October 21, 2009

安以轩 - 如果那天没有遇见你

Credit: larigranger@youtube

I'm definitely a fan (of Ady) now. This song was sung by Ady in the Taiwan show, The Outsiders. That drama is going on my list of "TO WATCH AFTER EXAMS".


  1. the outsiders was a pretty good drama...and ady was, in my opinion, definitely the best thing about it. she just totally fits that role of nice, sophisticated, and cultured girl...there is definitely an air of elegance about her. her chemistry with dylan kuo was quite good as well. and her transformation in the second half of the series was stellar, considering that was one of her first big acting roles. all in all, i dont think it will disappoint you. and hopefully autumn's concerto won't disappoint either! can't wait for the big trial to begin =)

  2. wah~ im now even more anticipating the outsiders. I saw the some mvs and found out that blue was in it too. OMG~ he's insanely handsome in here. For some reason, the camera in EFHL had bad angles of Blue, like he always looked super mad and just not too great onscreen. Haha~ yea, Ady attracted me to this drama. I am looking forward to see her awesomeness. Hahaha! I'm not too sure about Dylan though. His features are sharp and he's pretty good looking too but he didn't do that great of a job in this other show I saw him in. Anyways, Autumn's Concerto is just pure addicting, can't wait for the big trial too! hahaha! Im looking more forward to what happens after the trial. quack quack~

  3. I love to watch the outsiders, its like a habit for me to watch it everyday just to see Dylan Kuo, his one of my favorite actors, actually he is number one on my list. Hehehe! The Outsiders was the best drama that i watched, cant help but watch it again and again. Hope you put more about the outsiders on your blog.