October 16, 2009

Watch Golden Bell Award 2009

You can watch Taiwan's Golden Bell Award here. There are four parts: Award Part 2, Award Part 1, the Red Carpet, and Behind-the-Scene. And below are some selected clips from the award show.

1. Van Ness and Ady walk down the red carpet! (@ 8:25)They look so compatible with each other~ maybe that's why I like AC so much even though only two episodes have been shown. I hope to see them at next year's Golden Bell Award as possible recipients. By the way, I LOVE Van Ness' hair, it looks so goood on him!

2. Black n White cast w/o Vic at the red carpet! (@ 2:30) The Golden Question of the night: Black n White, both male leads got the nominated, who does Director Tsai think will win tonight? Watch the clip to find out his answer!

3. Vic walks red carpet with Li Lu. (@ 3:10) Vic thanks his fans for coming and tells them to stay warm and don't get sick. Watch as he gets stumped by one of the question asked by the host! Hahahahaaa~ on a side note, he looks like he's chewing gum.

4. OMG! FAHRENHEIT AT THE RED CARPET! (@ 2:05) Wow, what a surprise! They're award presenters for ... I forgot which awards. But anyway, Arron looks suave with his bow tie, he really likes bow ties. Hahaha~ Chun is missing~ he's probably busy eating dinner, hahaha! Just kidding~ he's probably filming 14 Blades.

5. Van Ness and Ady as award presenters for Best Animation and Best Hakka Supporting Actress. Here we find out Van Ness favorite cartoon! It's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Hahahaha~ I can't help but stare at his hair more and more, he just looks too good with that cut!

6. Mark Zhao gets an unexpected surprise! Best Male Actor. Congrats! He starts tearing when he was thanking Vic for his guidance and advice. It was a touching moment between two friendly brothers. Everyone was crying~ his dad, Director Tsai and his wife~

7. Director Tsai gets his third Golden Bell Award! Awesome Director! Camera shot at his wife, and she is crying again, hahaa~ she's so happy tonight, Black n White got a lot of award! Anyway, after Director Tsai got his award, he went to present the next two awards with his buddy. One of which is best actress and that went to -drum rolls- not Cheryl (surprise!) but to Liu Rui Qi! Better known as Ren Guang Xi's mother in AC!

8. Last chance to see Yu Xiao Hui (Director Tsai's wife) cry tears of joy! Watch as Tsai's buddy leapt onto Tsai when he saw Black and White on the award paper! Also look out for the sweet moment when Director Tsai presents the Best Drama Award to his wife! Aww, what a touching scene! Producer Yu gives a special shout out to Vic: You'll always be the best male lead in my heart!

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