October 16, 2009

Black & White rings up 5 Golden Bell Awards; Hu Gua finally the best after 13 years

Source: Ent Sina + Pictures from Ent 163
Translated by: Snow0512@ http://asianfanatics.net

The 44th Golden Bell Awards ended in Taipei; did not let everyone down by winning 5 major awards - Best Drama, Best Director, Best Male Lead, Best Marketing and Best Art Direction. Liu Rui Qi won Best Actress for while Hu Gua finally won Best Host after so many years.

the star of the Golden Bell, ringing up 5 major awards

received the most commendation on that night, winning 5 major awards - Best Drama, Best Director, Best Male Lead, Best Marketing and Best Art Direction. The last award for Best Drama was even presented by Director Tsai Yue Hsun himself to his wife Yu Xiao Hui; Yu Xiao Hui supported Zai Zai who didn't receive an award on the spot, saying, "Thank you Zhou Yu Min, you're forever the Best Male Lead in my heart."

The night's biggest upset was newcomer Mark Zhao You Ting who won over highly-expected winners Vic Zhou Yu Min and Show Luo Zhi Xiang by receiving the Best Male Lead award. Totally not expecting to win, Mark Zhao said in his acceptance speech that "Because I didn't expect to win, so I was not nervous at all, receiving this award now is such a surprise to me. I would like to thank the judges for recognizing me, and thank the cast." At the end of his acceptance speech, Mark specially thanked Vic Zhou; he says that he could not have won this award without the cultivation from his senior Zai Zai and without him (Vic), he could not have completed .

Three-time Golden Bell winner Tsai Yue Xun won Best Director again for ; he claims that he has a principle everytime he makes a drama/movie; he feels that there is a special situation in the Taiwan entertainment industry, one that is taking shape with Asia as its blueprint, and was just a possible trial, which has been proven to be a success.

Hu Gua finally wins Best Host, thanks girlfriend Ting Rou An

After the nominations for the 44th Golden Bell Awards were announced, Hu Gua who has been nominated for 13 times received the most support; Hu Gua who has been nominated so many times but never won had expressed his intention of winning it on many different occassions. Finally, Hu Gua did not disappoint when he won the Golden Bell for Best Variety Show Host for "Challenge 101" with his adept hosting style. In his acceptance speech, amidst tears of joy, Hu Gua said "I would like to thank many colleagues in the production team, they have endured with my bad temper. I want to thank my daughter Xiao Zhen, my son who's in US who's waiting for my phone call; I want to thank their mother who raised them up so well." Finally, Hu Gua also specially thanked girlfriend Ting Rou An for her accompaniment, which was also putting a rest to previous rumours officially.

Liu Rui Qi won Best Female Lead in an upset win, Cheryl Yang Jin Hua missed out on Golden Bell

The night's Best Male and Female Lead awards shocked everyone; Liu Rui Qi won over highly-expected winners Tammy Chen Yi Rong and Cheryl Yang Jin Hua and received the Best Female Lead award. Facing the cameras, Liu Rui Qi confidently expressed, "You all have made a right choice in choosing me, I will not let all of you down." - article by Liu Yang


Most Shocking - Janine Zhang Jun Ning

Perhaps due to prior agreement, the cast of including producer Yu Xiao Hui, Ivy Chen Yi Han and Janine Zhang Jun Ning all wore full-length long dresses, and Janine's wardrobe was just as her usual red carpet style - long, draggy, without figure. After the red carpet ended, Janine Zhang was commented by netizens as one of that night's most shocking female stars.

Most Excited - Phoebe Huang Jia Qian

Heavily pregnant Huang Jia Qian won Best Supporting Female Lead that night, amidst tears of joy, she shouted in exaggeration, "The baby's coming out." Successfully changing her image through "The Story of Time", she admits that 2009 has brought her many gains, not only receiving the recognition of the Golden Bell, but also marrying her foreigner husband and having a child.

Most Direct - Vicky Chen Xiao Xuan

Vicky Chen won Best Female Lead for a Mini-Series with ; without expecting her win, she was very direct in the event, speaking straight without preparation; amidst her sweet acceptance (speech), she even directly said "Even though you say I'm stupid, but you're no better." Finally Chen Xiao Xuan shouted loudly to her son "Little Tie, Mummy has won the award."

Most Touching - Tsai Yue Xun, Yu Xiao Hui 

When Tsai Yue Hsun won Best Director and when presenting the Best Drama award with Niu Cheng Zhe, he said that his biggest motivation in coming to present the award was hoping that would be able to win the award, and he could personally present the award to his wife Yu Xiao Hui; at last, lived up to expectations by winning Best Drama, Tsai Yue Xun and Yu Xiao Hui embraced blissfully on the spot, giving a warm moment to the Golden Bell.

I'm still upset that Mark won over Vic! How is that possible!!!! ROAR~ but congrats to him! Congrats to everyone that won an award and everyone that got nominated! Congrats to Black n White! Congrats to Director Tsai for his third Golden Bell Award! See you next year, Golden Bell!

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