October 25, 2009

Totally Cannot Live Without Dramas

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2009

Although this story has been made a gazillion times, I'm still looking forward to it because GAHH Ady is in it and she's playing Zhao Min!!! Wooo! I just saw some pictures of Ady in her costumes as Zhao Min and the photos sooooo prettttyyyy~ The guy, however, does not look too good but as long as their chemistry is there, I'm fine with it~~


I'm still debating whether I should watch this show or not. My friend recommended this to me earlier this year, I gave episode one a shot and then I gave up. I guess the timing was not right. I'm reconsidering this drama now because I just read a lot of positive reviews on this show. Maybe when I'm out of stuff to watch, I'll turn to this drama. Heard that Xie Jie Kai(Yang Yang in EFHL) is in here too~

Momo Love

She has four freaky brothers and one very weak brother. Huang Jing Lun...is pushing me away from this drama. I get that he's a newcomer and I should give him a chance but my patience is limited...very limited. If Jing Lun is pushing me away, Jiro, Calvin, and Godfrey are pulling me into this drama. Jiro in here is sooo muchh more bearable than Jiro in Together. Calvin, I hope to see you in episode 2. And Godfrey! He's soo handsomee~ And no offense to Ken Zhu's fan, but I would like to see him with shorter hair.

Chinese Paladin

Another Ady show~ I am like chasing all her old dramas! Hahaha! I'm up to episode 16, I think. I like it when the characters travel to places on their swords. It's so cool, they like just jump on their sword and go soaring in the skies~ such a free feeling! And the two side characters, Tang Yu and Ah Nu are soo cute, especially Ah Nu. She's like a little kid in a grown up body. And Tang Yu, he's so funny when he's confused. Hahaha~

The Outsiders

I just watched up to episode 9 and things are starting to go downhill. Dylan's character is stepping deeper and deeper into the dark side and it looks like he'll be walking down the path of no return. Blue, here, is really different from Blue in EFHL! He smiles more, frowns less. At first, I thought Dylan and Ady would be a good match, but now I'm jumping to the other side and rooting for Ady and Blue!

Born Rich

It's the 21st century, and Ray's business suits look like he belongs to the time of Sherlock Holmes. The show so far is ok, the only interesting thing that is keeping me to this show is where the father went. Is he still alive or is he hiding from his rich family? Also, I'm hoping this won't turn out to be Gem of Life #2. That show was too rich for my small poor brain to comprehend.

Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Dinosaur Lady is really scary. Dinosaur Lady = Susan Tse the mother of Edwin Siu. Don't her hairstyle remind you of a dinosaur? Hahaha! And Kevin's hair...he needs to put his hat 24/7 because his hair is so not cool. Everyone is so hyped to see Tavia's portrayal of an evil lady but her character is not very interesting right now. Instead, Michelle and her acting is really eye catching! Her expressions, her lines, her actions makes her character 3D. Michelle is always tattling on others but there's something about her, that just makes her stand out. She's not as evil as she seems, for now.

Autumn's Concerto/ Next Stop, Happiness

I saved the best for last. I AM GOING CRAZY OVER THIS DRAMA! I really am...I'm going to be sooo sad when this show is over. The best shows are the ones that are most missed. Parting is hard. Two sides of a fair coin, one side is wishing that Sundays would come faster; the other side is a counter counting the number of days left before this drama comes to an end. I'll be waiting at the next Station to watch your happiness come knocking at your door, Liang Mu Chen. Guang Xi, don't let the tumor control your life!


  1. - mars...i hear a lot of people like it...it didnt do much for me, maybe cuz i dont like either big s or vic zhou that much...but yeah, i found it draggy and boring
    - hsds 2009...who IS that guy? yeah, hes not so good looking, but ady as zhao min is good good good =)
    - momo love....ummm...so all i watched was the trailer and i already got super annoyed with huang jing lun and super freaked out by the brothers... it basically turned me off completely..
    and yeah ken zhu definitely needs to cut his hair!
    - born rich is ok so far...the veteran actors are keeping me interested...
    - beyond the realm of conscience...i MUST watch simply cuz i love love love tavia =p
    - the outsiders...yeah, dylan's yu hao character gets a bit insufferable as the series goes on...ESPECIALLY when compared to how sincere and caring blue's shan zi character is...
    not to spoil anything but situations will get worse...(or maybe better depending on your POV) from here on out
    - chinese paladin, i never actually watched but i have a friend who loved it...and the parts that i did watch with her, made me love love love ady even more =)
    - and last but not least...AUTUMN CONCERTO ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!! =DDDDD

  2. Haha, S, I love your enthusiasm! U got so hyper with Autumn's Concerto, it's understandable. We both have contracted the Autumn's Concerto drama disease, and I'm sure there are many more who have it too~ hahaha!