansourceCpop@youtube

Chinese Lyrics from urasiansourceCpop
窗外的天氣 就像是 你多變的表情
下雨了 雨陪我哭泣 看不清 我也不想看清

離開你 我安靜的抽離 不忍揭曉的劇情
我的淚流在心裡 學會放棄

聽雨的聲音 一滴滴清晰
讓想念繼續 讓愛變透明
我愛上給我勇氣的 Rainie Love

窗外的雨滴 一滴滴累積
雨愛的秘密 能一直延續
我相信我將會看到 彩虹的美麗

冷冷的空氣 很窒息 我無法呼吸
一萬顆 雨滴的距離 很徹底 讓愛消失無息

離開你 我安靜的抽離 不忍揭曉的劇情
我的淚流在心裡 學會放棄

聽雨的聲音 一滴滴清晰
讓想念繼續 讓愛變透明
我愛上給我勇氣的 Rainie Love

窗外的雨滴 一滴滴累積
雨愛的秘密 能一直延續
我相信我將會看到 彩虹的美麗

我相信我將會看到 彩虹的美麗

For those of you who are also watching HMS(Hi My Sweetheart!), this is the complete ending themesong by Rainie! Woo! Finally get to hear the full version!!! LOVEEE ITTT!!! Can't wait to listen to the full versions of all the other songs in HMS too! HMS has so many awesome songs by Rainie and Show! My new mission is to find all the songs in HMS! YAYAYAYAYAA! Sometimes I think HMS and AC are very similar, so similar that I dare say HMS is a younger, funnier version of AC and AC is a more mature, serious version of HMS. It's a good thing these two dramas aired around the same the time, otherwise, there might be an all out war between HMS fans and AC fans over the issue of similar storyline.

December 19, 2009

Princess for a night: Fahrenheit serenades lucky fan

WHILE other fans madly waved their Fahrenheit memorabilia, umbrellas and Chanel bags for a shot at getting up close to their idols, these girls had a better idea.

Students Rhonda Tan and Charissa Cho decided to whip out their hospitality course textbook and workbook, hoping the compere onstage would pick them out from the 1,500-strong crowd.

Lo and behold, it worked.

The title of the books?

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, a popular self-help book.

But Rhonda, 20, and Charissa, 21, gave up their chance to rub shoulders with the hotties from the Taiwanese boyband - comprising Wu Chun, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang - and pushed their classmate Sabrin Yong, 25, forward instead.

They said that they knew Sabrin had the most knowledge about the boys and would stand the best chance in the games that were to be played on stage.

Fahrenheit - Taiwan's hottest boyband since their debut three years ago and famous for bubblegum pop ballads like Love's Arrived and Ten Thousand Joys - was in town on Wednesday for the Sony Ericsson showcase at St James Power Station's Powerhouse.

As her friends had hoped, out of the 32 people who were picked to go onstage, Aaron fan Sabrin ended up being the last girl standing from the three rounds of elimination-style games played.

In the last round, the contestants were asked questions about the band.

Sabrin was the only one who could answer the question - What was Aaron's first drama series? - that baffled the rest.

The answer? I Love My Wife.

Sabrin won a Sony Ericsson handphone, the title of Princess, and was serenaded and hugged by the quartet.

The icing on the cake was when Aaron pretended to steal her prize and walk off stage with it.

Sabrin gestured that she didn't mind and wanted him to have the handphone, to laughter from the crowd.

Back on stage, Aaron bumped into her accidentally then told her 'I'm sorry, Princess', causing the rest of the green-eyed fans to scream in envy.

In shock

Sabrin told The New Paper: 'This is the first time I'm meeting them in person so it's really surreal.

'I was in shock most of the time. And to think that the first thing I said to Aaron was 'Please take good care of yourself'.'

Aaron, 24 was unwell. Still, meeting him was a dream come true for Sabrin, who queued only an hour before the performance .

Other fans, however, had started queuing since noon the day before the showcase. Some also braved the rain to be the first to get to the front of the stage.

Jiro, 28, told The New Paper: 'We are very touched and appreciate all the support, but we really do not encourage fans to queue overnight and stay in the rain just to see us.

'It will affect their health and make their parents worry.'

However, the boys admit to having gone to great lengths for their own idols - safely, of course.

Wu Chun had flown to the US to watch basketball legend Michael Jordon in action and had taken a picture with him.

