October 27, 2009

Bed scene with Vanness Wu will air this week; Ady An feels shy

Source: Yahoo
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net, doraemon Jay @ http://asianfanatics.net

Ratings for 'Autumn's Concerto' have reached a new high of 4.02, easily claiming the first place position. Vanness Wu happily said: "Earlier, I received a text message from Jolin and she said that she & her girlfriends are all discussing about this drama." On the other hand, Ady An has been busy promoting in mainland China and didn't have time to watch the Sunday broadcast, but when she turned on her cellphone once she was back in Taiwan, it was flooded with congratulation texts. She laughed saying: "Me & Vanness' bed scene will air this week. ah I feel so shy!" But Director Chen teased her: "It's okay, just drink wine before you watch."

SETTV idol drama 'Autumn's Concerto' is becoming red-hot popular with the audience & netizens starting heated discussions & debates. Episode 4 aired on Sunday the 25th and the ratings gained a very good result of 4.02. Everyone was very happy with the completed scenes and on the 27th, when the drama crew was filming at the Ilan train station, they specially took some time out to celebrate. The village leader specially provided Ilan's famous peanut candies for everyone, and all the actors hoped that the ratings will get better & better!

Towards this, Ady said: "I was due to film that night, and I was planning on having some fun with all the staff members, but I realized I was too late, and they already had their own party during the day." Vanness also said that he had received a text message from good friend Jolin, saying: "Me & my girlfriends are all discussing your drama, it's really good! Jia you!" And he happily expressed: "Thanks to everyone's support, all the hard work during filming has been worth it."

Episode 5 will air this Sunday and the storyline will break new ground. Ady said: "Me & Vanness' bed scene will air this week. ah.. I feel so shy!" But Director Chen teased her: "It's okay, just drink wine before you watch."

WOWOWOWOW! So happy that this drama is getting very very popular, even busy JOLIN is watching! And I like the director's sense of humor. "It's okay, just drink wine before you watch" HAHAHAHAA~ if you don't know, Ady is very nervous when it comes to kiss scenes, let alone bed scenes, and so to film the scenes, she drank wine. Episode 5, coming out in 5 more daysssss~


  1. ♥ van ness.

  2. i really love vanness..nice movie ive ever watched.,.,..,,,,,