October 23, 2009

Random Note

A week of torment. A week of exams. A week of studying. And it's still not over...so sad...I still have three more exams and one essay. I'm so tired, so exhausted, so sleepppyyyy. Help~ I'm falling apart and the only thing that's keeping me alive (and insane) is Autumn's Concerto. I have seriously been infected with AC drama disease. I like randomly start jumping for joy when I start to think about Autumn's Concerto. -sigh- I think this is worse than the FTLY period. Definitely. It's going to happen anything soon. I'm gonna walk out one day and suddenly decide to hop on a plane and head to Taiwan and completely forget about school. I am insane.

On a more sane note, I'm am quite behind on my HK drama schedule. Well, that is expected since I got like gazillions of exams everyday. So far, I've only watched two episodes of Born Rich and three episodes of Beyond the Realm of Conscience. Even though Beyond got the higher rating, I find Born Rich more pleasant to watch, for now. Both dramas are heavy dramas and will require extensive attention to watch. The beginning for Born Rich is a little more light so that's why I find it more pleasant. Beyond is just...omg...always getting scared for Tavia. I know she's going to get tormented before she becomes rises to power and those scenes are going to be pretty hard to watch. Very unlike my Autumn's Concerto, where things are nice and simple and danger is coming from only a few directions whereas in those TVB series, danger flies at you from every possible direction.

Oh~ dramas days
Oh~ dramas days
When will you be back to see me?

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