Jiro, a fan of Japanese rock bands, had also flown to Japan for their concerts.

Valuable memories

Said Wu Chun, 30: 'Looking back, I do not regret doing it because I think we were all young once. It's these memories that are very valuable to me now.'

The boys also added that they would rather their fans donate to charities in their name than buy them gifts as supporting their albums and concerts is 'more than enough'.

Their surprising wish?

Said Calvin, 29: 'That our fans would not view us as just idols with good looks, but as talented artistes who have what it takes to survive in the industry.'

But aren't pretty boy looks part of any successful boyband formula?

Wu Chun revealed that if he had his way, he would want to try a square top or shave his head bald to look more manly.

But the boys said there are restrictions when they have to have a 'certain look' for a television series or movie.

Some netizens have said that Jiro is more beautiful than some women.

In response, he said: ' I take it as a compliment. But we do take care of ourselves, and go through the normal regime like cleansing, moisturising and using facial masks.'

Career-wise, they confessed that they see themselves in showbiz till they're 50 and older.

Wu Chun said the only regret he has is that his late mother isn't around to share his 'achievements and joy'.

Oh. My. Oh. My. What. A. Lucky. Princess!!! She has two awesome friends!!! And congrats to her dream come true moment on stage!!! Take care, Arron~

December 18, 2009

Coffee Tea or Me

Credit as tagged

Camera: What do you think of her new look?
Van Ness: Very pretty!
Ady: Which part looks the best?
Ady: How can he not see it!
Van Ness: (points to her scarf) I think this looks pretty special.
Ady: He doesn't dare say it!
Van Ness: Her sudden transformation makes me want to eat peanuts.
Ady: Peanuts, why?
Van Ness: Peanut Bag (Camera: Oh~ flight lady). When you go on planes, don't they always give you a bag of peanuts? (HAHAHAA!)
Ady: Coffee Tea or Me???


Ady An slaps Anson Hu in the face

Source : UDN
Credit : fufu @

After “Unemployment Love Song”, Anson Hu films his next release,” 空位” (Emptiness). This time, he invites Ady An to star in the MV, where Ady explains, “Actually, I agreed to act in the MV just because I can slap him. A lot of people asked me to hit him.” The two of them first met in China and became good friends. In fact, it was Ady An who introduced Linda to Anson, who is now his rumored girlfriend. When Ady and Anson arrived at the MV filming location, which was a motel, they made fun of each other’s love rumors.

In the MV, Ady and Anson act as a couple that has broken up. Ady has to slap him according to the script. Ady, taking an angle, pretended to slap Anson 20 times, but Director was only satisfied when Ady slapped Anson for real, where Anson responded with a threatening expression, “You’re done for! I will remember who hit me for the first time.” Luckily, Anson was only joking with Ady.

Anson will also be performing at a mini concert on the 18th with Cyndi Wang.

Hahahaha! She looks like she enjoys slapping him and he looks like he enjoys getting slapped by her~ jkjk~

December 13, 2009

Wu Zun rebelled, shaved his head to be more 'man'; Calvin had Meniere's disease

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: ling gan @

Wu Zun's handsome and elegant face has become the rage of many women, but he himself dislikes his face that's too elegant, as he hopes he can have a crew-cut hairstyle just like Stanley Huang to look more 'man', and he said: "Maybe it would be even better if I'm bald, as it could be very interesting."

Wu Zun dreamed of being bald to play a villain role
The other day Fahrenheit went to Shanghai to attend the MTV Awards 2009, and Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, and Calvin Chen met Stanley Huang backstage, and all four of them told him that they really admire his sexy, cool outward appearance. Stanley also has a vigorous and graceful body, thus the well-built Wu Zun even analyzed it seriously, he laughingly expressed: "Looking from his build, he's more of like a Japanese stylish guy, while I'm the Euramerican version one!"

But the thing that attracts Wu Zun the most is Stanley's crew-cut hairstyle, as he thinks that a guy with great body and crew-cut hair is interesting. He frankly expressed that he also wants to try being bald, he said: "I think I won't look that cool and cute anymore if I'm bald." As long as he can appear to be more 'man, Wu Zun is more than willing to shave his head. He even hopes to star in a cop-and-robber movie as a villain to surprise everyone!

