November 22, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Episode 3 Summary

Recall from end of episode 2: Mu Cheng and Guang Xi running away together into the sunset from the hockey rink. They run and run and then hop onto an incoming bus. Hahahaha~ Usually in dramas, they like to film the couple running for some odd distance. I often wonder why they don't just hail a taxi instead of running for so long, hahaha!

Aww, look their hands are still together~

Mu Cheng promptly removes her hands from his grasp. She gets up to leave the bus but Guang Xi stops her again (for the nth time). He wants her to stay with him on the bus for the time being to accompany him. On his first bus ride.

Surprisingly, she agrees without protesting! He tells her that he's never been on a bus before. (GASP! That's like a New Yorker saying, "I've never been on the subway!")

"What! You've never been on a bus before?!?! What planet are you from?"

Time to walk along Memory Lane. Guang Xi recalls from his childhood a time when he was envious of the people riding the bus because they were able to choose their own destinations yet he was unable to do so. Poor him, he was constantly under the watch of his mother.

Mu Cheng's Memory Lane is the opposite of Guang Xi's. While he yearned to ride the bus to his own destination, Mu Cheng hated the bus because she feared that it won't bring her back home. To her, sleeping on the bus was a big NO NO. The last time she slept on the bus, Evil Lady tried to slip away.

Young Mu Cheng hatches new method to stay awake on the bus. She chooses a window seat and stays awake by drawing all places the bus passes so that she will remember the way home.

What a nice looking bridge in Taiwan! (The bus is traveling across that bridge)

After a nice bus ride, it's time for a walk in the park! And Guang Xi smoothly brings their conversation to their periodic nightly meetings by starting off with the injured bird. (He's probably thinking that the lame piano excuse he made last time won't convince her to come so it's time to use the bird) He purposely tells her that he hasn't been feeding the bird and she gets so upset at him! Hahaha~ "Why are you always so controlling?" she askes him.

"There is no why. I'm just a very controlling person. Whatever I decide to want, I won't let go. Hockey, my pets, my bets, and the people I care about." And the last term was aimed straight at Mu Cheng~~~woooo~hahahaha

Before parting, Guang Xi reminds Mu Cheng about their secret "date" at Sheng De Tang. 7:00 sharp!

Awww~ lookie~ she's smiling now meaning she's looking forward to tonight's "date"~ ahahaha!

Uh-oh! Mr. Creepy delivered food to President Fang's house and found out from a maid that Guang Xi is attending some kind of event and will be out the whole day! (He knows about their nightly meetings at Sheng De Tang) This does not look good to me. Not good at all...

Director He had set up funding for children with rare diseases and a celebratory press conference was arranged.
Guang Xi was invited to attend the event by Yi Qian and he reluctantly goes (because his mom is there too and she'll nag him until he goes) keeping in mind his "date" at 7 with Mu Cheng. Arriving at the location, he spots Yi Qian trying to get a soccer ball down by jumping for the ball in her yellow bath robe er dress. This reminds me of the time I went apple picking with Kiwi...Yi Qian could use that apple picking stick! Hahaha~

Guang Xi being the athletic guy he is jumps and smacks the ball down for Yi Qian who returns it to the children. And thus begins another amusing conversation. "Why the big smile?" Guang Xi askes. "I've been keeping a watch on these kids since I was in America. Now that I've return to Taiwan, I could finally see them face to face, I want to use all my efforts to help these kids. If it's possible in the future, I want to be a pediatrician." she replies with BIG smile. He kindly returns her smile. "I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about those kids, why are they smiling so happily." Hahahahaaa~

Not taken aback by his remark, she returns his smile with another BIG smile. "Because I told them(the kids) that a coach will come to teach them to play soccer." Hahaha! What a nice way to get people to do things and not get no for an answer.

