November 15, 2009

Autumn's Concerto Episode 2 Summary

The university has some financial issues and President Fang (Guang Xi's Mom) is trying to negotiate a deal with Director He. The problem is that Mr. He wants the piece of land that contains Sheng De Tang, an abandoned building in the University but Sheng De Tang is more than just a useless building. To Guang Xi and perhaps, President Fang, Sheng De Tang is like a monument, constantly reminding them of Guang Xi's father, who died when Guang Xi was still a young child.

Welcome aboard, hockey girl! This is He Yi Qian, daughter of the arrogant Director He. She sneaks into the hockey rink likes hockey? Hahaha~ anyway, this was a really abrupt way to introduce her into the story.

Guang Xi, also the captain of the hockey team, kicks her out of the rink because she scored a goal right under his nose~

Uh-oh~ I don't like the sight of those two in the background. They are always up to no good although they always claim that what they do is always for the best interest of their children. Two parents, two children, guess it's match-making time.

President Fang informs Guang Xi of the financial dilemma the university is currently facing and that if they don't do something, Sheng De Tang might end up in another person's hands. Not surprised, Guang Xi replies, "So you're ready to demolish the only memory of Dad in this university. Why am I not surprised? You should have done so earlier. Don't you feel guilty every time you see Sheng De Tang?"

And the only way to save this holy place of memory is to go after Yi Qian in hopes that her father would give the university money. So sacrificing your son for money is worth more than anything, eh?

On the other hand, Flower Boy walked Mu Cheng home after the ice rink incident back in episode 1. Flower Boy ah~ will always be her guardian angel but never the person that lives in her heart. Such is the fate of a second male lead~

Upon hearing voices outside, Evil Lady rushes out to greet Mu Cheng and the President's son. Instead she sees Mu Cheng with Flower Boy and immediately scolds Mu Cheng for coming home with a gardener and not the rich guy. Mu Cheng tells her that she has nothing to do with the rich boy and will never see him again. Flower Boy jumps in and reveals that the reason was because he beat the rich boy up.

Hahaha~ this part was a bit amusing. Evil Lady flares up and spits out a lot of Taiwanese (Hokkien?) at Flower Boy. "Get lost! You're a scoundrel who wants to eat swan meat! Go back to tending your flowers! Your flowers are withering!"

Once she starts, she just can't stop. "Liang Mu Cheng, what kind of front are you trying to put up? He's the son of the President. One word from him and we'll get kicked out. And you still think you're a princess. If he tells you to sleep with him, you'll also have to say thank you... don't tell me you still want to play the piano, your father's been dead for so many years, keep dreaming! I raised you up for so many years, if I tell you to sell yourself, then you're going to sell yourself!"

That was some brutal verbal abuse. And it was the last straw for Mu Cheng as she ran out the house.

Unfortunately, this gives an excuse for the creepy prevert, Ah Cai, to go out after Mu Cheng.

Meanwhile Mu Cheng, seeing a piano, enters Sheng De Tang and proceeds to touch the piano keys that were once her pride and joy. Despite not touching a piano for years, she still remembers how to play that one song, Air on G String.

Coincidentally, Guang Xi is in the same room sleeping. He awakens once he hears the sound of a familiar piece.

He creeps slowly behind her and yells, "BOO, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Who gives you the right to touch this piano!"

Startled by his sudden appearance, Mu Cheng attempts to leave but is quickly blocked by Guang Xi, who wants revenge for what happened on the ice rink. Still thinking that Mu Cheng is just like any other girl (out for his $$), he tells her to strip or else her family will lose their business contract with the university.

Meanwhile, Mr. Creepy is outside watching this drama unfold. This guy is such a _____. (let's play fill in the blank~)

As Mu Cheng starts to unbutton, she says, "Please tell me, a person who must degrade themselves in front of a stranger, how much fun is it. Please tell me, how much fun you are having sitting there watching me." Tears of disgrace rolls down her eyes...

Touched by her genuineness, he shouts for her to stop but she is too distressed.

He stops her from unbuttoning furthermore as a tear drops on his hand. "You men think this is very fun?" Mu Cheng askes bitterly. You men...

Outside, a security guard found Mr. Creepy lurking outside the window, Mr. Creepy runs away before he is caught but not before shouting that there are two students in the Sheng De Tang doing inappropriate things. The guard enters but sees no one (Mu Cheng and Guang Xi hid behind a sofa) so he locks the doors before leaving.

Mu Cheng tries to leave again but to no avail as the door is locked. Looks like she is fated to be in this room with Guang Xi.

The two hear a weird noise and went to search for the source of the noise whereupon, a huge scratch on the floor is discovered and a story is unfolded.