Calvin Chen was dizzy and lethargic
While Wu Zun shaved his head, Fahrenheit's other member, Calvin Chen recently was having brain fever and became lethargic. When he woke up on the day before the performance at Shanghai, Calvin was cold sweating, dizzy, and vomiting, thus he was rushed to the hospital to get an injection to stop his vomiting. After being examined by the doctor, it's known that he suffered from Meniere's disease. It could be caused by having too much pressure, insufficient sleep, so the inner ear's lymphatic secretion became imbalanced.

Last year in the middle of an autograph session, Calvin felt that his surroundings were turning so hard, and he couldn't even stand up, so he was rushed into the ICU. But he took it lightly, as he continued to work and work, and he only had the time to see the doctor when he's back in Taiwan when he found out that he suffered from the disease. Doctor said that this disease cannot be healed at once, as Calvin has to relax and have a good rest, and he even amusingly expressed: "I was also shocked by this, but I have to finish my work." Nowadays, he still feels giddy, so he's keeping the doctor's medicine handy to alleviate the dizziness.

Oh my god! Wu Chun looks like a bowling pin with that cut! DON'T DOO ITTT! I don't think he got that cut yet cause his shadow in the picture doesn't match with that crew cut! And oh no!!! Calvin!!! Ya need rest!!! That disease he got sounds very familiar. Someone at AF said that it's the same disease that 007 got in Pi Li MIT!!! SOMEBODY GIVE CALVIN SOME M&Ms AND MAKE SURE HE GETS LOTS AND LOTS OF RESTTTT!!!

Ding Dang and Xiu Jie Kai in an ambiguous relationship

original source: UDN
translated by minchong92 @

Ding Dang & Xiu Jie Kai’s onscreen romance becomes reality? After filming as a couple for Ding Dang’s MV “I Love Him” that was also the opening song for Autumn’s Concerto, the MV has gone to the top of KTV charts. Yesterday, Ding Ding released the 2nd version of her album. Xiu Jie Kai, who cheated on Ding Dang in the MV, went to her event to specially “seek forgiveness” for his wrongdoing. On stage, he presented her with red roses. Under the encouragement of the press, he kissed her on the cheek. Ding Dang was so shy that she could not face him directly.

Ding Ding and Xiu Jie Kai have started an ambiguous relationship with each other. Privately, they meet together to eat. Work colleagues joked that Ding Dang has an Aries personality of being very direct; it is only when she is with Xiu Jie Kai that she will become a warm woman. Ding Dang did not deny that she admires males like Xiu Jie Kai who have talent. She is attracted by their mysterious, but mature aura. And Xiu Jie Kai praised Ding Dang’s vocal skills. The two cannot cover up their likings for each other. Recently, Xiu Jie Kai joined the cast of K.O 3an Guo. Ding Ding was not afraid of rumors arising from her statement; she happily said that she wished to visit Xiu Jie Kai during filming.

Christmas is almost here so Ding Dang made a wish, hoping that she would be able to have a romantic dinner with the lover in her dreams. Unfortunately, her entire work schedule is full. On the night of the 25th, she has to fly to Shanghai to perform. Ding Ding, who is currently single, sighed that she had no time to find a boyfriend. She could only express hope that a man could come and pursue her, hinting to Xiu Jie Kai that he has a chance.

Xie Jie Kai!!! He was soo cool in Black n White and sooo charming in Easy Fortune Happy Life!!! And Ding Dang, really like her music in Autumn's Concertooo!!! Hahaha, Autumn's Concerto became a matchmaker~

Hip Hip Hooray!

Credit: Autumn's Concerto Facebook Page

This is episode 12.

Jia You Ren Guang Xi!



Guang Xi: You seem to be very familiar with this place? You used to come here often with Flower Boy before? (Celsius screaming: NO!NO!NO! SHE CAME HERE WITH YOUUU NOT HIM!!!)

Mu Cheng: This place is deserted...

Guang Xi: (Pieces of lost memory flows in head) I remember this place...(Celsius: *gasp* DO YOU REALLY?!?!?!?! OH MY GOD!!! MU CHENG, HURRY AND PLAY AIR ON G STRING!!!)...there used to be a piano here, right? (Celsius: *gasp* OH MY GOD, WHERE THE **** DID THE PIANO GOOOO!!!)


