October 06, 2009

Possessed by Tou Hau again? Cyndi Wang: "Da Dong loves talking"

Source UDN
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Shooting under busy and stressful environment which gradually made Cyndi Wang ill, she regularly watches the anime "Inuyasha" to relieve her stress, she in particularly loves the passionate and sunshine male lead. Asking whether her co-star in Momo love Jiro Wang is full of sunshine? Cyndi replied "He is more of the talkative type, Ken Zhu is the no.1 and Da Dong is the second." [Jiro just got REJECTED]

Animax the anime channel, from October will broadcast every Saturday night at 11.30pm the season finale of "Inuyasha", which has been very popular in Japan. In Taiwan and Japan the broadcasting dates have a difference of 5 days, the anime tells the adventures and the romantic story of a female high school student and a dog demon who run off into in the sunset, this captured Cyndi's heart.

Cyndi who is filming GTV's "Momo Love" is under a lot of stress, she discovered that she had a swelling in her lymph nodes in her neck, after getting an injection, the doctored ordered for a closer inspection. She said " The situation right now is a lot better, I will find some time to get it examined." Even though she got ill, she felt warmth because of the concern people showed her.

Shooting "Momo Love" the scandal of Jiro's unrequited love broke out, Cyndi explained " I don't think that Da Dong has that type of feeling towards me, the most important is that everyone is happy when we're working." If Cyndi found her match 1st they must be filial, 2nd they must be able to teach her things and what does she think of Jiro? She grimaces "There's no need to say out loud I think everyone knows already." [rejected again...twice in the same article]

Cyndi said Jiro loves talking, even with unfamiliar people on set he will be able to talk to them for a long time, but the best at this is Ken Zhu, no matter what the topic is he will be able to join in, " He really looks like he knows a lot, he will also take care of people and even calls me his little sister, it's like we're all family." [This could count as a rejection, right? hahaha~]

Poor Jiro~ rejected three times in the same article~

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