November 30, 2009

Ady An happily plays the role of a mother

Xiao Xiao Bing (from the left), Ady An and Vanness Wu star in Autumn's concerto. The image of the family of three makes the ratings increase

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ Asianfanatics

Vanness Wu and Ady An have been starring in TTV / SETTV's popular drama Autumn's Concerto, according to AGB Nielsen ratings report, last night the ratings reached 5.55 achieving the highest rating idol drama, breaking the record previously held by "Fated To Love You". [<- not true, probably a translation error, ftly broke 10] Vanness after revealing his body, now pretends to be a superman to accompany Xiao Xiao Bin, this funny scene has been nicknamed as the appearance of the new generation of comedians!

Ady, Vanness and Xiao Xiao Bin the "family of three" portray an image of a warm happy family, making a lot of female audience members feel touched and amazed. Having not acted in dramas for a long time Ady, who stars as the single mother has been well received by audience members, she said " after this I'll need to see how old the child is because you can't ask me to be a mother of an 18 year old."

I love this family of three! Peace and happiness is what I see and feel when these three come together under one roof. Hopefully, that peace and happiness will last...


  1. ady and vanness fits perfectly ^.^

  2. i wish that they were really met for each other in real life . AMAZING CHEMISTRY !

  3. Belated Happy Birthday to Liang Mu Cheng

  4. i wish more drama of vanness and ady an

  5. iam so addicted autumns concerto there good chimestry no one break her chimestry