October 02, 2009

Calvin Chen rumoured to be with Joanne Zeng

Source : MediaCorp TV
Credit: =sx.k= @ AF news

According to Taiwanese news reports, Calvin Chen from Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit is rumored to be seeing Joanne Zeng (also known as Qiao Qiao) from Mandopop girl group, Sweety who is his co-star of upcoming Taiwanese drama series, Parfait-tic.

A member of the production team revealed that the pair were often seen chatting together at the film location. The rumored pair was also spotted going on dates although production for Parfait-tic is currently at a standstill due to the producers’ dissatisfaction on the drama’s sketchy storyline.

On Monday earlier this week at 10pm, the duo was spotted having a meal, strolling and sharing an umbrella together. Engaged in conversation, they were seen sharing affectionate gestures at the traffic light with Calvin putting his hand on Joanne’s shoulders. Apart from that, they were previously spotted together a month ago at Yang Ming Shan during the night of Chinese Valentine’s day.

Calvin is said to have a long-term girlfriend called Joyce Teo. His girlfriend would often follow Fahrenheit on their overseas concert tours. Parents of both parties are eager for the pair to settle down as soon as possible.

The lovebirds were seen sharing a huge tiff at Fahrenheit’s Nanjing concert. Upon her return to Taiwan, Joyce posted an entry on her blog which said, “It seems like everything is wishful thinking on my part. It seems like we were both like fools, painfully learning how to love and let go.”

Calvin’s manager expressed that it is unavoidable for the pair to meet up and have meals together as they are both staying in Taipei’s Tianmu district. On the contrary, Joanne’s manager exclaimed, “It is true? … If Joanne and Calvin are getting along well together, I’m more than happy to fulfill them.”

Translation by aiwa@FRHGloba1

Calvin Chen's response:

I've always never want to let my status as a celebrity
affect me making new friends
I will still go out to have meals with my friends and watch movies

It's really a hard chance during this busy life of work
To meet a good friend
To be able to chat, leisurely have a meal
I really cherish it
Never thought that it would be exaggerated

Since a child, i was taught by my father
That in order to be a gentleman, one must be courteous to ladies

Just like helping her to open the car door when she is getting on or off the car
During eating, one would help pull out the chair
Having the guy on the outside while walking with a girl
Holding the umbrella for her in the rain

I am sure that everyone knows
A few days ago, the rain was very heavy
Putting a hand on her shoulder is just to prevent her from getting wet in the rain
It was also for safety as we were crossing the street at that time
I believe this is only a gentleman's gesture
Meeting a friend
There shouldn't be such a great imagination

I don't even have a friend named Joyce Teo
This type of rubbish
I really don't have any comment

I won't let this matter
Stop me from having my right to make friends
In order to be a truly happy person
To spread the happiness to others
One must truly enjoy one's life

I will still work hard in my job and live a happy life
You guys must too =)

Wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Enjoy a good time with your family and friends
For those in Taiwan must beware of the typhoon
Safety comes first

Ooooo~ they seem to be VERY GOOD friends. hahahaa~ Good luck to him on maintaining this friendship since the reporters will probably be stalking him now! And ooo Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Go out with your lanterns (or flashlights)! Hahahaa~

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