November 02, 2009

Joe Chen Qiao En might leave her company

Source: ChinaTimes
Translated by meosles @

Chen Qiao En is said to mind her being frozen by the company in the past. Sun De Rong said: "We did not freeze her, it's part of her education process."

Tony Sun’s band 5566 and Ming Dao’s 183 Club, has only 1 month left in their contract with J-Stars but all seven artistes haven’t renew their contracts. There are signs of a mass exodus. Fans petition Chen Qiao En to leave her company which is on the blink of collapse. J-Star’s general manager Sun De Rong retorted “What does fans know?” Rumours goes that the possibility of her leaving is high and her new drama “Jia Qi Ru Meng” will be her graduation work. Regarding this, Sun De Rong said: “We have shown our sincerity. If others can do better, we will wish them well.”

Earns 30 millions last year, may not renew contract.

Chen Qiao En rose from a minor artiste to the first sister of idol drama with idol dramas like “Prince Turned To Frog” and “Fated To Love You”. She has no lack of drama offers, as well as many commercials and event contracts. This year, her dramas “Easy Fortune Happy Life” and “Staying By Sunshine, Staying By You”, and five endorsements for lingerie and spectacles etc brought in an income of nearly 30 millions. However, she may not renew her contract with J-Stars with whom she has worked with for eight years.

J-Stars repelled enemies, offer bigger cut

According to sources, many companies are trying to win Chen Qiao En over. In order to keep this “golden goose”, J-Stars offers to reduce their cut of 30% of her earnings. “Jia Qi Ru Meng” also allows her to choose her dramas. Sun De Rong said: “People must remember to be grateful.” Her fans said that J-Stars is on the brink of collapse. Sun De Rong said angrily: “This is a result of the environment. If we can earn money at home, who wants to leave their home country? Now fans are like famous mouths (people known for their eloquence), they only know how to talk.”

Sun De Rong is open-minded, stay if able to work together, leave otherwise

Sun De Rong manages J-Stars which brought to frame the band 5566 which includes members Sam Wang, Zax Wang and Jason Hsu. 183 Club was left with only Sam Wang, Ming Dao and Ehlo Huang after Jacky Chu and Johnny Yan left the group. Tony Sun, Zax Wang and Ming Dao may take into account the many years of friendship with the company and renew their contracts, especially Ming Dao who is “highly productive”. He participated in three dramas and earns more than 20 millions this year and has the least complaints against the company. Regarding artistes who have yet to indicate their intentions, Sun De Rong is open-minded: “Stay if able to work together, leave otherwise."

Qiao En, I wish you the best of luck~ follow your heart, break through the door and soar high into the sky, experience the beauty of the clouds, the silence of the skies, and the majestic rainbow, and enjoy the freedom of the skies. Don't stay at the bottom of the well... jump out and soar.

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