October 07, 2009

Calvin Chen: “Wu Chun doesn’t like to bathe!”

Source : MediaCorp TV

Busy with ongoing concert promotions, Wu Chun celebrated his birthday on a Taiwanese variety programme together with his fellow band members and junior, Peter Pan. Known to have a sweet tooth, Wu Chun appeared all smiles during the cake-cutting session.

However, his good mood did not last long after his fellow band members decided to play a prank on him during the game segment and forced him to gobble up his most hated food, fatty pork meat. That was not the end of things as his three pals, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang went on to smear Wu Chun’s good name on the show.

“Wu Chun doesn’t like to bathe! Look at his arms!” Calvin exclaimed.

Infuriated by his comment, Wu Chun retorted, “That is my tattoo!”

Calvin persisted and continued to expose little nuggets of information on Wu Chun’s “bad” habits such as, hiding his favourite sushi under other food and disallowing the rest of the band members to eat his favourite egg tarts. Wu Chun protests fell on deaf ears as Calvin’s revelations tickled the audience.

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