October 31, 2009

Sunday idol drama battle begins; bed scene vs. kiss scene vs. passionate scene

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Rainie Yang & Cyndi Wang’s competition for the ‘sweetheart’ throne has been going on for many years now. Tonight, Rainie’s CTS drama ‘Hi My Sweetheart’ will enter the idol drama battle, competing against Cyndi’s ‘Momo Love’. The competition is about to get even more intense!

Ady An & Vanness Wu haven’t returned to the idol drama market for a long time but their recent SETTV drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ has been doing very well. Last week, they achieved 4.02% in ratings, easily claiming the first place position. And it seems they have left Rainie & Cyndi to battle it out for second place.

However ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ isn’t taking their new competitor lightly. Tonight, they will be airing a hot bed scene, to compete against the 2 sweethearts. Coincidentally, both ‘Hi My Sweetheart’ & ‘Momo Love’ also have kiss scenes airing in tonight’s episodes; it seems that all 3 idol dramas are using passionate scenes to face the battle.

‘Autumn’s Concerto’ will broadcast Vanness & Ady’s bed scene tonight. Vanness said: “This is a beautiful, romantic & passionate scene.” Ady laughed saying: “I’ve never filmed such a scene before with any guy; my face was bright red & my heart was beating very fast.” Ady even had to drink a lot of beer before filming!

Cyndi Wang hasn’t appeared in many of their drama promotional events but yesterday, she finally appeared at a fan event for GTV’s ‘Momo Love’. She & Jiro Wang played a game of feeding ice-cream while blindfolded with fans, and attracted the screams of over 300 female fans. Tonight, ‘Momo Love’ will air a kiss scene where Cyndi sees Jiro kissing another girl, and in the spur of the moment, she shaves all her hair off to become a nun.

After Show Luo & Rainie Yang sorted out their differences in the past, they also have many kiss scenes in ‘Hi My Sweetheart’. In tonight’s first episode, Show falls into a lake in Hang Zhou and takes a whole mouthful of water and water plants. After filming that scene, he had to drink 2 big bottles of mineral water to gargle his mouth. Show said that that day, he saw many people having barbecues beside the lake: “Luckily I only ate some water plants, and not someone’s half-bitten tempura or meat piece they threw into the water, that would be so disgusting ah.”

And after Rainie jumps into the lake to save Show, she had to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and she complained: “Your mouth has a muddy flavour, it’s like I’m giving mouth-to-mouth to a tilapia! (t/n: type of fish)"

I LOVE IT WHEN TV STATIONS COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER! AND I LOVE SUNDAYS TOO! Out of the three scenes, my preference is AC, then Shanghai, then Momo. AC already has a pretty large fanbase so I think most people are looking forward to it. And Hi, My Sweetheart, Show's new image is already the focus of attention. The competing scene for Momo, however, looks really weak compared to the other two.

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