October 24, 2009

F.I.R - Lydia

Credit: hollister961@youtube

I finally decided to start on The Outsiders! I just finished episode 7 and the mood is getting a little heavy. Dylan runs away from Ady. Well, runaway couples always face financial difficulties and the guy will always end up doing something(usually dangerous) for money and jeopardizes his relationship with the girl. That's how it is in dramas. ie. Ying Ye 3+1, Romantic Princess, and more. Aside from the storyline starting to turn cliche, Ady's acting is really good and her chemistry with Dylan is awesome. Dylan is soo handsomee except when he has his motorcycle hat on (it hides his awesome hair unlike someone -cough- Kevin -cough- who needs a hat to cover his oogly hair)! And gosh~ the person that surprised me the MOST was Blue! His character is so smart and calm and his hair is so nice and the camera angle on him makes him soooo darn captivating and he actually doesn't frown so much (like in EFHL) and...he is short when he stands next to Dylan~ HAHAHAHAAA!


  1. oh wow! youre up to episode 7 already? youll be done in no time =)
    now that youve posted up lydia, i need to add that the outsiders definitely has one of the better OSTs of the taiwanese dramas...
    lydia, breathe again, 不公平, bed time story, till the end...all those are awesome songs! especially when they play bed time story whenever blue does something nice for ady...he is always so 深情 and never asking anything in return.
    that is probably the only time ive ever liked blue... (yes, i didnt like him much in EFHL)

  2. Yepp! I'm a super watcher. hahaha~ totally agree with you about blue, he's soo good in The Outstiders~ I'm up to episode 9, and I'm starting to dislike Dylan. I hope Ady ends up with Blue instead~ he's so caring to her and seems to understand her pain more than Dylan. Dylan is too explosive~