Yay! So the kids get a free soccer coach and they have fun for awhile until Yi Qian notices Guang Xi taking glances at his watch. Guang Xi tells her that he has to leave but with his mom is watching, it's gonna be hard to escape. But no worries, because Doctor Yi Qian comes up with this brilliant plan that involves Guang Xi faking fatigue and fainting and thus forcing President Fang to release him from the event. Right after Yi Qian comes up with this plan, Guang Xi faints. "Oh wow, you're really good at acting" Hahahahaaaaa~

Back at Evil Lady's house, Mr. Creepy is waiting impatiently for Evil Lady to leave for her dance classes. Dun-dun, it's almost 7. Do you know where you children are? Cuz Mr. Creepy definitely knows where Mu Cheng is...uh-oh...a very uneasy feeling...

Evil Lady is quickly ushered out of the house by Mr. Creepy. But's she not that dumb. Although she dismissed the seafood lady's claims to Mr. Creepy's indecent behavior, that thought has raised her suspicion on Mr. Creepy. Mr. Creepy, being a sneaky person, walks out the back door to avoid bumping into Evil Lady who walked out the front door. But little does he know, Evil Lady had decided to cut class and hid behind the house and watched him sneakily exit the house. This is one of those times where cutting class can be a life saver.

Nap time is over! Guang Xi wakes up to find that it's 7:00!!! (He didn't fake fainting like we thought, he really did faint~) Yi Qian tries to convince him to get a full checkup as this seemed serious but Guang Xi pushes that aside as he's late for his "date". And just before he leaves, he gives Yi Qian a wink~~~gahhh, hahahahaa!

Meanwhile, Mu Cheng is all dressed up and is waiting at Sheng De Tang for Guang Xi, when the door suddenly opens...

It's Ah Cai (Mr. Creepy). I don't think anyone likes that look on his face... it's creepy...

*hard to watch* Ah Cai hands some money over to Mu Cheng claiming that since she sold her body to the rich son(Guang Xi), he would like to join this business. *ya sick bast---* Ah Cai argues that since he's worked so hard to give her food and shelter, she should repay him. With her body. Unfortunately, there is no magic word here to help Mu Cheng get out of this situation, only a magic person can help her. Ah Cai, not wanting to lose another minute, pins her down...and rips...

THANK GOODNESS! Xiao Ah Yee (Evil Lady, i shall stop calling her that now because she just saved Mu Cheng) comes in just in time! Thank you for cutting class!!! She just saved Mu Cheng from being raped by Ah Cai!!! Thank you for coming to the right place at the right time!!!

She confronts Ah Cai who pushes the blame to Mu Cheng, saying that she seduced him and that she was charging money for bodily contact. My appreciation for Xiao Ah Yee was short lived...she chose to believe Ah Cai and turned on Mu Cheng, screaming at her, accusing her...Luckily, the drama is cut short as Guang Xi arrived at the scene...

Seeing a visibly shaken Mu Cheng covering her unbutton shirt and Ah Cai in the room, Guang Xi guessed what happened and immediately starts beating the crap out of the pervert. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Unfortunately, the beating came to stop when the security guards rushed in and broke up the fight. They were all taken to the principle's office. (Shouldn't they go to the police station?!?!)

Popeye the Sailor Man! Guang Xi is extremely displeased at the principal's refusal to call the police who pleads that it will bring a bad reputation to the school. (This principal should be sacked!)

Serves you right!

Xiao Lin, the lawyer comes in, with bad news. There is a video camera in Sheng De Tang and it would have solved the problem but the video was stolen so it's just Mu Cheng's words against Ah Cai's words and no concrete evidence.

Frustrated and angry, Guang Xi goes after the pervert again but is blocked off by Xiao Lin who begins lecturing him. "Sure, beating him will give the feeling of revenge but what justice will that bring to the victim?" Angry, Guang Xi slams his fist on a table. "But the video is missing. We can't call the police under the questionable innocence of Mu Cheng, and they won't believe anything I say. The police will only look at the garbage's injury bill, this will only let the victim be hurt again! This concept, I still understand. But what options do I have left to convict him?"

