November 17, 2009

4-year old Xiao Xiao Bin defeats A-list idol stars!

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

4-year old Xiao Xiao Bin has defeated A-list idol stars! Ratings for the 3 Sunday idol dramas have been released and Xiao Xiao Bin’s first appearance with his cute baby voice and sparkling eyes made SETTV’s ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ ratings break 4%. However, Show Luo & Rainie Yang’s ‘Hi My Sweetheart’ dropped to below 2%, and Cyndi Wang & Jiro Wang’s ‘Momo Love’ only just broke 1%.

Sunday idol drama ratings have become worse, one idol drama after the other. The high ratings achieved by ‘My Queen’ and ‘Fated To Love You’ seems to have disappeared into thin air. Vanness Wu & Ady An’s ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ yesterday finally broke 4%, with Xiao Xiao Bin’s first appearance. Online discussion forums have been praising Xiao Xiao Bin non-stop, and even gave him the title of ‘child prodigy’. However, there were also people who felt that Xiao Xiao Bin’s lines were too mature, and that it would be even better if it was more natural. And Xiao Xiao Bin’s other idol drama ‘Down With Love’ will be airing soon and it seems he will be competing against himself. However, whether or not he can steal main leads Jerry Yan & Ella Chen’s spotlight is another topic.

Xiao Xiao Bin, with his clever speech and cute baby voice not only amazed the audience but even made many people cry. He has also attracted the interest of many advertisement companies and his manager expressed: “A public sector company invited the father-and-son to film an ad, but there have been many other advertisement companies inviting only Xiao Xiao Bin, but this is still under consideration.”

Although ‘Hi My Sweetheart’ and ‘Momo Love’ both have strong casts, but the former is too comic and the latter’s storyline doesn’t draw much attention. Both dramas are still awaiting a breakthrough in ratings.

AHHHHH~ Xiao Xiao Bin! He's so adorablee! OMG, what happens if Xiao Xiao Bin and Jimmy Lin were to act in a drama together? HAHAHA, that would like one of the cutest drama ever! Hahahahaa~ Xiao Xiao Bin's acting is really convincing! I love it when he clasps his hands and goes, "Please"! Soooo cutteeeee!

"Hi My Sweetheart" is okay. MoMo Love...what's the storyline? I thought it was getting somewhere with episode 4 but episode 5 put it back at square one. This drama is going in circles. The overly protective brothers are being emphasized too much. But on the bright side, Calvin comes out in episode 5! But I still don't get the storyline.


  1. He's sooo cute~~~

    when does the next ep of autumn's concerto come out?

  2. ^_^ he looks cute, acts cute, and sounds cute~ hahahahahaa

    the next episode comes out this sunday