November 08, 2009

Vanness Wu plays a patient in new drama; runs barefoot on the street

Source: TOM
Translation: Sarah @

Vanness Wu plays a patient suffering from brain cancer in new drama 'Autumn's Concerto'. Earlier, he filmed a scene where he wears a hospital garment and runs barefoot on the road to chase after Ady An's car. As filming took place at noon, the ground was very hot, and Vanness joked: "It feels like I'm dancing on a hot iron plate!" Vanness expressed that, in order to highlight his anxious feelings, he had a discussion with the director and decided to run barefoot. In this scene, Vanness tries to run very fast, but he is unable to catch up to the car, and falls on the streets. Besides being busy with filming, and memorizing scripts, Vanness has also been busy recording, to prepare for his new album. This will be in episode 6...

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