November 28, 2009

'Autumn's Concerto' Ady An & Xiao Xiao Bin's sweet mother-and-son relationship warms hearts of viewers

Source: Sina
Translation: Sarah @

Taiwanese idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ continues to maintain good ratings. After the broadcast of the ‘8th stop’, ratings broke a new high of 5.05. In the drama, the sweet mother-and-son Ady An & Xiao Xiao Bin’s stellar performance have amazed the audience.

The hottest drama this season ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ has received very good ratings. The latest 8th episode reached a new high of 5.05, and continues to sit on the number one spot for the 8th consecutive week. With the entry of child star Xiao Xiao Bin, whom the audience immediately fell in love with, praising his cuteness and netizens even giving him the title of ‘child prodigy’. Currently the storyline tells of Xiao Xiao Bin & his ‘mother’ Ady An living in Hua Tian Village. Although they live by themselves, they lead a happy life, and the deep love flowing from this sweet mother-and-son have warmed the hearts of many viewers. Talking about her first ‘son’ Xiao Xiao Bin, Ady laughs: “He really is so cute! Earlier when I celebrated my birthday with the drama crew, Xiao Xiao Bin gave his most loved Sponge Bob to me as a birthday present. But when he was giving it to me, his little hands were trembling, presumably he was fighting an inner struggle in his heart!”

AH~ he looks so sad in the first picture where he gives away his Spongebob!!!!
HAHAHA! I love all the Ady-XXB family scenes too! Can't wait for Van Ness Father to join them!!!

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  1. it's so funny i love this!!!