Guang Xi: This place is very weird...I never had this feeling before...(Celsius: THAT IS YOUR FEELING TOWARDS MU CHENGGGG!!! SO YOU DON'T HAVE THAT FEELING TOWARDS YI QIAN...*WHEW*)

Guang Xi: How weird, this place...maybe 6 years ago, this place was very important to me...(Celsius: YESSSSS!!! THIS WAS WHERE IT ALL STARTEDDDD!!! YOUR DAD, MU CHENG!!! IT WAS ALL HERE!!! COME ON, WHO'S THE IDIOT THAT MOVED THE PIANOO!!! RENN GUANGG XII!!! YOU CAN'T FORGETT THIS PLACE!!!)



December 11, 2009

The Last Day of School

It's double happiness when your birthday also happens to be the last day of school!!! Everyone's soo happy!!! But it also means finals are coming up next week~ I haven't been going to two of my classes so I'm a bit worried. But after these finals are over, it's vacation time!!! Wooo!!! Can't wait for that time to come!!! JANUARY IS DRAMA MONTH!!! Autumn's Concerto, Hi My Sweetheart, The Outsider, The Outsider 2, MoMo Love, You're Beautiful. Darn, I don't think I have enough to last me from last final to end of January~ Hahahahaaaa~

Chen Qiao En waited for eight months to be "Miss Jia Qi"

Source: HunanTV
Translated by meosles @

The 30 episodes idol drama <> that is co-financed by Shanghai Chuang Yi Culture Co. Ltd, Hunan ETV and Hangzhou Hua Ce is currently filming in Hangzhou. This drama is adapted from the novel <> written by the queen of tragedy, author Fei Wo Si Cun. The novel focuses on the love relationships between the female lead You Jia Qi and Meng He Ping as well as Ruan Zheng Dong; telling the love story of how to love a person by letting her live better. Popular Taiwanese idol drama queen Chen Qiao En takes on the role of You Jia Qi. Ruan Zheng Dong and Meng He Ping are portrayed by Roy Qiu Ze and William Feng Shao Feng respectively. The director is Shen Yi who excels in directing romantic pieces.

Chen Qiao En waited for eight months to be "Miss Jia Qi"

The production team had Chen Qiao En in mind when they were writing the script for <> and found a opportunity to describe the story to her. Chen Qiao En loved the story when she heard it and agreed to act in the drama. However the script writing and pre-production process took eight months and Chen Qiao En did not negotiate any new dramas within this period; choosing to wait for the script to be completed while she was filming a Taiwanese idol drama. There are several times when she was worried that she will miss the role due to the jobs on her schedule. She even turned down the chance to act in a Chinese movie in order to wait for the role of Jia Qi. Before this, actors that had acted with Chen Qiao En in her previous dramas like Ming Dao and Blue Lan had already ventured into the Chinese market with numerous dramas to their credit but Chen Qiao En did not match their pace. <> is her first foray into the Chinese market. The production crew revealed that due to the cold temperature in Hangzhou, Chen Qiao En fell sick to flu not long after she joined the drama team. However she still carried on working and was full of energy despite a nasal voice. In private, Chen Qiao En is an easy-going and fun-loving person but very serious when it comes to work. Because Chen Qiao En calls herself Miss Jia Qi on set, now the staff all start calling her Miss Jia Qi too. Veteran television producer and artistic director He Xiu Qiong said that she has watched Chen Qiao's performances and is very satisfied with her portrayal of her character. There was a scene where Jia Qi met her first love Meng He Ping. Chen Qiao En's unique and delicate acting successfully portrayed the character's inner feelings of heartbreak while having to maintain a calm exterior. Chen Qiao En is called idol drama called rating queen but her acting career wasn't smooth. Firstly she does not have natural talents and was once ridiculed at for her awkward dancing. Once she was even frozen by her company. Chen Qiao En once wrote "The days of waiting are long. In order to live optimistically, we have to learn to live and let live." He Xiu Qiong said that she is thankful to Chen Qiao En for waiting eight months and said that this stage is Chen Qiao En's "Jia Qi" (translation: Happy days) in both her life and career. The days of waiting are nutrient to her, allowing Chen Qiao En to portray the role of Jia Qi with depth.

