October 09, 2009

I want to sell hot dog

Hot dog vendor is going on my "3 minute" career list, next to bus driver, pediatrician, pharmacist, acupuncturist, air traffic controller, and optometrist. Over the course of the last two weeks, I've been taking my snack breaks at the hot dog stand. Business is actually not bad, considering that there's a college and a high school in the area. And the price charged is a deal that you don't see much of anymore. (Only $1.50!!!) Ai, hot dog~ I'm thinking about just working on one in the summer and that'll probably generate enough $$ to buy Fahrenheit posters and CDs books and supplies. Well, let's see if this hot dog stand desire can last till this summer.


  1. Lol you shud open a hot dog stand outside of your 99c store

  2. hahaha~ there's not enough people here. And plus old ladies do not like to eat hot dogs.