"Guang Xi, fists can't solve everything. There'll definitely be a solution to this problem, and fists are not involved." The lawyer has a very convincing fatherly image but he's not a father, how ironic! All the fathers (except for Mu Cheng's father whose RIP) in this drama are such jerks...and the biggest one is Director He.

At home, Xiao Ah Yee yells the crap out of the pervert who continues to blame Mu Cheng for seducing him. At first, Xiao Ah Yee was skeptical that Mu Cheng would do such a thing for money but then Ah Cai revealed that Mu Cheng wanted money to move out...

Furious, Xiao Ah Yee confronts Mu Cheng in her room and finds an envelope with money. Mu Cheng nods her head, affirming the fact she needed money to pay for college application fee. "It's true that I want to enter college(moving out...meaning moving to college dorms?) but I never seduce him. That money came from my own working income that I saved. I didn't sell myself. I want to move out, because Ah Cai Shu takes every opportunity to secretly harass me when you're not around. That's why..." *SLAP*

She simply refuses to believe her.

Poor Mu Cheng is thrown out of the house!

Kicked out her home and with no place to go,
Mu Cheng tearfully holds onto the only memory of family she has left. And O WHAT PERFECT TIMING AGAIN, GUANG XI! Not a minute early, not a minute late, it only happens in dramas, only in dramas.

"Don't shed tears for people who don't care about you" he tells her, gently wiping the tears strolling down her cheeks.

At a time like this, it helps to know some rich guy like Guang Xi. One phone call and he's got a house for her to live in. (The house belongs to Jacko, Guang Xi's friend. By the way, if you ever travel to Taiwan and get lost there and happen to stumble upon this same house, the keys are in the mailbox. Just something to keep in mind if you ever go to Taiwan. =D) It's BIG alright! Looks like it got two floors and look a bike. Is that suppose to remind us of Easy Fortune Happy Life?

In the morning she got kidnapped, in the afternoon she got rescued, at dinner time she nearly got raped, at night time she got kicked out. This is too much for anyone, let alone Mu Cheng, to handle.

In the bathroom, Mu Cheng notices red marks on her neck and her wrists, reminding her of the earlier incident at Sheng De Tang.

Unable to hold in anymore, she lets it in out first in muffled cries, not wanting to let Guang Xi hear her.

But as her tears start to flood out, she opens the faucet and lets the running water hide her crying. It was a tearful scene.

Mu Cheng!!! Ady!!! Her crying scenes are goood~

After shower time, it's time for a bedtime story! "A long long time ago, there was a princess. She was kidnapped by a demon lord. The demon lord said to her, 'You can scream until you burst lungs', nobody will come save you. And so the princess screamed, 'Burst Lungs!!!' And Nobody came to save the Princess." It managed to get a chuckle out of me. Hahaha! This story reminds me of Odysseus and the Cyclops.

"You're lame."

"I didn't just want to make you laugh. I also want to tell you, in the future, if you encounter any danger, don't call 'Burst Lungs', call 'Ren Guang Xi' and I will came save you."

There is a moment of awkward silence so Guang Xi excuses himself to get a glass of milk for her. And when he comes back, she's already asleep.

He looks at her sleeping figure and blames himself for her misfortune that ensured earlier.

The next morning, Mu Cheng wakes up and sees breakfast on the table. Yum Yum! But all of a sudden, Mu Cheng remembers she hasn't fed the injured bird and rushes back to Sheng De Tang.

News spread like wild fire. Someone sent all the students in the college the photo in the screencap. Now everyone thinks Mu Cheng slept with her stepfather.

Posters defaming her innocence were posted on the walls in Sheng De Tang. GRRR!!! She rips them down, trying to get of the memories it bought back.

A crowd of students had gathered to criticize her immoral behavior but luckily Flower Boy comes to the rescue and disperses the crowd. "I trust you", he tells her. Aww, what a great friend.

Meanwhile, the news has gotten to the ears of President Fang. The only solution that she comes up with is to kick the troublemakers out namely, Liang Mu Cheng, Xiao Ah Yee, and Ah Cai.

