November 19, 2009

Vanness Wu's half-naked body boosts ratings; no regrets in showing off muscular figure

Source: TOM
Translation: Sarah @

Vanness Wu showed off his muscular upper body in idol drama 'Autumn's Concerto', boosting up the ratings to a very good result of 4.25%. However, he said that he no longer receives any add oil text messages from his friends. On the other hand, Tiffany Hsu revealed that on Sunday, a friend kept sending her text messages during the Sunday broadcast, to talk about her acting skills. Apparently, that 'friend' was her boyfriend Ethan Ruan.

Last Sunday, 'Autumn's Concerto' broadcasted the scene of Vanness crying while lying in Tiffany's arms. To adjust her mood for this scene, Tiffany first pictured a situation in her mind, so to let herself completely immerse into the scene. She said: "When filming crying scenes, I think of my sick family members, so I am able to fully relax and cry!" She also said that when she was watching the Sunday broadcast, her boyfriend kept sending her text messages. She laughed saying: "He was scared that if he phoned, it would interfere with my watching, but then he kept sending text messages, so I still got disturbed anyways!"

Hahahaa~ Ethan!!! I'm sorry, Yi Qian...I had to skip that part because I couldn't bring myself to watch Guang Xi with sorry~

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