November 15, 2009

Sunday idol drama battle: Xiao Xiao Bin vs. Lee Wei

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

SETTV idol drama 'Autumn's Concerto' will enter the 6-years later storyline at 'Hua Tian Village' tonight. The cute Xiao Xiao Bin will appear for the first time, and female lead Ady An said: "Xiao Xiao Bin is like a little adult, can't believe a 5-year old child can act so well!" Even when Joe Chen Qiao En visited during filming, she couldn't help but praise Xiao Xiao Bin saying he is a 'child prodigy' after seeing his performance. As for CTS idol drama 'Hi My Sweetheart', Lee Wei will enter the drama tonight and form a love triangle with Show Luo & Rainie Yang.

'Autumn's Concerto' will also broadcast Vanness Wu's seductive shower scene tonight. Ady said: "Xiao Xiao Bin is a little adult, Vanness is a big child, they get along very well. There was once when they talked in 'alien language' but the amazing thing was that they were both able to continue the conversation!"

And Lee Wei will appear tonight in 'Hi My Sweetheart'. He also tossed away his image to promote the drama. During a recording of 100% Entertainment, he imitated Michael Jackson's grasping crotch dance, and even uglified himself with nose hairs and a beard, making Show & Rainie very surprised. Lee Wei said: "If an idol drama king like Show Luo can uglify himself to make a breakthrough, then what am I worried about!"

AHHH~ Xiao Xiao Bin! He comes out in today's episode already! Wooo! Miss you, miss you~

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