The basic tone of blue is romantic and sad, props and scenery are of finest quality

Fei Wo Si Cun is a popular internet novelist. Her novels are often sad and touching tragedies. The drama <> took note of the romantic and beautiful form found in her writings and chose to use blue as basic color. In addition, Hangzhou is a classical water town in Jiangnan. Therefore the style of the drama is like an idol drama. Director Shen Yi said: He is very confident about <>. Even though the structure of the drama sounds like a typical idol drama, <> has a solid storyline. The drama pace will be faster and tighter compared to other idol dramas. The characters of Jia Qi, Meng He Ping and Ruan Zhen Dong and even the supporting characters are well written. As a director, he is also concerned about the reactions of viewers when he is directing the drama and therefore uses a more youthful and joyous tone while directing the first half of the drama. The ending is a tragedy and from a certain standpoint, this gives it a greater sense of sadness. The reporter visited <> filming location and observed the realistic props on set. For example, the decoration of the home of the female lead Jia Qi has soft colors and is simple but fashionable. The match used in the meeting between the male and female leads is also very exquisite.

Highly anticipated, Hunan TV has a high chance of airing the drama

Shanghai Chuang Yi Culture Co. Ltd is a subsidiary company of Hunan TV and Hunan ETV is also a major channel under Hunan Broadcasting. But <> does not follow Hunan ETV's standard method of production and instead was produced according to market operations. He Xiu Qiong said that <> already attracted a lot of interest from investors during the initial stage of script writing. In the end, they chose Hunan ETV and Hangzhou Hua Ce because they share the same views on the artistic direction. She also said that Hunan ETV has read the script and liked it very much. Hunan ETV have expressed interest in buying this drama and so they will consider giving Hunan ETV priority when selling the drama. However, she does not rule out the possibility of selling it to other stations as this is a drama that is jointly financed by many parties and therefore need to follow market rules.

OOO! This sounds way more interesting than Easy Fortune Happy Life~ I don't really care which tv station airs this, I just want it to come out fasterrrrr!!! WOOO!

December 10, 2009

Xiao Xiao Bin kisses Ady on the mouth, Netizens get envious : We also want to !

TTV and SETTV's Idol drama "Autumn's Concerto" has been having great ratings, almost breaking 6 last week, not only the plot has been getting more and more exciting but it also fired up netizens discussions ! Among them, Xiao Le (by Xiao Xiao Bin) is the one who got the most attention, many fans noticed that in the drama he been "flirting" a lot with little girlfriend Tang Tang, saying he is very skilled in chasing girls ; and the other thing that made them envious is that Xiao Xiao Bin was very lucky, he even got the chance to kiss Ady An on the mouth !

2 years ago, a fortune teller read the future for Xiao Xiao Bin, saying that he would be famous from 4 to 19 years old, and unexpectedly, this year, he successfully got accepted for "Autumn Concerto" and CTV and GTV's " Down with Love", and now, 3 more advertisements ware wating for him; he'll even go to Mainland to film a drama before CNY.
Xiao Xiao Bin got very popular, now, he is even his father's restaurant's living shop sign, many customers went there to eat only for his sake!
Now, he is the most well-paid child star.

In the drama, Xiao Xiao Bin and Ady rely on each other, sharing weal and woe, his cuteness and sensibility made many love him, last week, he who had always wanted to have a father, said to Vanness Wu :
"I know you are not my dad, I also know my dad is not an Alien" it looked like child talk but it was also the most honest and deep feelings he expressed, making the fans watching crying and smiling at the same time, supporting him to be registered as next year's "best supporting actor".

Other than that, Xiao Xiao Bin also had a little girlfriend in the drama, Tang Tang, the 2 flirting with each other made netizens could not help but joke : "Xiao Le is picking up girls ! "
No matter if it's in or out the drama, Ady and Xiao Xiao Bin share a very deep mother and son love, the 2 very oftenly kiss on the mouth, making the fans enviously say : "He is so young but got such good advantages ! he kissed so many big stars, I also want to !"

Oh~ I totally cried my eyes out when he gave that speech about how he knows MC was trying to protect him from being hurt by telling him about Alien Daddy and everything. Such a young age and already so mature. I love this pair of mother-son~ can't wait for the third member of their family to finally join them!!! WOOO!!! AC! AC! AC! AC! AC! AC! AC!

Vanness Wu and Tiffany Xu are only good friends

According to various news sources, apart from playing onscreen lovers in the ongoing Taiwanese drama series, Next Stop, Happiness, both Vanness Wu and Tiffany Xu are speculated to be more than just friends. Acting as Vanness's fiancée in the show, a member of the production team revealed that Vanness would often ask Tiffany, "Do you want a ride in my car?" when they changed filming locations.

He reportedly picked her up from her house in the mornings and would wait for the 25-year-old actress to finish filming her scenes before sending her home. It was reported that Vanness also gave Tiffany a book, immensely touching her with his enthusiasm and gallant mannerisms.

