November 07, 2009

15th Singapore HIT Awards results

original source: Media Corp Xin SG
translated by minchong92 @

Best Producer for a Single: [Black White/Hei Bai] Edward Chan, Charles Lee, Khalil Fong

Best Local Lyricist: [Thinking of/Si Nian] Tanya Chua

Best Local Composer: [Ru Yan] Chen Jia Ming

Best Local Singer: JJ Lin

Best Performing Male Artist: Jam Hsiao

Best Performing Female Artist: A-mei Chang

Best Group: S.H.E

Best Band: Mayday

Best Songwriting-Artist: Sodagreen

Outstanding Debut Artistes (4 winners): Rachel Liang, Lala Hsu, Jing Huang, Zhang Yun Jing

Most Popular Male Artist:
Jam Hsiao

Most Popular Female Artist: Rachel Liang

Most Popular Group: Mayday

Most Popular Newcomer: Rachel Liang

Y.E.S 93.3 FM Charts - Golden Song of the Year: [Heart Beat/Xin Tiao] Wang Lee Hom

Y.E.S 93.3 FM Charts - Shining Artiste: Mayday

Asia Media Recognition Award (Male Artist): Jay Chou

Asia Media Recognition Award (Female Artist): Tanya Chua

Asia Media Recognition Award (Band): Mayday

Asia Media Recognition Award (Group): S.H.E

Best Regional Singer (Mainland China):
Bibi Zhou

Best Regional Singer (Hong Kong):
Eason Chan

Best Regional Singer (Taiwan): S.H.E

Best Regional Singer (Malaysia): Fish Leong

Local Media Recognition Award for Inspiration: Kevin Tan

Best Local Musician Award: Tanya Chua

All-around Entertainer:

Most Popular of the Year Award: Fahrenheit

COURTS MV Award: Kevin Tan

Charismatic Newcomer i-Award: Lala Hsu

Congratsss everyone! Wowowow~S.H.E. and Mayday got the most awards. Congrats! And FRH got popularity award! And wooo~ Jing Ye!

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