November 10, 2009

Returning back to Taiwan’s filming market, Ady An strives to make a new path

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After the idol drama 'The Outsiders' made Ady An popular 5 years ago, she chose to develop her acting in China instead and so, be absent from Taiwan's screens for a long time. Lately she has taken on the role of female lead in SETTV's new drama 'Autumn's Concerto'. This female star who has become very popular in China, has put her many filming projects aside to return to Taiwan and film an idol drama worth 20% of those in China but why did she make this decision?

Ady An who hasn't filmed in Taiwan for almost 3 years, was previously chosen by Beijing's Sina website to stand side by side with Ming Dao, making them the most loved Taiwanese idol couple by China's drama production companies. There were rumours that in China, Ady was earning $70-80,000 RMB per episode, pushing her price to the salary of a big star.

Hopes viewers can get to know her again

Ady An's manager Qi Qi said, "Taiwan and China's filming environments can't be compared. SETTV gives Ady a very generous salary." It just so happens that the producer of 'Autumn's Concerto' Fang Xiao Ren and Ady have known each other for a long time. This, along with Ady really wanting to return to Taiwan to film a drama, allowed Taiwanese viewers to get to know her all over again.

At the time when Ady left her home in Taiwan to film in China, she had many ambitions regarding her acting career, "I don't want to look back on my acting career in the future and then realise I stayed in Taipei all this time." Thus without hesitation she decided to expand her horizons and take her acting to China.

Expands her knowledge while filming in China

While she was filming in China, Ady has filmed in the Wudang Mountain ranges, Huangdian, Yinchuan and other places. She has even had a unique experience riding a camel in the arid desert and seen all of China's great mountains and waterways. Besides fulfilling her hopes of travelling while working, she has also expanded her knowledge.

Ady said seriously, "Filming in China is carried out at a much larger scale than in Taiwan. The locations are always changing and the cast line-up is also very strong." Thus this allowed Ady to work with lots of big stars from China and Hong Kong like famous Chinese actors Chen Daoming, Hu Jun, Vicki Zhao, Lu Yi, Huang Xiaoming and Hong Kong stars Anthony Wong, Athena Chu, etc.

'Water Margin's only Taiwanese actress

Ady recently accepted mainland China's much anticipated big series 'Water Margin'. The drama crew initially were not planning on inviting any Taiwanese or Hong Kong actors to take part, but unexpectedly, Ady ended up getting the role of a class-courtesan Li Shi Shi and became the only Taiwanese actress in the whole series.

In private, Ady smiled saying: "Actually I initially wanted to try out for the role of Pan Jin Lian! Because I want to try new styles." Unexpectedly, as soon as those words came out of her mouth, her manager immediately opposed the idea, because Ady has acted in many dramas, and every single one of them had a rape scene in it. Her manager wanted to prevent this from happening again, and so requested for her to try out for Li Shi Shi - one of the Top 10 talented women in ancient China.

Courtesan Li Shi Shi was specially picked out for Ady by the director, and although there are 108 male heros in 'Water Margin', there are only 3 female characters. And the director even let Ady finish her work in Taiwan first, before officially joining the drama crew, clearly displaying the degree of respect the production company has towards Ady.

Does homework before filming

Perhaps because of such results, as well as her solid foundation she has established in China that granted Ady’s wish to return back to Taiwan once again. She expressed: "Being a Taiwanese actress, it really is not easy to receive affirmation in China. In the beginning, I think they invited me due to 'The Outsiders'’; perhaps they think that Taiwanese idol drama actresses don't receive any training."

However, the very professional Ady would do her homework before filming every new series. Like in 'Kung Fu Master', she plays the character Zhao Min, and Ady spent extensive time online researching relevant information, and even asked her manager to go to the library to find some traditional books. And as her character is supposed to be a beautiful woman, Ady persisted not to go out during the day, afraid that she would get tanned and turn into 'Black Beauty'!

And it is because of her serious work attitude that has made Ady's acting career go so smoothly. She joked: "Previously, after my weaver lady role, I also got invited to play the role of 'lady on the moon' (cat: legendary moon goddess XD) It seems I'm fated to play fairy goddesses!" Other than this, after Ady showed off her talented acting abilities in some emotional scenes, many dramas with sad/tragic storylines also came knocking at her door.

Ady hasn't returned to Taiwan to film anything in a long time. Her new drama‘'Autumn's Concerto' is currently airing and achieving very good results. Ady's manager admitted: "She does feel quite nervous, afterall, she hasn't filmed in Taiwan for a long time."

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I'm glad she took up Autumn's Concerto! My scale is starting to tip in favor of AC over FTLY...uh oh spaghetti-o

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