Currently in Japan, Vanness commented on the matter via his manager, Katie, "Sending her to and fro was only a form of convenience when we end work early - I have never picked her up before. The book was her birthday present."

Reporters asked Vanness's manager if the 31-year-old actor-singer was interested in Tiffany and she said, "He really admires her. [He] feels that she can write poetry and is very talented. However, he has no intentions to pursue her, they're just good friends."

When Tiffany was asked if Vanness was pursuing her, the actress immediately protested, "No! The book was a birthday present from him. Sometimes I would hitch a ride from him after we end work but he has never sent me home."

Known to be dating fellow Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan for the past two-and-a-half years, Tiffany's relationship with Ethan was exposed by the media after they were spotted sunbathing together in Kenting last July. The couple's relationship was previously reported to be on the rocks due to Ethan's hectic filming schedule for the upcoming movie, Monga.

I don't believe this news, and you shouldn't either. Van Ness has already cleared this up on his blog before this news was published~ He's just being a gentlemen.

Felix Wong shooting series is too body trapping

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Felix Wong, Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan attended TVB new series blessing ceremony yesterday. Jessica exposed that after work, Felix stays behind in the studio helping with the clean up and to teach the newcomers, people should learn from him. The happiest thing is that when Andy Lau came into TVB city to visit the set, causing pressure for everyone. All three leads expressed that filming of this series has been quite relaxing.

Felix was once not satisfied with television productions, he said: "The work this time is pretty relaxing, there's lots of time to rest. After work, I of course go home, it's just sometimes other artistes said that they hope that I could watch them act and give them some advice." (Have you already made it clear of the work hours beforehand?) "Everyone tries their best to make arrangements. Can arrange a few artistes to shoot first and switch. Just have more communication."(Next time will he shoot more series?) "Not a high possibility, I feel trapped filming series. I mind most when the script is not fully written, so we're filming as the script is being written. It's hard for both the cast and behind the scenes crew because we are unprepared, therefore it's easiler to make a mistake."

Jessica laughed and expressed that this series is the most relaxed one she has ever done in her 10 years in the industry: "It's going very smoothly because I'm not a police officer, actually Felix has it harder because he has to teach the newcomers and sometimes after work he would stay behind to give advice. Michael also expressed that the filming process has been smooth, asked if Felix had complained to him, Michael smiled: "Friends won't complain or get angry."

Towards Andy Lau coming to visit the set, Felix said: "I personally didn't have pressure, but he just suddenly came, it was a pleasant surprise. Before Andy asked Michael one time about it, but couldn't believe he appeared the next day." How did the others react? "Nancy Wu has never been that obedient and gentle, she asked Andy using a soft voice if she could take a picture with him."

Aww, that's very nice of Felix to devote his time to give pointers to newcomers(they really need it~).

December 08, 2009

New December Birthday 2009

December 5: (HK)Leila Tong: is 28, happy belated bday~
December 6: (HK)Hacken Lee: is 42, happy belated bday~
December 8: (HK)Raymond Lam: just turned 30, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY~
December 11: (HK)Leon Lai: will be 43
December 11: (HK)Rain Lau: will be *secret*
December 11: (North Pole)Celsius: will also be *secret* =D
December 12: (TW)Cheryl Yang: will be 32
December 13: (HK)Bosco Wong: will be 29
December 15: (KR)Xiah Junsu: will be 23
December 16: (HK)Gallen Lo: will be 47
December 18: (TW)Sam Wang: will be 33
December 19: (HK)Frankie Lam: will be 42
December 21: (HK)Francis Ng: will be 48
December 22: (TW)Emil Chow: will be 49
December 28: (TW)Mike He: will be 26
December 30: (HK)Mimi Lo: will be 35
December 30: (TW) Doris Lai: will be 25

Happy birthday Decemberers!!!

It's my favorite month of the year!!!

It's cold but the holidays bring warmth!!!

Best of all, school over for a while and winter vacation beginnssss!!!!

December 07, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 7

Credit: amycomicf4@youtube
Finally another BTS of mom and son! MC + XL!!! Miss you, miss you! Hahahaha! The biggest surprise in this episode was the other child actor, the meanie one (Xie Pi Dan)!!! He has improved heaps since the days of EFHL~

Credit: amycomicf4@youtube
Awww, Ady hugged Xiao Xiao Bin~~~~ This show is just too good to be true.

