October 13, 2009

Tavia portrays a female detective for the 1st time in "Shall We State The Case"

Source : TVB Weekly Issue 642
Magazine Scans : tavia.org
Translation credits to: jessie @ http://jessie1314.blogspot.com

Actually Tavia Yeung’s mother has a wish all these while. She hopes that Tavia can become a female cop. However, Tavia Yeung ended up being an actress. Although her mother’s wish couldn’t be fulfilled in real life, but in new series “Shall We State The Case”, Tavia really becomes a female cop. She even fulfills her responsibility bravely to save Mary Hon who was being kidnapped.

Feels smart and energetic

In the process of saving Mary Hon, there is a scene whereby Tavia falls down from high hill. Before they shoot the scene, Tavia practiced for a few times before the official shooting. Tavia said, “The process of filming is considered OK. There are stuntmen to help me out on those difficult movements. Therefore, it is not so exhausting. The most terrible thing is the hot weather. Tavia feels smart and energetic as she can have the chance to become a female cop and wear police uniform. She said, “The uniform will tighten up our waist and chest area. We really must have a fit figure in order to wear female cop uniform nicely. The outcome is very smart and energetic indeed.

Wow~ practicing falling down a high hill~ that's so dangerous! Careful~

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