A little boy died here. There was once a professor in the music department who would often bring his son here to play. He taught him how to rollarblade. But one time, he didn't warn his son and let go of his hands. The boy lost balance and fell on the floor. This scar on the floor was made when the rollarblade scratched it. (what happened afterward?) Afterward, this dad used the same method and left his son. (His dad committed suicide) The boy fell again. At the age of 8, the boy died. People say, they see him at night, skating across the room.

Mu Cheng is no dummy. She easily makes connection that the little boy in the story refers to Guang Xi. Like the little boy, Mu Cheng also experienced this sudden letting go of daddy's hands. But unlike Guang Xi, she has a more positive outlook on it. She tells him, "Dad's heart hurts too when he let go, but he hopes that I learn to stand up when I fall. I think the dad/professor also wanted his son to learn this concept and not stay on the ground and mope." She is well equipped to face the many lemons life has thrown at her.

It turns out that the source of the weird noise they heard before came from a little injured bird. And of course, Mu Cheng will not just leave the injured bird there...

He looks at her with renewed respect and admiration. She's different from the others.

They sleep together through the night. Let's see who wakes up first. Hehehe

Tada~ it's Mu Cheng. She jumps back a bit when she sees Guang Xi sleeping right next to her. Hahahahahaha~

Guang Xi, feeling her stare, wakes up and teases her about spending the night with him. Mu Cheng, a little embarrassed, attempts to leave again but this time, Guang Xi stops her and says, "Wait, I have the keys." "WHAT?!?! Why didn't you say so earlier?!?!" Hahaha~ he kinda just forced her to spend the night with him.

"Because you didn't ask." he replies. Hahaha~ that's always the answer to that question, "Why didn't you say so earlier?" Wanting to see her again, he uses the excuse that the piano will break if it isn't played often to get her to play the piano every night after work. That's really nice of him, killing three birds with one stone. One, he gets to see her. Two, she gets to play the piano. Three, the piano won't break.

They leave Sheng De Tang with Mu Cheng trying to refuse his demand of playing the piano every night.

Unfortunately for them, two students see them walking out of Sheng De Tang and immediately whip out their camera phone to take pictures. Why? Because they are paparazzi.

Meanwhile, Evil Lady is so happy to discover that Mu Cheng did not come home all night while Mr. Creepy is mad that she spent the whole night with Guang Xi.

Guang Xi escorts Mu Cheng home. Mr. Creepy lashes out at Guang Xi, in the name of Mu Cheng's father. But don't be deceived! He only wants to keep Guang Xi away from Mu Cheng, away from his prize. You creepo!

Guang Xi sees through his facade and based on Mu Cheng's reaction when Mr. Creep pulled her away from him, he knows that the "other men" Mu Cheng referred to earlier was her stepfather, Mr. Creep. Guang Xi informs Mr. Creep that sexual offenders get a max of two years in jail and those kind of people might not even survive in jail.

Just before Guang Xi leaves, he gives Mu Cheng his phone so that she can call for help if her stepfather dares to bother her again. A thought to keep in mind: Recall the kiss scene on the hockey rink back in episode 1, the picture he took is also on this phone.

The next day at school, news
about Guang Xi's bet has spread rapidly. (He bet with his friends that he'll get a photo of him and the bento girl kissing). The results will be announced at the school's track field.

No bets go without punishment. The person who placed the largest bet gets to declare a punishment. It's no surprise that this person turns out to be Zhang Ai Li, the person Guang Xi dumped in front of a bus in Episode 1. Revenge, revenge, revenge.

And the punishment is to wear pink heels and run 10 times around the track. That's pretty embarrassing for the leader of the school hockey team, no? It's PINK heels too~

He announces that he lost the bet. Mu Cheng, who purposely walks by with her lunch bike hears this and is a confused. She looks for his phone and sees the photo that he would have used to win the bet.

"Liang Mu Chen is my last target"

With that said, he readily accepts his punishment...

He runs, he falls, he's out.

Guang Xi is then bought to the nurses' office by He Yi Qian (Hockey Girl) and then an amusing conversation erupts. "An athlete using his feet as a bet, you have guts, but you're very childish too." she shoots him a suger coated arrow.

"Miss, don't you think you worrying too much for me? Are you interested in my hockey skills or interested in me?" he shamelessly shoots one of his Cupid arrows. Hahaha~

Saved by a phone call. It's Guang Xi's mom checking up on their progress.

She reminds him that Sheng De Tang might be lost if nothing is done.

Yi Qian overhears their conversation and asks if "the girl" they were mentioning referred to her. Guang Xi tells her flat out that his mom wants him to date her(Yi Qian) so that the university can get money from Director He. It's as simple as that and Yi Qian is impressed by his honesty.

Meanwhile, Mr. Creepy and Mu Cheng are driving home in his truck.

His constant inappropriate glances at Mu Cheng makes her feel very uncomfortable.

Mr. Creepy suddenly decides to go buy some seafood before heading home.

