October 28, 2009

A Gift Amidst the War

Last time, Qiao En's Paris Book and the Fated To Love You storybook were added to my Entertainment Collection. And tonight, a new family member will join them. Welcome, Autumn's Concerto storybook! Welcome to the family~

Sadly, this time the books came in this regular brown box instead of that pretty orange packaging bag. AHHH~ whatever, as long as I have mi books!

Hahaha, how nice of them to send along some domino coupons which can ONLY be used in Taiwan. Man, their Dominoes pizzas look so much more delicious, so much more prettier than the pizzas from the Dominoes in NY.

Grrr, Blogger decided to flip my picture. But that's the book, covered in plastic. The cover looks so niceee. Now if I can get my hands on a poster with that picture, ahh~ that will surely make my day!

Here's the back cover of the book. It's interesting; the chapter numbers are not simply chapter 1, chapter 2, etc. They've been replaced with a more creative name. The first chapter is called The First Station: Title, the second chapter is The Second Station:Title...and the ninth chapter is The Ninth Station:Title. And the last chapter happens to be called The Next Station, title of that chapter is Happiness. Complete name is The Next Station: Happiness. It is no coincidence that the last chapter is the name of the novel. It makes this book even more meaningful~ hahahaa~

P.S. One Essay and One Midterm left. :)


  1. LOL you should hold onto those coupons for when you go to Taiwan xD

  2. is the book in chinese or english??

  3. wad is th title of th book ?

  4. 下一站, 幸福.