October 10, 2009

Vanness Wu uses his waist strength to force Ady An to take off her clothes

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

For his new SETTV idol drama 'Autumn Concerto', Vanness Wu had to wear female high-heels, and it even gave him the idea of re-learning the piano. Lately, he's been going on Youtube to learn a piano piece to one of Justin Timberlake's songs. He said: "Piano has provoked my mind, when I was little, I didn't learn piano properly and that is the thing I regret the most till now."

In the drama, he & Ady An have to act out an intimate scene of him undo-ing her blouse buttons beside the piano, and staff members were so moved by this scene that they even shed tears. Vanness said: "Because I have to force her to take off her clothes, our bodies have to be quite close together, but I was scared of crushing her, so I specially straightened my waist to reduce the weight of my body."


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