October 26, 2009

TVB Award Nomination List (Part of it)

Part of the nomination list

Best Actor:

Wayne Lai-Rosy Business
Moses Chan-The Gem Of Life (HEY, MR. SERENDIPITY!)
Dayo Wong-You're Hired
Wong Hei-Burning Flames III
Kevin Cheng-Burning Flames III (FOR REAL?)
Bosco Wong-Burning Flame III (ARE YOU SERIOUS?)
Roger Kwok-D.I.E. Again
Gallen Lo-Born Rich
Ray Lui-Born Rich

I find it funny how Wong Hei and Kevin and Bosco all made it to the Best Actor list but Myolie did not make it to Best Actress. Burning Flames III was...so F.A.I.L. It is the most ironic TVB drama. Poorly written storyline with laggy and boring love triangle yet high ratings.

Best Actress:

Sheren Tang-Rosy Business
Charmaine Sheh-Beyond the Realm Of Conscience
Tavia Yeung-Beyond the Realm Of Conscience
Anita Yuen-Born Rich
Jamie Chik-Born Rich
Kenix Kwok-Born Rich
Teresa Mo-Off Pedder
Sonija Kwok-D.I.E. Again (...her acting wasn't that great here, I felt she was much better in the D.I.E. I.)
Liza Wang-When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West

I'm surprised Ada Choi did not make it on the list for Gem of Life. Even though that show was pretty sluggish, Ada's performance was the definitely the gem of the show.

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