What would they do without him? He reminds her that she must handle this situation with more care because the outside world is watching carefully how she deals with this. If she just kicks them out, that's not a good image for the university. He suggests that they open a "Searching for the Truth" trial aka a mock trial with an interesting name.

Flower Boy is busy trying to find the culprit who sent out those misleading photos.

And the culprit is the evil Zhang Ai Li. Revenge is a sour lemon.

Dang, she has a lot of people helping her. Guang Xi comes with news about the mock trial and persuades Mu Cheng to take part in it to clear her name and get her innocence back.

He offers to be her representing lawyer and assures her that he won't let her down.

Meanwhile, the school nerd offers to be the lawyer for Ah Cai, not because he believes Ah Cai but rather he wants to crush Guang Xi in court for embarrassing him in front of Yi Qian.

That's what we'll look like during the few days before final exams. Post its everywhere, nose stuck in books, brain crying too much info!!! And this trying to play catch up. His grades are in the gutter, he's ill prepared for the trial which starts in two days. So he has two days to jam whatever he can into his brain for that trial. Good Luck.

This lady passes by and is surprised to see her son working his butt off. Even she notices the changes in Guang Xi and it's all due to Liang Mu Chen.

Yi Qian heard about the mock trial and calls Guang Xi out to relax. (The message here is don't study your butt off without taking a moment to relax and clear your head. Everyone needs to refresh once in a while)

But relaxing is not the only reason, she called him out. She gives him some useful psychological reports regarding sexual offenders and she also reminds him to look for someone with knowledge and experience in courtroom to help him with his case.

And that knowledgeable and experience person is none other than Lawyer Xiao Lin! He's so awesome. Guang Xi lingers outside the lawyer's house, trying to put aside his hatred for the lawyer. This is called wasting time. But not for long, because Lawyer magically knows that Guang Xi is outside and opens the door, welcoming the lad in.

The lad tries to put on a cool front and gives off the message I-don't-want-to-be-here-but-since-you-invited-me-in-I'll-accept-your-help.

Lawyer is very happy that Guang Xi comes to him for help and immediately gets down to business. Pulling various books from his towering bookshelves, he flips through them, marking some pages, before handing them to Guang Xi. He tells Guang Xi to read through these books as they will help him in his case and also urges him to talk to the key person in this case, Xiao Ah Yee, and try to convince her to testify against Ah Cai.

This is their last hope and the key to this whole case. Xiao Ah Yee, if she appears in the mock trial, will either harm or help Mu Cheng, depending on which side she's on. Mu Cheng stays outside while Guang Xi goes in and tries his luck.

Trying to convince a stubborn woman is no easy matter.

Ax Cue See Me! Xiao Ah Yee and her broken English. She still refuses to believe Mu Cheng's words although I think deep down she does believe Mu Cheng.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Guang Xi barges into the bathroom and takes pictures of the three locks used to keep the door shut and the boards used to cover the bathroom window.

Guang Xi leaves his number with Evil Lady, hoping that she'll change her mind and call him to testify against Mr. Creepy.

Evil Lady goes out to make sure he's really left her home whereupon she discovers that someone has helped her fold the blankets. She knows that the person was Mu Cheng~ (Maybe she's not that bad afterall)

On the blanket is a letter addressed to Xiao Ah Yee (Evil Lady).

OOO, yay! Another one down, and a few more to go! This episode slightly changed my view on Xiao Ah Yee (Evil Lady). Maybe she's not that evil, maybe she's does care about Mu Cheng but keeps it in her heart. The part where she threw Mu Cheng out of the house can be interpreted in many ways. It could be that she really hates Mu Cheng so she throws her out the house. Or it's her subtle way of protecting Mu Cheng. Perhaps she thinks that history might repeat itself, and the only way to protect Mu Cheng is to kick her out, out of the house, out of Ah Cai's vision, out into the lonely world.

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