October 09, 2009

Mark Zhao will be fined $5million if he dates; Ivy Chen willing to pay half

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Mark Zhao & Ivy Chen previously sparked rumours, and afterwards they each sparked more rumours with Janine Chang & Li Yun Qing respectively. Yesterday, Mark revealed that his management company has a ‘forbidden-love order’ so he refused to admit anything, otherwise he would have to pay a fine of $5million for breach of contract. Ivy purposely tried to relax the atmosphere and joked: “We can each pay $2.5million!” Hearing this, her manager’s face turned green, and immediately scolded her: “It should be a total of $10million okay?”

Earlier, there were rumours that Ivy was reduced to tears after her manager was supposedly too strict on her. Yesterday, Ivy was surprised at the mention of the topic, and tried to avoid it. Mark immediately came to her rescue and joked: “Actually, she eats sashimi la!” indicating that it was the wasabi that made her cry. Yesterday, the 2 tried on Chen Li Min’s designer garments to wear to the Golden Bell Awards. The 2 had their arms linked together and it had a ‘bride & groom’ feeling. Unexpectedly, the photographer requested: “Tomboy Ivy, do you want to take a picture of hugging Mark?” Ivy immediately stamped her foot and protested: “I’m wearing a dress today!” [Hahahaa~tomboy Ivy! Her reaction is funny!]

Mark and his seniors Zai Zai & Zhang Shi etc have all been nominated for ‘Best Actor’ in the upcoming Golden Bell Awards. This has caused a lot of attention in the outside world, but it seemed like artists from the same company had agreed on saying the same thing. Earlier, junior Jason publicly expressed that he hopes Zai Zai will win, and Ivy had an almost identical answer: “Mark already has a lot of pressure, if he wins, it will be too hard on him la.” [I'm rooting for Zai Zai too!]

The day before yesterday, the Golden Horse Awards also announced its nomination list. Ivy was not nominated for her role in ‘Heard’, and Mark immediately retaliated: “You acted very well, but if you were nominated, the pressure would be too much.” Ivy also congratulated her co-star Michelle Yan for being nominated and she joked: “Me & Eddie have already agreed, if we are invited to present an award, we will have a sign language competition onstage, and carry out a silent protest.”

Mark has recently been busy filming new movie ‘Monga’ with Ethan Ruan. Mark said that everyone is getting along like brothers, and Ethan & Director Niu often joke around at the filming scene, and take off each other’s pants. Ethan has long since had the title of ‘Taiwanese stallion’ and yesterday, Mark was asked who is ‘bigger’ when they take off their pants. Mark replied: “Everyone’s size is similar la, just normal size,” and Ivy added: “Asian size!” And Mark expressed: “Some people say that it’s proportional to your height!” But since he is a little shorter than Ethan, Ivy immediately gave him a comforting hug. Unexpectedly, his reaction was quite big and said: “Why are you comforting me? I am very confident okay!” [Hahahaha! Ivy's comforting hug.]

Mark & Ivy will be walking the red carpet together during next week’s Golden Bell Awards. Their ‘Black & White’ co-stars Janine Chang & Xiu Jie Kai will also be walking the red carpet together.

Hahaha~ they so cute together! They should breach the contract and run away together, haha! Since that definitely won't be happening, I hope they get a chance to work together in another drama!

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