November 08, 2009

TVB 42nd Lighting Ceremony

Whoa~ what happen to her? Looks she didn't get enough sleep or something!

WHOA~ he looks so tired~ what has TVB been doing to the hosts?

This year TVB decided to have all their artists perform a little dance together on stage. It gave me goosebumps. Not the artists but the cheesy dance.

Born Rich cast, their clothing look so bland.

The Stew of Life. I'm finally starting to get used to Fala's haircut. Must refrain bashing, must refrain bashing... ah dope! Here goes my rant again. BF3 is the most horrible show I've seen. It totally did not live up to its predecessors, BF2 and BF1. The triangle between the three leads was boring and dragged from the beginning all the way to the end. It was worse than the Bosco-Linda-Ray one from MR. I could really go on about how bad this show is...but it'll only ruin my day, I shall stop here.

Kevin is forcing a smile.

E.U. Tian Gor, Laughing Gor, and Hao Ge. Where's Ron and Samuel? Maybe they were there and I'm just blind...

Rosy Business. Aww, too bad Sheren's not here...

Off Peddler. Wayne pulled off a Superman, he ripped off his RB costume and underneath was his OP suit. Hahahaa~

There they go again. Another Rayda pairing, not that I don't like this pairing just that it's getting a little old.

TVB should consider supporting her in the music industry rather than __________. Fill in the blank, I'm sure you have someone in mind.

I'm content about Susanna and her singing, just feel bad for the people in the back who are just standing there, probably wondering whether they should eat dinner first or take a shower first when they get home?

Welcome back to TVB, Big Bro!

Friends or Foes?

The costumes are very eye catching!

How would you react if one day you open the door and someone dressed in one of those costumes is there with an open bag and says, "Trick-o-treat!" Hahaha~

The remaining contestants from TVB's singing contest sang past themesongs which bought back a few memories here and there.

Gem of Life has been left to rot in the closet. What a shame. It was an Anniversary Series too. If I had to choose between a wailing Myolie and Mr.&Mrs. Serendipity, I would go with the Serendipities. At least, I learned a new word. Serendipity. It happens quite often in life.

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