October 05, 2009

‘Shanghai Sweetheart’ Not in Time to Save the Fire; Using Concert Behind the Scenes Clips to Fill in the Slots

Source: Now News
Translated by endlessjoy @ Asianfanatics.net

CTV’s idol drama, ‘Calling For Love’ have decided that it cannot air according to the original plan, and due to the fact that the idol drama suddenly used to replace it, ‘Shanghai Sweetheart,’ is in the process of filming, it cannot replace the premiere timeslot. Therefore, Rainie Yang’s concert and the behind the scenes clips of ‘Shanghai Sweetheart’ will be aired first. As for ‘Shanghai Sweetheart’ that was originally set to premiere on October 18th to compete with ‘Momo Love,’ will have its premiere on November 1st.

‘Calling For Love,’ lead-casted by Mike He has been delayed for a long time and was finally able to air on the 18th. Even the promotional events have been planned out, but because Mainland China’s approval has not been received yet the drama cannot premiere according to schedule. This caused CTV to panic, but fortunately, Angie Chai has another drama on hand, ‘Shanghai Sweethear.’ Though due to the fact that ‘Shanghai Sweetheart’ just started filming not too long ago, it’s afraid that it cannot fill in the original timeslot; therefore, it’s set to premiere on November 1st. As for the weeks of the 18th and the 25th, Rainie’s concert and the behind the scenes clips of ‘Shanghai Sweetheart’ will be aired instead.

Originally CTV’s ‘Calling For Love’ was premiering on the same day as GTV’s ‘Momo Love,’ where there will be a heated battle, but ‘Calling For Love’ has decided not to air. The rush can be seen in Charlene Choi’s and Mike He’s appearances, and all the promotional events have been planned out already. In addition to the release of the promotional clips of the drama, Charlene and Mike already went to make variety shows for promotion. Right now, since the drama is not airing, the question of how the promotional events can match up with the later airing time of the drama is something the television station needs to figure out.

As for the replacement, ‘Shanghai Sweetheart,’ it is cast with Show Luo and Rainie Yang. The style of the two’s appearance in the drama has been revealed and netizens are discussing about them heatedly. Seemingly the collaboration of the two singer-actors should be really good. Even though ‘Momo Love’ premieres two weeks before ‘Shanghai Sweetheart,’ it should be ready for the arrival of this strong competition.

In addition to some issues with the Sunday timeslot, CTV is also facing a lack of dramas to air after ‘Devil Girl 18’ finishes airing. Right now, it does not seem like CTV has any new dramas to fill in the 8:00pm timeslot so it can only use the immediate replacement drama, ‘I’m at Ken Ding, Weather is Good,’ (我在墾丁*天氣晴) for the time-being.

They changed the schedule again!!! There's always a problem with China's approval system thingy. If I remember correctly, Shanghai Sweetheart stopped filming for a while because the drama was stuck in registration. But no worries, it's okay now.

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