November 04, 2009

Ady An as Zhao Min MV


Must I say more? I am definitely starting this T.O.D.A.Y., starting from episode 11, because the first 10 episodes are about the hero, Zhang Wu Ji, in his teen years and Ms. Zhao Min/Ady doesn't appear until later on. Enjoy the MV for now~


  1. I just finished watching this a little while ago and enjoyed it. Even though there were some boring/draggy parts, which I think it's due to nature of the story and plot, it was good overall. It's interesting to see this drama in a different version with new characters. Ady An and Deng Chao have so much chemistry together, I loved all their scenes together. It's because of their characters and how they portrayed them, wish they had more sweet scenes together =P

  2. Haahahahhaaa. Dramas are ALWAYS lacking of sweet scenes!