November 05, 2009

Good Bye Mr. Stone Head General

Old Stone Head was his nickname, made up by one of the most crazy-hyper character in Chinese Paladin, Ah Nu. Old Stone Head was the well respected former general of the Kingdom of Zhao. He came out of his seclusion after the King pleads him to help in the fight against the powerful leader of the Lunar Sect who has pretty much brainwashed all the citizens in the Kingdom of Zhao. Stone Head's mission is to bring back the Princess because she has the power to save the Kingdom. He brings along his godson, Tang Yu Xiao Bao, and a bunch of men to search for the Princess.

As you can see, Stone Head is old and old people tend to be stubborn and strict and wise. At first, I didn't really like this guy because he was such a meanie (slapping his godson 9X). But gradually, I started to warm up to him and it was finally in episode 18, that I started to see he's not that bad after all. He's the type of person where you have to look beyond his strict demeanor and stubborn ways to appreciate him. Unfortunately, his fate was cut short and he died 2 episodes later when he was given the 'Kiss of Death' by his other godson whom he disowned(I think), the leader of the Lunar Sect. He exploded into nothingness.

Old Stone Head was the first to go. He is a man who sought to protect his nation, a father striving to teach his son well, and alas
a hero.

Rest in peace, Old Stone Head.

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