November 24, 2009

TVB artist Chan Hung Lit dies of heart stroke on the 24th at the age of 65

source : ENT.163
translated by little bee @

TVB actor Chan Hun Lit, who had been acting as the Corporation CEO in "Off Pedder", lose consciousness at around 4PM due to a heart attack, he got transported by ambulance to Tseung Kwan O hospital's emergencies.

It is reported that while he was filming, popular actor Chan Hung Lit's heart started to hurt and he was sent to the hospital, however, after the doctors tried to reanimate him for 2 hours, they had to declare his death at 19h11. TVB executive Virginia Lok announced the news of his death to the public from the hospital.

It is reported that his widow is flying right now from Taiwan to organise his funeral.

Data :

Chan Hung Lit (1943-2009), original surname Chow, was born in Shanghai, he was a very famous vilain in the 60's and 70's chinese movies, being also one of the few actors whose fame skyrocketted while acting as vilains. He had once built his own Film company, directing movies, now, a TVB actor.

Coming from a wealthy family, the 11 siblings had 11 servants to take care of them; his house being the famous big residence near the Huashan Hospital in Shanghai. After the hostilities began in 1949, he followed his mother to Hong Kong, it is when he changed his surname to Chan like his mother. In 1962, he joined the Shaw company's "South Country training classes", after he graduated, he officialy signed as a Shaw's actor.

In 1974, he married famous actress Angela, Pan Yin-Tze, however, they divorced in 1977.
His current wife, Tsui Sai Wing gave birth to a daughter, Chan Bun Hung after two years of marriage.
In 1974, he directed his first movie 《冲天炮》, and 《狼吻》which he also directed received the Best Cinematography award at the Asain Film festival.

In January of 1988, after acting in the serial TV drama《皇帝与公主》, he focused on trading and didn't appear again in the showbusiness until his return in 1995, joining TVB, then leaving again in 1996, only to return in 2003.

He had acted in TV serials such as : "The Gem of Life", "Phoenix Rising", Heart of Greed, CIB Files..
And movies such as "Come Drink With Me"(大醉侠), "The Eight Hundred Heroes"(八百壮士), "One Armed judo knife"(獨臂空手刀), "Death Valley"(斷魂谷), "The Eight Dragon Sword"(龙形八剑), "King Of Fighters" (拳王之王), "Fertility bank" (肉蒲团) etc...

OMG! Mr. YIM! I really enjoyed watching him in Best Selling Secrets and Off Peddler! This news is too sudden! R.I.P Chan Hun Lit. People really do go suddenly...

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