December 06, 2009

Arron Yan did not take away the presents given by fans, causing a protest

Source China Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ Asianfanatics

The bold fans of Fahrenheit's Arron Yan, have been camping out all night below his flat, causing disturbance amongst his neighbors making him apologize constantly. Previously when it was his birthday it just so happened he was working in China, when he checked out, fans broke into the his room and found that he did not take away all the presents. On the internet fans protested, regarding this Arron believed this was violating his privacy and was even a little angry.

The extreme fans of Fahrenheit have always been following them crazily, constantly following them back home. When Arron moved houses in July, fans also followed him to his new house, especially more than 10 female fans from overseas, who did not book hotels and just gathered under his flat. Disturbing all the neighbors resulting in complaints. He had repeatedly asked them not to, but with no effect, he even got to the stage where he got angry but the fans still continued on, causing him and his family to apologize to neighbors when they met.

The China fans, after he had checked out, entered into his room, he believes this is violation of his privacy, "I hope fans can give me a little more respect" and he also explained on his blog, during the 10 day schedule, he had 3 big suitcases with one empty suitcase to especially put all the presents in, but it wouldn't fit. He did emphasize that he took away all the letters and cards and he will definitely read them all.

Maybe next time they could be a bit smarter and help poor Arron out by sending the packages and gifts to his house or company. Barging into people's room and searching their garbage makes you no different from those paparazzis. If you are a true fan, you would respect him, you would do your best to not give him trouble, and lastly you will give him your greatest support. By greatest support, that does not mean camping outside his house and bothering him. He needs rest time too, he needs privacy, he needs space. He's human, afterall.

Finishes Filming; Show Luo and Rainie Yang Not Looking Good

Picture Credit as tagged
Source: China Times
Translation: endlessjoy @

Show Luo and Rainie Yang kisses out ratings; in just 1.5 hours, they kissed 4 times, allowing the ratings for CTS to increase. However, when finishing the very last scene in Kaohsiung and celebrating Director Lin He Lung’s birthday, they did not look too happy. It’s because they were filming and preparing for their new albums at the same time; in the end, in just 3 days, they finished filming 4 episodes. Everyday they only slept for 3 hours; so tired that they were unable to even smile.

In , the mushroom head, under-bite Da Lang who Show acted out is very popular, but for this character, he has to wear the wig and protrude his jaw for a very long time; so long that it caused his head skin to have inflammation and his jaw to be in pain. Though, the toughest and most painful part should be that this drama started filming in the summer and finishes in the winter, but the storyline is from the winter to the summer. The longer they filmed, the more painful it was. Show had to wear thick winter clothing in the summer time, and then he had to jump into water in the cold winter. He joked that towards the end when he sees the script, he will shiver first. Fortunately, the drama finally finished filming.

The story of the drama went into a turn recently. Rainie went from a mean, violent girl to a sweet radio DJ. While, Show changed from a dorky nerd (Da Lang) into a handsome guy (Xue Hai). All the fans were saying, “Show becoming handsome will make the ratings go up even more.”

This is another must watch drama! If you haven't started, then please do start it right NOW! It's sooo funnnyyy! Show's new image in the show+Rainie's mean girl role+ DA PINK PANTHER!!! You certainly can't go wrong with that combo! PLUS, the songs in this show are really goood tooo! And if you're a drama time machine fan, there's a 3 year later part in this show! That part comes pretty fast, faster than Autumn's Concerto. (Kiwi's might chop me up for saying this but AUTUMN'S CONCERTO IS THE BESTTTT!!!)

Tavia Yeung's double award stirs up Fan's war of words online

Saturday December 5, 2009
Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

"Yiu Gum Ling" Tavia Yeung and "Lau Sam Ho" Charmaine Sheh were both enemies in , after the series finished airing, the battle still did not end. Tavia won two awards at the TVB Anniversary Awards and became the big winner out of the Fadans. Charmaine only left empty-handed and because of this Charmaine's fans started a war of words with Tavia's fans!

After winning the awards, Tavia's fans brought flowers, champagne and posters written "unlimited light, extraordinary strength" to support her. Tavia had 20+ more fans than the "TV Queen" Sheren Tang at the scene. Yesterday many Netizens were online at the TVB forums leaving messages that they felt sorry for the Charmaine who "ate white fruit" (no reward), saying that because TVB wanted to boost Tavia, they "sacrificed" Charmaine and "Sam Ho" - being good person has no good payoff. Tavia although depended on her evil role "Yiu Gum Ling" to get both awards, but it was said that her acting was too exaggerated that makes people annoyed. When mentioning that "evil" stole the "good results", fans felt that was very wrong.

