November 07, 2009

Online feud between Jimmy Lin and Andy Lau's fans

Source : Channel News Asia
Credit: AF News

TAIPEI : Taiwanese singer-actor and professional race car driver Jimmy Lin was hoping to share his joy with friends and fans when he announced his engagement to model girlfriend Chen Ruo Yi as well as the arrival of his new-born son, but little did he expect a cyber war to erupt.

When Lin made the announcement during his birthday celebration in Taipei last month, which was also the one-month-old birthday of his son, host Dong Zhi Cheng remarked, "[Lin] is unlike Andy Lau, who still afraid to admit it after so many years."

His comment riled Lau's fan who immediately rebuked Lin for milking their idol’s current predicament, and an online feud broke out between the two camps.

"Why does [Lin] have to build his success on Andy’s misery?" said Lau's fan.

Another supporter commented, "Why are Lin's fans refusing to let Andy off the hook?"

Refusing to back down, Lin’s fans, who initially did not think very highly of Chen, showed their support for the couple.

"Thanks to Chen, Jimmy is now able to experience true family bliss," wrote fans on the fan club's website.

Perhaps too overjoyed, Lin, who is preparing for his upcoming concert in Shanghai later this month, said he isn’t affected by the ongoing 'war'.

Hong Kong star Andy Lau has faced criticism for his repeated denial of his relationship with long-time girlfriend Carol Chu despite tying the knot in Nevada last year. The Heavenly King only admitted to getting hitched after Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily uncovered details of their union.

During Lin's birthday celebration, the 34-year-old admitted that he has been dating Chen for the past five years and he has no intention of keeping the matter a secret.

"Her kindness, pureness and understanding touched me. We got engaged last year and I had planned to break the news during my October concert but we didn't expect the news to break before hand," said Lin, otherwise known as "Little Whirlwind" during his days as a pop idol.

Lin's son, nicknamed Little Jimmy, was born in California, and the proud father, who has been showing off a photo of the little one to everyone, said the 3-kilogram baby has a small dimple and loves to smile. - CNA/fa

Fans...are being oversensitive? Andy Lau and his misery is his problem (I have nothing against him, he's a great singer) and has absolutely nothing to do with Jimmy Lin. Why are these fans pulling Jimmy down? If they want to be mad, they should be mad at the host who made that sour comment! I'm glad Jimmy isn't affected by this accusation. And why is the media still hounding over Andy? Get over it already!

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