October 24, 2009

One Person's Tokyo/Dong Jing: Zhang Yun Jing reveals marriage proposal to three-year old

original sources: CNA and UDN Entertainment
translated by minchong92 @ http://asianfanatics.net and @ http://jingcastle.forumotion.net
credit to singshow2008 and 彩虹天空 for posting at ZYJ's EMI Gold Typhoon forum

Singer Zhang Yun Jing has gone down the road of an author, promoting her new book [One Person’s Dong Jing/Tokyo, Zhang Yun Jing 361 degrees]. In her book, she reveals that during her vacation in Tokyo: she went down on her knees to propose to a cute three-year old Japanese boy. But due to the language barrier, this peculiar romance could not continue.

Zhang Yun Jing is winner of the first season of Super Idol, a reality singing competition. With her androgynous vocals and appearance, she has become a extremely popular artist. Yesterday afternoon, she held a pre-order signing event at Taipei’s K-Mall. And there was a huge group of fans on the scene.

Jing opened up the event by performing [Unprecedented], the main single from her first album of the same name. She described her transition from singer to author as another “Unprecedented” undertaking. In her opinion, transferring her emotions and thoughts from music to words was a highly difficult task.

ZYJ said that her new book [One Person’s Dong Jing/Tokyo, Zhang Yun Jing 361 degrees] is a collection of the many happenings she experienced in Tokyo. As an arts major, she was really happy that she could finally visit the “Design Capital” of Tokyo. She said that the extra degree from “361 Degrees” represents herself and steel towers.

Jing admitted that she is quite obsessed with steel towers. Her dream is to vacation with her family to see the world’s towers. However, when she went up to Tokyo Tower’s observation deck, she became very nervous as she walked on the transparent deck far from ground level. Jing couldn’t help but say: “I’m supposed to be really manly, but how come I’ve become a silly scaredy-cat!” [HAHAHA! Jing Ye! It's freaky to walk on a transparent deck!]

Still, “Master” Jing (as dubbed by her fans) was not afraid to express her emotions in her book. She reveals that because of the romantic atmosphere stirring up her lonely thoughts, she felt compelled to propose to a three-year old Japanese boy at Tokyo’s Sensoji Temple. But because of the language barrier, the small boy was scared away. He was surprised to the point where he frantically tried to find his mother. Jing couldn’t help but laugh: “The whole staff was nearby so the beauty was scared away. Next time I’m going alone to Tokyo!” At yesterday’s signing event, her recording company got six children to propose to Jing with roses. This let her become shy like a little girl.

Hahaha~ Poor kid!


  1. wow .. i was in the tokyo tower the day she was.. at first i thought that she was a guy and i was wondering what she was doing with that little boy cause all the agency staff was beside her.. so ya. i asked my friend who was that person cause she looked famous.. then my friend say it was jing. my friend gave one of her song to me to listen n i really liked it.. when she said that was her i was so happy, i went up to her to get an autograph. i was so happy. jing was quite surprised because she never knew foreign people knew her (i m singapore/indian. and i live in america) so ya..
    i was glad to get her autograph and she was happy to meet me . she got to know me more because she told me that she saw one of my dances on youtube. i was like surprised! (i m a dancer and i work for johnny entertainment as a choreographer for the team at johnny.)
    so ya.. i m glad i got to know her well..
    she said that i might help her out with her music!!!!!
    i thought i should share with u


  2. Really??? Wow!!!! That's sooo coool!!! You saw her in person and got her autographhh~~~ from variety shows and interviews, jing seems to be like a really cool person too! and wow~ you work for johnny entertainment as in the big japanese entertainment company?? WHOA~! Dang, that's awesome! Nice meeting you! ^_^