November 28, 2009

Xiao Xiao Bin the matchmaker? Ady An feels like a mum & Vanness Wu wants to be a dad

Source: NOWnews
Translation: Sarah @

SETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ yesterday held a ‘Taipei-Beijing cross-strait netizens fan meet’ and main leads Vanness Wu, Ady An, Chris Wu & Xiao Xiao Bin all attended. Earlier, Chris promised that if ratings broke 6, he would jump off Bi Tan. Last week, ratings reached a new high of 5.05, and this made Ady An say happily: “I’ve already helped him pick out swimming trunks from online!”

‘Mu Cheng’s home’ in ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ is located in The Three Gorges, and was built specifically by Taipei government for the drama. They are also making an exception for the first time and opening it for visitors, making fans very excited. Some fans of Vanness even flew especially from Hong Kong to participate. Other than this, even Chinese netizens are very interested in the story development, and they acted as reporters asking Vanness: “Which one was harder; filming bed scene with Ady or filming with Xiao Xiao Bin?” And this made Vanness reply shyly: “The 2 each have its own difficulty, but the degree of challenge in filming the bed scene was higher.”

The storyline has moved on to 6 years later at Hua Tian Village and Xiao Xiao Bin, Lin Mei Xiu, Chang Qing & Chen Wei Min have joined in the drama. Facing all these good actors, Vanness said: “In the beginning, I did feel a bit of pressure, because everyone was so good at acting, and I learnt a lot from them, even Xiao Xiao Bin would sometimes help be my prompter!”

After the cute Xiao Xiao Bin joined in the cast, he also made the drama crew atmosphere much happier. Ady said: “I really feel like I’ve become a mum, and Xiao Xiao Bin is my child. Whenever he sees that I’m tired, he would run over and give me a massage, really very caring.” Even the usually cool Vanness agreed saying he himself wants a child too!

Other than this, when asked Chris Wu whether he is looking forward to fulfilling his promise of jumping off Bi Tan, he laughed: “Because Bi Tan has a rule that nobody is allowed to jump, so hopefully netizens can provide some suggestions and see if there are any suitable methods or locations. As long as ratings break 6, I will definitely fulfill my promise!”

Now that is a full family photo with Alien Daddy, Earthling Daddy, Mu Cheng, and Xiao Le!!! Hahahaha! I hope the ratings continue to increase(but at a faster pace)! We only have a few episodes leftttt! :(

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