At her celebration, Tavia responded to Netizen's criticisms about her role being annoying: "I believe that Netizens don't hate Tavia Yeung, they're only disappointed that didn't get as many awards. It is a good thing to have competition, if I could win with Sam Ho (Charmaine) I would be even more happy! (It was rumored that the Best Performance Award was a consolation award?) This award is the most encouraging thing since the 11 years I've been in the industry. It provides my success and efforts. (Charmaine "ate white fruit"?) I already consider that she won the award with me. There is only one award, this year I get it, next year it's hers!"

Charmaine accepted a telephone interview and responded: "I haven't noticed the incident (fans war or words), but I thank their support. My only complaint was that Tavia and I clearly said that we'll kiss on the lips beforehand, but at the time she was too emotional that her face was off to the side!"

Also, the cast of including Tavia, Charmaine and Moses felt disappointed and pity that the series didn't get Best Series Award. The producer Miu Siu Ching is thankful of the artistes support and felt that losing to senior Lee Tim Sing is nothing uncomfortable. As had the highest ratings of 50 points, she felt that it was already a good enough result.

Congratssss Tavia!!! Double Win!!! On the other hand, looks like some people have fallen deep in love with Beyond! Good people, no good payoff...that's so not cool to say. There are plenty of "good people" in TVB shows, I don't see them crying over all those "good people". Charmaine does a great portrayal of Lau Sam Ho but this role is limited to the 2D world. Tavia's performance as Yiu Kam Ling falls short towards the end but it's her first time trying such a role and she did a pretty good job with it! I especially like her ancient style of laughing~ hahahahahaa!

December 04, 2009

It's Snowing

It's snowing, it's snowing. Santa is coming! I am so in vacation mode~ but that's a problem because next next week is final week! And I'll have to be in study mode! Grrrr! Study Study Study all next week! Then finals, then vacation! Woooo~ Good luck on your finals too!

By the way, I'm sure you all notice the new blog layout~ its so pretty! It's good to have some change once in a while~

(I didn't make this new blog layout~ it would be a nice skill to have tho~)

New Blog Template from

TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards Results

Best Series
Rosy Business

Best Actor
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business

Best Actress
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business

Best Supporting Actor
Michael Tse - Emergency Unit

Best Supporting Actress
Susan Tse - Rosy Business

My Most Favourite Male Character
Wayne Lai - Chai Gau - Rosy Business

My Most Favourite Female Character
Tavia Yeung - Yiu Kam Ling - Beyond

Most Improved Actor
Pierre Ngo - Rosy Business, Sweetness in the Salt

Most Improved Actress
Aimee Chan - Off Pedder, Burning Flames III

Best Host
The Super Trio Show - Eric Tsang, Chin Kar Lok, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen

Best Variety Show
The Club Sparkle - Hosted by Sandra Ng and Chin Kar Lok Popularity Award
Wayne Lai

Most Appreciated Program
One From the Heart

Best Performance of the Year
Tavia Yeung

Lifetime Achievement
Lee Tim Sing - Producer of Rosy Business, Sweetness in the Salt

Credit: Bwear@AF news

Wow! Rosy Business kicked everyone's behind and took home the most awards!!! Sheren finally gets her most deserved Best Actress Award and Wayne is on a roll here picking three awards!!! Tavia got two awards although the second one seems to be a sweet giveaway more than an award. And really? Aimee Chan for Most Improved Actress? I will recognize that in Off Peddler but not Burning Flames III...

December 03, 2009

Show Luo- Self Hypnosis 自我催眠

Credit: yin87@youtube

I want to hypnotize myself to...

Forget about failure and move on. . .

Forget about all the problems in the world. . .

December 01, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Behind the Scene 6

HAHAHAHAHAHAA! This scene might have caused some people to faint or have nosebleed! I was a little taken aback when the camera went up REAL close to his body!!! I didn't expect them to go up that close.

Oh~ this is BTS of the kids only scene! Wah~ they have to straighten out the Pie Dan's hair, I didn't know it naturally curly~ ahahahaha~ ooo Xiao Le is soo shy around his "girlfriend", NG quite a few times, hahaha!