October 15, 2009

Jimmy Lin publicly announces he is engaged & is now father to a baby boy

Source: Taihainet
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Earlier, Jimmy Lin’s model girlfriend Kelly Chen was rumoured to have given birth to a boy. Towards this, Jimmy did not come out to make a reply. However, today was Jimmy’s 35th birthday, and at the celebration event, he announced for the first time that he has been dating Kelly Chen for 5 years & that they got engaged last year. He also announced that she has given birth to a boy, weighing 3095 grams, and he proudly showed off photos of his son!

At his birthday celebration, Jimmy expressed that after being in the industry for 17 years, he’s received a lot of attention for every step he makes. He also talked about his own family; having come from a single-parent family, Jimmy choked back tears, expressing that it was very hard on his father to raise all 3 boys by himself. And from when he was little, Jimmy’s own wish was that he could have a happy family, but being a public figure, he had to protect his privacy. Regarding the earlier rumours about Kelly giving birth to a boy, Jimmy said that he doesn’t want to use only a few words to announce this news, he wants to personally be able to announce the good news to everyone.

Jimmy revealed that he has been dating Kelly for 5 years. He was touched by her pure & kind personality, and throughout the 5 years, they were very happy together, hence they decided to get engaged last year. Initially, he wanted to announce this news at his concert, but his plans could not keep up with the changes in his life, especially with the birth of his son. Jimmy said very excitedly that he feels extremely proud, and he yelled: “I’m a father now!”

Jimmy’s son was born on the 15th of September, weighing 3095 grams. Jimmy said very happily that he is healthy, loves to move around, loves to smile and his eyes are very mesmerising. Jimmy wanted to share this good news with everyone, and he even brought along photos of his son to share with his fans and the media. While showing off the photos, Jimmy yelled again: “I want to share with you guys how proud I feel!”

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OMG! Jimmy is really married and has a son too! Congratulations! That's so awesome! Wow! Feel so happy for him and his wife and his son! Wooo! Glad he choose this way to share the happy news with his fans!

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