October 25, 2009

Jiro Wang hurts his hand during dance practice, bringing his injuries to the opening of the concert

Source China Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fahrenheit from today will have concerts at the Taipei arena in the next 2 days, Jiro Wang who has been busy with dance practice, strained a muscle in his right wrist just 3 days ago, aching if he doesn't move his wrist. Once again he takes his injuries to stage, as last year in the concert in Hong Kong he had hurt his right knee and even had to sit in a wheel chair, alas unable to breakaway from the curse of being injured on the opening concert. With a bitter laugh he said "I will try my best".

Jiro in order to practice his own dance routines sprained his right wrist, he was rushed to hospital where the doctor advised him to rest his right hand, but because the concert is so close he had no choice but to continue with dance practice. He also took out $40 000 NT to buy 5000 crystals sticking them one by one with his own hands onto his electric guitar. When seeing his guitar becoming super bling he forgot about the pain in his hand. As with his shiny electric guitar no one is allowed to touch it, if he sees staff members trying to help put it away he will stop them and tell them "I'll do it!"

Wu Chun, Calvin Chen and Arron Yan with fear and trepidation welcomed their 1st ticketed concert in Taiwan, at present 80% of tickets have been sold in their 1st concert while 70% has been sold in their second concert.

Awww, why are they are always getting injured when preparing for their concerts? Hope Jiro don't put too much stress on that injured hand. And...his hair...looks really weird. AHHH~ Arron, why are you kneeling on the floorrr!!!!! OMG! He's proposing!


  1. wang da dong, jia yo!!!
    i aLwayz pray for u... for everything that u do..
    ing wei, wo shi zen de zen de hen ai ni o...
    zen de...
    jia yo jia yo!!!

  2. Da Dong ! i will forever support you no matter what ! JIAYOU & continue to work hard for the Fahrenheit concert ! LOVE YOU 1000000000000000000000000000000000 YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!