November 24, 2009

Vanness Wu teaches Xiao Xiao Bin to tie shoelace; ratings break 5%

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

The Sunday idol drama ratings have been released and with Xiao Xiao Bin's help once again, 'Autumn's Concerto' has broke 5%, with a big lead against 'Hi My Sweetheart' & 'Momo Love'. The battlefield seems to be very clear now.

On Sunday night, 'Autumn's Concerto' broadcasted Vanness & Ady's reunion after being separated for 6 years, and the ratings broke 5%. The father-and-son also finally met each other, and the scene where Vanness teaches Xiao Xiao Bin to tie his shoelaces, once again made the female audience burst into tears.

sarah: rest of article talks about other non-idol dramas so i didnt translate it.
hehe vanness & xiao xiao bin were so cute in episode 8.. that was like my fave part. so cute when xiao xiao bin ran up to vanness, insisting that hes his alien daddy. smart kid XD

celsius: episode 8 was so awesome! The three of them are finally for the first time under one roof. Xiao Le is so excited, Ady is so shocked, and Van Ness is so drunk! Hahahahaa~ So funny how Van Ness just passed out when Ady and him see each other again for the first time in 6 years!!!

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