He walks over to the turtle cage and picks up one of the turtles trying to crawl out. As he picks the turtle up, he hints to Mu Cheng that she won't be able to escape from him no matter how hard she tries.

Terrified by his warning, Mu Cheng runs out of the seafood market and cries in despair. She takes out the phone that Guang Xi gave him and for a second she wants to call for help. But then she extinguishes that thought. No one to turn to for help...

It's almost 7:00 and Guang Xi is already at Sheng De Tang waiting for Mu Cheng to come.

When she finally arrives, he makes a lame joke about her being late but Mu Cheng is in no mood for any jokes today.

Today is not a happy day. Mu Cheng rushes through the only musical piece she knows and Guang Xi gets annoyed and is worried at the same time.

Mu Cheng starts to leave but Guang Xi stops her and reminds her that injured bird is still there waiting for her care. Mu Cheng explodes. "What responsibility? You think that just because you saved her you have the power to interfere in her life? You treat her well now, then how is she going to live in the future? You think you can always be at her side? Don't treat her well anymore and stop worrying about her. She has her own life.
"Your one moment of help isn't help, it'll only let her feel more painful" " Mu Cheng doesn't want to become dependent on Guang Xi.

"Because you'll never be part of her family, and from the start to the end, she'll always be alone."

Back at the house, the seafood lady meets up with Evil Lady and warns Evil Lady about Mr. Creepy's wandering eyes (on Mu Cheng). But Evil Lady dismisses that notion...(or maybe she's just ignoring all the obvious signs)

The next day at the school cafe, a student runs up to Mu Cheng and informs her that Guang Xi is injured and is waiting at Sheng De Tang for her.

It's a trap. It's Zhang Ai Li and her god brother up to no good. They kidnap Mu Cheng. (I want to thank them for this, because without them, we won't have the hockey scene~)

Meanwhile, Guang Xi calls his old phone (which he gave to Mu Cheng) and is surprised that someone else picked up. Zhang Ai Li. She wants Guang Xi to come to the hockey rink and uses Mu Cheng to threaten him.

Just like how Clark Kent turns into Superman, Guang Xi turns into Flash and speeds to the hockey rink.

Flower Boy is also looking for Mu Cheng when he sees Guang Xi sprinting somewhere. Sensing that it has something to do with Mu Cheng (his 6th sense is very strong), he finds out from Jacko and the other guy that Guang Xi is heading to the hockey rink. And off he runs...

Aww, there's Mu Cheng, tied up and sitting on the cold ground~!

But have no fear, Guang Xi is here! He managed to pick up a hockey stick on the way and pucks an egg(he must have really good skills to do that) at the Ai Li's godbrother.

OOOO, I'm so scared~ It's Hockey Team G and god brother getting ready to fire pucks at Guang Xi. The deal here is that as long as Guang Xi is able to block the pucks, they will let him and Mu Cheng go. The catch is he's not allowed to wear any hockey equipment!!! OUCH!

The first puck knocks Guang Xi to his knees but he calls the shot a weak one. And then they all start firing their pucks like a machine gun. Bang Bang Bang!

Not wanting Mu Cheng to get hurt, he throws himself around her, protecting her from the shooting pucks!


He eventually loses his balance and falls back but Mu Cheng pulls him in.

He smiles! Hahahahahaa~ This hug has overcome all pain from the shooting pucks!

It's Flower Boy to the rescue! Oh yea! He always comes at the right time! Herooo! He distracts the hockey players by taking Ai Li hostage and shouts for Guang Xi to escape with Mu Cheng.

Guang Xi puts out his hand.

Mu Cheng, recalling from the earlier hockey scene, that when you give your hand to someone, it means you're also giving him your life. Believing in Guang Xi, she gives him her hand.

And then they run.

Whee! I finally finish doing the summary for episode 2! Sorry for the lateness, I was being lazy! Anyways, episode 2 encompassed one of my favorite scenes in the drama so far, and that is hockey scene 2! (Hockey scene 1 was at the end of episode 1) It was well done, well directed, well acted! And the music played during this scene is wonderful. Everything just fits so perfectly. Hahaha~ or maybe I'm being bias here. :) And yay for flower boy for coming to the rescue! In Dong Jie's words from EFHL, Flower Boy is the guardian angel sent by the late Mr. Liang (MC's father) to protect not only Mu Cheng but the between Mu Cheng and Guang Xi.


  1. You should do more episode summaries!!! I really like reading them! (Plus, sometimes I don't have time to watch the entire episode.. so the summary is good for that.. and it's good to find out what ep are my fav scenes)

  2. aww, thanks for the encouragement! Glad you like it! I'm trying to catch up on the episode summaries... I'm really behind on them.

  3. Wow. This is like a frame by frame summary. Very well done!

    If only you did this for every episode >_>;

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