October 13, 2009

Battle between “Heavenly Kings, Queens, Groups” Who is Popularity King of Golden Melody Awards?

original source: Singapore HIT Awards wordpress
translated by minchong92 @ http://asianfanatics.net and @ http://jingcastle.forumotion.net

(Singapore) All focus has been put on the 15th Singapore HIT Awards this year. And voting results for the first round of four categories have come out!

After 3 weeks of online polls, Y.E.S. 93.3 FM revealed the top 5 of each category on October 4, 2009.

Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom are in a fierce competition for votes. But in the Most Popular Male Singer, not all 5 nominees are “Heavenly Kings”. Both Show Luo who enjoyed growing popularity over the past year and Tank who has released multiple albums have entered the Top 5 list. Jam Hsiao is the only one from the Top 5 who represents the new generation of male singers.

Jade Liu and Rachel Liang have gained name after participating in reality singing competitions. They face ballad queen Fish Leong, dancing queen Jolin Tsai, the cute Rainie Yang as competition. Who will take home the Most Popular Female Singer?

The two song-writing bands, Mayday and Sodagreen face off in the competition for Most Popular Group for the SNG Golden Melody Awards. Will “heavenly” girl group S.H.E. be able to keep their popularity? Or will idol groups Fahrenheit or Lollipop join the fight and succeed?

Taiwan’s singing competition “One Million Star” has become very popular in Singapore. And the results show in the Mando-pop industry. Four of the Top 5 on the Most Popular Newcomer are former contestants from One Million Star: Season 2’s Y2J, Rachel Liang, and Season 3’s Lala Hsu and Huang Jing Lun. Will the champion from another singing competition, Zhang Yun Jing able to exceed the others?

Since the top 5 of these four categories have been revealed, the singers already confirmed to appear include: Jam Hsiao, Kelvin Tan, Huang Jing Lun, Zhang and Zhang Yun Jing. Those confirmed to perform include: Eric Moo and Olivia Ong.

The 15th Singapore HIT Awards will be held on November 6, 2009.

Top 5 of Most Popular categories:
(listing order does not indicate ranking)

Most Popular Male Singer:
Show Luo
Jay Chou
Wang Lee Hom
Jam Hsiao
Definitely you, Mr. Pig!

Most Popular Female Singer:
Fish Leong
Rainie Yang
Jade Liu
Jolin Tsai
Rachel Liang

Most Popular Group:
Wow~ so hard to make a decision~ S.H.E. or Fahrenheit? But I think Sodagreen will get the award this year.

Most Popular Newcomer:
Lala Hsu
Rachel Liang
Zhang Yun Jing all the way!
Huang Jing Lun

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